In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Conservatives: Be Very Afraid

That’s the title of a piece I wrote that is running this morning in Politico.

Why be afraid? Because Obama in his speech Tuesday in Kansas revealed that he is going to campaign as a liberal – no more unifying hope and change nonsense – in order to gain a mandate to govern as a liberal. And then he will put us on a road to statism from which we may never return.

From the article:

Obama Tuesday called for higher taxes, more spending and more regulation, while suggesting that government knows best how people should conduct their businesses. He caricatured conservatism as a Darwinian wasteland that had brought the country to ideological ruin — a pernicious philosophy that hurts people and never really worked.

The comparisons you hear are wrong. Obama is not running as Harry S. Truman or Theodore Roosevelt. He’s certainly not running as Reagan. He’s running as George McGovern.

I hope you take a look and that you enjoy it.


47 thoughts on “Conservatives: Be Very Afraid”

  1. Obama can’t spell the words you claim he used. Perhaps the teleprompter was placed on the wrong setting. Obama is far beyond liberal, Check the Mao dictionary. He is somewhere between socialism and God knows what. Obama is beyond statism and constitutional principles. He is closer to Orwell’s version of society from 1984.MD

    1. You’re pretty dense for an MD. I would bet you $10,000 you don’t have one.

      Let’s see Harvard Law. That would suggest he can do more than spell. Moreover, he was voted to head the Law Review by his peers, not exactly a bunch of wilting daisies known for any lack of competitive drive.

      1984? Have you read the book? If so, then you would recognize Ashcroft, Cheney, Bush II and Gonzalez took us down a road to a surveillance society with diminishing due process. See: extraordinary rendition. To be fair, Obama should have taken a stand against allowing the military to seize US citizens without due process.

      Beyond liberal? Wall Street has become highly profitable under Obama. In fact, any progressives would claim Obama is too moderate. Maybe you should re-read your Mao. Mao executed the wealthy. China still executes CEO’s. You conservatives cheer on Perry. Why don’t you cheer on for the execution of Wall Street executives?

  2. Very true. However, I might dispute this one sentence: “He’s running as George McGovern.” To me, he’s starting to run like Vladimir Lenin.

    1. Or Putin. I hope the results are the same as they were for McGovern.
      Everybody better get their cars ready to give EVERYONE a lift to the polls that you know, figuring conservatives know conservatives.
      I’ll make sure my entire Republican neighborhood votes.

      Nice article Keith. I like your writing and viewpoints.

      1. Not to beat a dead horse with a broken record AGAIN, but Republicans must not let him frame the issues…He just states that “the other side” wants to ruin the country and has “bad ideas” and people don’t lash back. We need to lash back. Or in the case of some of us–relentlessly “peck” back each and every day.

  3. Good article Keith. What scares me are the liberal comments over at Politico. If part of Obama’s agenda is to tear this country in two….he’s doing a swell job. Ugly is not a strong enough word for next year’s election. Let’s try REVOLTING.

  4. Just started reading your blog a few weeks ago off a Drudge link. I love it, you are doing a great service with your work.
    The politico read was right on the money. I may ask you, putting aside all else about the candidates, considering “Confronting Obama, conservatives will square off in 2012 against an opponent who believes not just that they are wrong — but that they want to harm people.” who would you rather “square off” against Obama, Mitt or Newt? My concern is Romney would be milquetoast compared to Newt’s alacrity and eloquence. We the people must put our best fighter in the ring to defeat a president who would “remake America in the image of Europe’s welfare states.” It is our own “Churchillian” moment in history as to call on such a battle hardened veteran of past political wars. Does anyone think Gingrich still “melts” in the presence of Clinton?

      1. Combine Newt’s ego and arrogance and wisdom that comes from his personal experience – he’ll clean Obama’s clock. No matter what one thinks of Newt – he is a grown up (though not a perfect one) and Obama is simply a man child.

  5. Conservatives have been afraid ever since MrO was elected to office and given a majority Dem vote in Congress to pass to do anything they wish. A balance correction was made in 2010 and another will be made in 2012.

    It’s the liberals who should be afraid now. The liberals in Congress who are mostly millionaires, who invest heavily in the stock market or who are business owners/capitalists should be very afraid of MrObama’s future plans. MrObama isn’t talking about taking the middle classes savings or future earnings; he’s promoting the wholesale grab of profits and earnings of the very people who are contributing to his re-election campaign.

    The Hollywood glitterati, the WallStreet moguls, the Banking executives and the corporate elite who earn more money than the lowly broom pusher will be held in contempt until they turn over most of their earnings to the government. And yet, they support this un-American-like, anti-free business and pro-socialist President.
    These are dangerous times and our President is a dangerous man.

    1. They don’t see it. Obama has been posed as musing about children across the country while congratulating his Princesses that they will always be rich.

      The Glitterati, etc., think they can revel in their money while taking a few moments to feel compassion toward those not bright enough to be as rich. They believe that like Obama in the anecdote above they, too, can hold this one-percenter with a greater heart posture.

