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Obama: Am I an Appeaser? Ask Bin Laden

President Obama today responded testily to a question about whether he is an appeaser, suggesting to a reporter who asked the question that he query al-Qaeda leaders Obama has order killed about whether they think he engages in appeasement.

Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top al-Qaeda leaders who have been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement.

At appearances Wednesday before the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington, GOP presidential candidates repeatedly leveled the charge that Obama was engaged in appeasement of American’s enemies, particularly Iran.

Obama spoke at the White House in the briefing room just before noon, taking to the podium to blast Republicans for blocking the confirmation of confirm┬áRichard Cordray, Obama’s nominee to the lead Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He then took a few questions.

41 thoughts on “Obama: Am I an Appeaser? Ask Bin Laden”

    1. We can only hope you are correct. This POS will end up being a college professor at a prestigious university.

  1. So, what did Mooch do to tick off Barry this time? Must have been a discussion about all of that road food he has been shoveling in his food hole lately.

    Mooch must be busy packing her bags for the island get away.

  2. Cordray is the Jeopardy Guy. 5 time champ.
    To anyone’s knowledge he has never misspronounced CORPSMAN, knows the number of states in the United States, knows we built the Transcontinental railroad, doesn’t see fallen heroes in the room, and knows that “Bow” can also be pronounced with the long “o” sound. (see President Foodstamp’s Bible passage speech for 9/11 memorial 2011.)

  3. And all this sniping between Clinton and Putin, the Chinese renewed interest in their Navy, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Iranian nuclear “problem” sprinkled with Corzine and Holder hearings and he’s going to regret postponing Hawaii. And you gotta’ love the scheduled Hanukkah Reception today. On the ropes.

  4. “Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top al-Qaeda leaders who have been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement. But…but…but don’t ask Achmadinijad or Bashir Assad or Putin.

  5. I did not know we were keeping score. What an immature thing to say! Really, I am serious. This sounds like the kind of conversation I have with my kids about a low midterm grade.
    “You’re popularity poll data is below 44%, Barry”
    “But I got a 73% kill rate of top al-Qaeda leaders!”
    Sad, really sad it has come to this.

    1. Think about it…That question & answer sound rehearsed! The media are “puppets” to BHO!

      Hard Questions:
      1. WHY are you taking a 17 day vacation on tax-payers money NOW?
      2. Do you know how many days you have actually spent in DC as POTUS?
      3. Are you satisfied that AG Holder is doing a good job for the American people – such as – by suing the AZ taxpayers with other taxpayers’ monies for enforcing “their STATE/Fed Laws”?
      4. What do YOU know about “Fast & Furious”?
      5. Is it TRUE that the Labor Bosses have promised to deliver the 2012 Election to YOU despite the FACT that you are a “Construction Jobs Killer” using the corrupt EPA to kill the Canadian Oil Pipe Line?
      6. Have you been told that some “Investigative” Reporters have been examining phony Chicago residents’ signatures on Affidavits to place your name on the Illinois election ballots in the past?

      Whoever is reading this most likely have MORE HARD questions that will never be asked of the POTUS, but I can’t continue because the list could fill-up the pages of a “reputable newspaper” which ever one that is…! jb

      1. Excellent questions judybeth. Don’t count on the lame stream media elites to ask any tough questions. They are owned by the socialist Democrats.

      2. VERY GOOD! judybeth
        I DARE anyone in the WH “press” corps to ask anyone of those questions at a daily “propaganda” brief (Carney would have them kicked out the WH asap)
        Today’s WH “press” corps = rather weak, lazy and full of Obama sycophants… (no offense to you Mr. Koffler or the very, very few who actually try to ask REAL questions about the Obama admin.)

    2. “mid-term grades…”
      Reminds me NO ONE has ever seen Barack Hussein Obama’s college “mid-term grades” (or any other Columbia or Harvard Law “grades, papers or transcripts”…)

    1. No way. That was a “gutsy call” by Obama to take out Osama. The “workplace violence” term is only used for home-grown Islamic terrorists like Nidal Hasan. This man’s commanders knew who and what Nidal Hasan was long before he jumped up on a table among a group of civilian and military personnel and opened fire on them while screaming Allah Akbar. If they can pass it off as “workplace violence” it hides their incompetence and complicity in the deaths of the troops they are charged with protecting.

      1. “workplace violence”, I would submit that it DISPLAYS their incompetence and complicity in the deaths of the troops,…..

        Not meaning to correct you Susan, just another point of view.

  6. Richard Cordray used to be the AG in Ohio.
    He was fired because of nefarious parties and dealings with women outside of his marriage.
    Obama has a soft part in his heart for crooks and malcontents.
    Look no further than his cabinet and his cadre of czars.
    If congress doesn’t confirm him, don’t be surprised if Barry doesn’t slip him through during the recess.

  7. I don’t know why Obama’s bent out of shape about Cordray. If really wanted him at the CFPB he would have just placed him there with a recess appointment in a couple of weeks. It’s not like he’s never tried to work around Congress before.

        1. As I recall, it took BO 16-17 hours to make his “gutsy call.” He was on the golf course so he would have denialbility (sp?) if the mission went bad.

  8. Prez. Dipsh!t really didn’t have much of a decision on the bin Laden strike…It was all planned out and didn’t require much of any input from him. He and his lawyers wanted to be sure to have plausible deniability and someone to take the blame if something went wrong. He’s a total phony, and a real man wouldn’t puff himself up by constantly referring back to it over and over…Barney Fife!

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      “Pathetic” is the press and left having a maniacal feeding frenzy about W’s school records, but giving the big O a total pass with his records being sealed. Impartial, riiiiight.

    2. Intelligence is an acquired skill. You and I sit down to talk face to face will reveal intelligence. But on this string as you reference does not determine your’s or anyone’s brilliance.

      “Keith Koffler 2020, a man with vision.”

      1. Knothead,

        I think Keith is way too smart to run for office, plus he does not strike me as the type of man who is willing to check his morals and integrity at the door of 1600.

    3. Chris, I do suspect you get paid to be snarky. I am offended, really offended you protest by showering us with your derision. Let us not forget the same guy who chirped how fatal he is to any card-carrying Top al-Qaeda leader also won the Nobel Peace Prize. That is the sad and pathetic reality we are currently in.
      Let us also not forget the same guy who blamed the “The Banks” for causing the meltdown helped contribute to the mess by suing CitiBank because it wouldn’t loan to unqualified home buyers.
      Case Name Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance Docket / Court 94 C 4094 ( N.D. Ill. ) FH-IL-0011 State/Territory Illinois Case
      Is that intelligent enough for you?

  9. Appeasers are principled and try to find middle ground which are two actions Mr. Obama has not experienced. Obama has a socialist/communist agenda and divides the country, the “Divider in Chief”.

  10. Well, he follows the military’s lead for political purposes and then has the nerve to ask this?
    How about the empowerment of Islamic radicals world wide?

    Yes, you big Brown Stain you are an Islamic Radical appeaser.

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