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Live Stream || Obama Statement and Carney Briefing

The event has concluded.

7 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Statement and Carney Briefing”

  1. I will replay tonight if I can’t get to sleep. What family would go on vacation without a husband and father? Does he think the Press Corp wants to be away from their families as they certainly cannot afford to bring their families. We need a countdown clock to show number of days, hours, seconds until Obama is out of the White House!

  2. I am so tired of the demagoguery. The payroll tax holiday was passed as a temporary stimulus measure, yet, according to the Whitehouse, its lapse constitutes a tax hike??? On the other hand, the “Bush tax cuts” aren’t subject to the same logic??? Class warfare, plain and simple.

  3. He looked like deer caught in headlights. Of course he said he’d wait but the
    elephant in the room was Michelle (double pun intended) she will go but not
    one person ask the question about 2 trips again!

    1. Man he can’t wait for her to walk out the door…he and his buds will have a great time – you wouldn’t want to use one of those uv light cum detection devices there ’til it gets scrubbed down. hey, let’s party! Reggie!!

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