      The question is, will they be allowed to remain as they are or will they tumble down into the peasant class designated for the rest of us? I would be afraid if I were one of them.

  6. The worst piece of opinionated literature I’ve read in years. Misinformative, soul-stirringly incendiary, egregious, overly extravagated hyperbole, and bombastic at best. Mr. Koffler’s ability to take a kernel of truth and wrap it in lies to the point it’s unrecognizable, all while stuffing words in someone else’s mouth, has to be some sort of deprived art form.

    The Republican Party seems to be in a slow decent into the party of fear. The American people are not children you can tell scary stories to in order to get them to clean their room. When you resort to personal demonization and scare tactics, it is a good chance the other guy has already won. While you have the right to be stupid you should exercise it with caution.


    As a voter in direct opposition to the views of people like Mr. Kofffer, I would like to give a special thanks to some REPUBLICANS and other select members of the GROUP OF PUTZES (GOP) that continue to make posts on this board and on the campaign trail filled with hate, name calling, misinformation, and no facts at all. The more you post and ramble, the more DEMOCRATS look like they WILL WIN BIG IN 2012. So, Thank you for all your hard work in gift wrapping the next election for DEMOCRATS in 2012. And thank you too Mr. Kofler for doing your part as well.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      You go girl. RAH RAH!

      Decent? Maybe you meant descent?

      “…personal demonization and scare tactics”?? Holy cow! It was Chris Rock who recognized the ridiculous level of such demonization and scare tactics the left was engaging in of W that he joked that “George Bush wants to eat your babies!!!” Don’t whine about the conservatives demonizing… a demon.

      Liberal Democrat: Someone who will likely change parties if they were to ever be required to pay taxes.

    2. Ahhh, here we go. The ‘hate’ language comes out yet again. The automated talking point of liberals any time the opposition speaks. Well, ‘Sam’, perhaps you should actually use your own mind and speak ‘truth’ to us. Repeating the talking points you read off of DNC fundraiser letters and Huffington Post does not lend any creedence to your post.

      Please try to be an educated adult. Dont’ call people names (ad hominem). Learn how to spell. (…slow ‘decent’..) [sic] And please resist using CAPS. Though it does say a good bit about your i.q.

  7. Keith, I just read the same opinion by Daniel Henninger of the WSJ. He compared Obama to Chavez and the Godfather…really, really frightening.
    He said Obama spoke in Kansas not as the POTUS but as the Leader of the Party.

  8. Our country, like everything else, operates like a pendulum. What swings far one way will come back the other. The progressive liberals have had control for the past 50+ years, the pendulum is swinging and it’s the leftist progressives who should be full of fear now. Conservatives are off the couch and are determined to win the day. I suggest those who do not like conservative, traditional values that founded this country move to France.

  9. Excellent article Keith. Rather than being afraid, I’m glad he finally exposed his true intent. What Obama did with his TR impersonation is come out of the closet about where he wants to take us. He told us that our founding principles don’t work and have never worked. Of course he wrapped his words into melodious sound bites that the uninformed and indoctrinated could applaud on queue, but what he told us is that America as founded is a failure. He is nothing more than a liar and a demagogue. He is wrong about America and Americans. We aren’t failures and we won’t live under the yoke of slavery of the federal government. We are freedom loving Americans who will fight to the end to preserve our Constitution and founding principles.

    1. I’m with you Susan. I want him to go out and speak like this, it shows his true colors to those who might still be trying to believe in that hope and change.

      1. It’s early but it’s possible that Obama just might do himself in. The country seems to waking up to the fact that this is not flowing oratory from the ivory towers of Harvard but pure demagoguery from the streets of Chicago. I think Barack Obama overestimates himself and underestimates America. Let’s see what he’s got.

  10. In 1961 Kurt Vonnegut wrote a short story titled “Harrison Bergeron”
    The story tells the tale of how the US has become a totally equal society, with no one being more beautiful, stronger, smarter or more capable than anyone else. The country has a “United States Handicapper General” who forces those with above average abilities to be like everyone else. The short was adapted into a film, “2081” that is well worth the 30 minutes of viewing time.

    Despite his humanistic, liberal, Bush hating thinking, Vonnegut captured in 1961 what is happening in 2011. Everyone gets a trophy or ribbon. No loses. Everyone MUST be equal. Everyone is the same.

    The truth is, no one is the same, and there are people, who due to innate (or if you will “God given”) talents are better than others. It is the nature of micro-evolution. There are those that are stronger, smarter, faster, “better” than their peers. Yet, the left would have us believe that everyone is the same. This administration wants to give everyone a “fair shot” but a fair shot at what?

    Some people will always be the floor sweepers. Some will always be the CEOs. It is unreasonable to think otherwise. Is the floor sweeper worth less as a human than the CEO? No. Should the floor sweeper make as much as the CEO? No. Is it unreasonable for a person who has an innate talent (one that others do not have) to be rewarded according to that talent? No.

