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Obama Schedule || December 9, 2011

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:30 pm

39 Responses to Obama Schedule || December 9, 2011

  1. It’s sure reassuring to see how hard the POTUS is working over there at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    At least we know if Obama can’t go to Hawaii, that he can just vacation there in the Oval Office instead.

  2. Sheesh, why does he even bother anymore? He should just go permanently away for the next year, spend his time on the campaign trail, golf course, and vacation.

    This Oval Office is so empty, we really should rent it out. What a joke of a “President”. I just want to smack everyone that voted for this lazy, worthless loser.

  3. re: the Obama Hawaiian vacation

    MrO might want to take advantage of a slow day to consider that his notorious class warfare approach to governing might be backfiring against him. The comments on the piece about the O’s taking separate planes to their Hawaiian resort are full of resentment at the privileged lifestyle this family enjoys while most of America is financially strapped.

    • You make a great point srdem and it’s something I feel constantly that the White House seems completely oblivious too. It’s a classic let them eat cake attitude. They don’t understand the resentment they cause and the anger that’s out there. We do.

      • Ought to be a article just on the cost of Michelle and see how the 99%
        like her then. Even with the article yesterday I still don’t think folks
        realize the cost of her life style compared to other First Ladies. None
        would do what she does and get away with it. Far past time someone
        took a long hard look at Michelle and how much she’s costing us!

      • I don’t understand how they can’t understand-don’t they read internet websites like this one? I am sure one of their ‘staff’ does.

  4. See, you guys think he’s not working, but I’ve said this before. I want to know who is visiting the WH today. He’s working, its just not anything he wants us to know about.

  5. Mr. Koffler,

    How the does the WH “Press” corps report/make News about only ONE “Pres.” Obama event all day…???

    I am serious; What does the “WH press corps” do all day if there is NOTHING to report..???

    Especially about Obama; if the WH “press” corps was not full of such arrogant, lazy, sycophants I bet you so-called ‘reporters’ could find ALOT to “report” about the ‘Obama admin.’…

  6. My theory about the lack of any real work on Obama’s schedule is he has abdicated all executive decisions to his Czars in what history will view as the first American Politboro.
    We are really being governed by 45+ unelected people who pledge allegiance to Obama. And Chris and Sam:You are useful idiots if this doesn’t give you pause.