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Romney Uses Obama’s Golf to Fundraise

Mitt Romney is turning President Obama’s golf game against him, using Obama’s frequent trips to the golf course to raise money.

A Romney campaign website,, allows people to donate $18 to Romney “to send President Obama on a permanent vacation.” The website notes that Obama has played 1,584 holes since 2009 and says:

By donating $18, you can help us put President Obama on a permanent vacation. We cannot afford another round of President Obama’s failed leadership

It’s time to have a president whose idea of being “hands on” doesn’t mean getting a better grip on the golf club

The site dovetails with Romney’s campaign theme  that “Obama isn’t working” and suggests Romney intends to make Obama’s golf and lavish vacations an issue in the campaign.

H/T to Rush LImbaugh’s Stack of Stuff, where I saw this.

16 thoughts on “Romney Uses Obama’s Golf to Fundraise”

    1. For rill? Well, Romney did say last nite that if he were president he planned to work a full day–and let the dog sleep inside (I added that last, but he did say he’d work all day).

    2. The article quotes Obama telling Harry Reid “Michelle and the girls are going to have a great time in Hawaii, they don’t need me there.” Never fear, Moochelle will get her vacation. Obama is probably just as happy…he can eat whatever he wants and hang out with his Hollywood buddies.

      1. Yeah, two jets, five jets, ten jets, who gives a F***.
        I am the POTUS. !!!!
        Separate jets, helicopters, buses, limos, yeah, tell Moochie, go girl and take your stand, make sure you get us a good room.
        Hey Michelle, make sure I have a reservation at the resort, thanks babe.
        I’ll be back here doing whatever the hell I have to do to coerce congress to adhere to my socialistic policies.
        Be there soon, Barry.

    1. Yep he did that before no? Took a later flight to hawaii.

      How much do you want to bet ‘pass this NOW’ will start coming out like crazy.

      ps I still don’t like romney, nice try tho

  1. What a sacrifice! He’ll stay around and do what? Meet with congressmen? Probably not. Play some more golf while he waits for congress to work? Probably. I’m sorry he’ll only get maybe 10 days of vacation. Poor thing. Ugh. I don’t care who gets the Republican nomination, at this point I’d vote for anyone over O.

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