    If the left truly believed that everyone was equal, and that all should be given a “fair shot” then lets start with Hollywood. Instead of Brad Pitt let’s have Bob the janitor play the lead in the next “blockbuster.” Or, how about turning over the reigns of Chicago from Dead Fish to Stinky the crack whore.

    I am so damned tired of all this P/C psycho-babble about how everyone is the same, everyone is equal. We are NOT! I would no more lay claim to being equal in talent to Keith than a little leaguer would to being equal to A-Rod. We all have our place in the socioeconomic world, and we are rewarded in that world by what we bring to the table.

    The simple fact is we are rewarded financially by what we are willing to do, and the risks we are willing to take. The entrepreneur does deserve to earn more because he/she takes more risks. People with talent, in whatever field, deserve to be compensated for that talent. What would you rather have, a doctor with an above average IQ and understanding of the body treating you for cancer or the person who can barely read at a 9th grade level?

    Conservatives should be afraid, but so should the entire country. I don’t want a country where everyone is “equal.” I want a country where everyone has equal opportunity according to their own talents.

    1. You are so absolutely correct. And to add to that, even if you randomly assigned people to work, within the floor sweepers one would stand out and work better, smarter, harder, or organize the others to work better. These people are the natural leaders in society and there’s nothing you can do to hold them down.

      The theory goes that if you took all the wealth and distributed it equally, within one generation it would be back in the same hands it left.

    2. Shofar: Well said. But based on your name, I imagine you have trouble with those around you agreeing.

      Everyone equal? As a retired nurse, I’ve always subscribed to the saying since I 1st. hear it:
      “SOMEone has to graduate at the BOTTOM of their ( fill-in-the-blank) class.”

  11. Insightful article. Obama’s class warfare attack is hurting our nation more everyday. When did a president become “party” only & not for all Americans. What is the incentive to go to school & get a good job, so that when you succeed, you become one of the greedy evil rich? Why does having money make you evil & greedy? Isn’t that the American Dream to do better than our parents, to be able to afford a decent life, nice houses, good schools for our kids, nice clothes & cars, going to dinner a nice places with world class food & wine? When did that become evil & greedy?

    1. Speaking of words, that Michael Gerson guy from WaPo was criticizing Gingrich saying we still expect virtues such as self-discipline, compassion, honesty and constancy. One question: Where are these virtues in the present occupier of the White House?

  12. In Darwin’s classic work free biologic competition between the species leads to a superior organism. It appears to have failed for humans who are still producing Neanderthals like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Biden etc. Darwin can not always be “right.” MD

  13. (This Comment has been certified as accurate, and free of name-calling)

    SAM: I took the time to go to the transcript of Obama’s Kansas speech. I think Keith was holding back in his observation of the rhetoric Obama used.
    I suspect you are one of a number of blog watchers who contribute with some unnecessary hautiness your distaste for anyone who does not agree with a more liberal viewpoint. If not, please forgive me.
    You really should go back a look what happened in 2010. The Democrats lost big time. The Dems in the US Congress right down to the state houses are either leaving office or distancing themselves from this guy. In his recent swing into Virginia, both Dem Senators were no shows with Obama. In our state, NC, the State house is repub for the first time in 122 years.
    The American people looked into the future and saw their neighbors, friends and family making due with less and they will ask “Where are the Jobs?” That warm tingly feeling they may have that some rich guy has an appointment with an IRS auditor does buy milk and bread. Obama and the Dems now have a record. They are going to be held accountable to explain why the electorate is not better off.

    Even in the state I live in, NC, the state went Repub in the Senate and the Assembly for the first time in 122 years!

  14. I always wondered how Venezuela and Mexico elected hardcore Socialists who hate liberty, and now I am watching it unfold here in the US. But it’s not just Conservatives who should be afraid so should democrats who claim to want liberty. I have got no hope and think America is over. Americans have become so partisan and or ignorant that Obama might likely just deem himself a third term.

  15. Let’s hope he runs as George McGovern . . .
    how many presidential elections did George McGovern win ??
    that would be ZERO.
    that would give us Nobama Nomore.

  16. I certainly hope he does. The last 100 years hasn’t been proof enough that free market and trickle-down economics don’t work?!

    J in Missouri

  17. I am sick and tired of “our illegal alien president”
    EVERYTIME l hear his voice l shut the voice off.
    He is the liar that Joe Wilson said he was…
    Hey Barry why is there no budget while you spend trillions???????
    Why does your to quote a talk show host, First Lady with the ass as big as Texas… Need her own tax payer paid for flight to Hawaii with her entourage…maybe it is true Barry.. are you flying with your ” boyfriend” and the drugs.. Oh while you are in Hawaii why don’t you get the real birth certificate…
    You know l don’t think your “mother” is your mother.
    Is she???????
    I think we need a law that all presidents show any record that should be public knowledge… You are a LIAR DEAR BARRY

  18. So looking forward to hearing cuts from that speech used in Republican ads next summer. BHO has admitted to his true colors, and the American people are not interested.

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