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Bill Clinton Tied to Corzine Boondoggle

A firm in which Bill Clinton plays a senior role, Teneo Holdings, reaped at least a half million dollars from John Corzine’s recently collapsed MF Financial, the New York Post reports.

I mean, you know Bubba. I know Bubba. How long before Bubba lands himself in some really hot water again?

According to the Post:

The relationship was controversial within MF Global even before the company’s financial problems hit the news as executives questioned why an outside firm was needed for work that had long been done in-house.

“I don’t know what they did,” one MF source said. “It was always unclear.”

Teneo served as a personal p.r. firm and political consultant for then-MF Global CEO Corzine, the former governor and senator from New Jersey. It also offered advice on European financial investments — like the ones that ultimately led to MF’s collapse in October.

Clinton’s people are denying that he advised MF and say he “did not profit” from the arrangement. I mean, I guess that depends on the definition of “profit.” He makes money from Teneo generally.

Corzine and the former president have been close for years. Clinton campaigned for Corzine repeatedly and Corzine, in turn, became the first sitting governor to endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the presidency when she ran in 2008.

I don’t see any denial that Clinton greased the wheels for the deal to be struck.

The man is always at the White House. His wife is secretary of state. I say Obama should thank his lucky stars Clinton hasn’t introduced some kind of Slick Willie infection into Obamaland. Not that we know of, anyway.

13 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Tied to Corzine Boondoggle”

  1. It’s amazing how many prominent politicians have atta boy’d the disgraced MF ceo Corzine. Even Congresswomannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Texas loves the man. Frankly this kinda of stuff is getting old and maybe it’s time for drastic measures. Like more prisons for Politicians.

      1. Richard “Sock it to Me” Nixon is a Saint compared to the goons in Washington now. Thinking about starting a petition to rename Washington to Rinseington as in getting rid of the dirt.

  2. Now that Barney Frank is retiring, do you think he and Bill will start some joint (take that however you want) venture together?

    Think of all they could do as Team Bil-arney! It would be amazing.

    They could be the PR team for the morally corrupt and emotionally bankrupt.

  3. This is a story a young female news reporter on a Major Network News show would be perfect to cover and provide a “fresh angle” What’s Chelsea Clinton’s number over at Rock Center?

  4. Did you hear Corzines response to the questioning? It wasn’t his fault, he inherited the mess. Sound familiar? Birds of a feather…

    As for Clinton, he’s so slimy he’ll never get caught. While he’s patting you on the good old boy back with one hand, he’s searching your closets for dead bodies with the other.

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  6. When Corzine says he does not know where $1.2 BILLION went, this means he doesn’t personally have it? I wonder when they say trillions in wealth were lost–did someone get it? Was it on paper? I sound like a dope, but this stuff is pretty drifty.

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