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Obama Raising Money Behind Closed Doors

President Obama is at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington this evening passing the hat around, and the press is not invited.

“Tonight the president is doing a meet-and-greet with a small group of people to benefit his campaign,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. “Since the president is not planning to make formal remarks to the small group, this event will be closed press.”

What, I wonder, qualifies as “formal” remarks? Use of the teleprompter? Jacket and tie? Elevated elocution?

Is Obama making remarks that are “informal,” and therefore not coverable by the press?

The fact is, Obama is raising money from a few wealthy people who must be contributing ungodly sums in order to make it worth his time to run out of the White House to see them. And the press is not allowed.

I’m pretty sure Bush pulled this kind of thing too. But he wasn’t supposedly introducing a new era of openness and the removal of money from politics.

22 thoughts on “Obama Raising Money Behind Closed Doors”

  1. A small group no press sounds like you give me $$$$ and you can have the following job, Ambassadorship or even Czar Secretary of any Dept they are
    all crooks and should be in jail anyway. So he’s getting money for what Blago
    just got 14 years for I imagine. This is so transparent it’s blurry.

  2. Guess that means we don’t get to know who he was shaking down this afternoon. He probably doesn’t want another photo of him with George Soros showing up in the press…

  3. “A small group”, does that mean a few of the little people who will donate $5 to sup with his highness, and whom are the backbone of his re-selection(sic) campaign, you know, boots on the ground kind of folks.

  4. Wealthy donors, secrecy, no press, no info. Sounds transparent to me.
    At least, the kind of “transparency” that the WhiteHouse likes.

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    An oldie “Green Door” – took 55 years, but we know the answer now.

  6. The only ones he still speaks to are high school kids and the top .00001 percent of the 1% . Butt hey….we are just the dumbass whites who make up the over(under)whelming majority of the country.

    If Obumbo gets all the illegals, underemployed and unemployed who still think he is gonna ” pay my bills and give me money” to vote ( and repeatedly would be best ) he may yet win.

    God help us.

  7. I think it was pretty funny how the WH got that story out about BO musing to the Princesses Obama that THEY will always be rich, but he’s worried about the peasants.

    The 1%er with a heart of gold.

    I suppose he’s meeting with more gold-hearted rich types who just want to give him money so the peasant children can have a fair shake.

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