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Quote of the Day || December 6, 2011

“Sure, I’d get rid of child labor laws. But I wouldn’t allow any of them to work more than 60 hours a week.”

– Newt Gingrich

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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14 Responses to Quote of the Day || December 6, 2011

  1. Keith, I just read “Obama is 40 minutes late”. Yes, it tells something about him, doesn´t it.
    It´s a lot about Newt Gingrich these days. He has a sharp tongue, I hope that it will be a weapon against Obama and not lead to his own downfall. I like that he attacks Obama often and fearlessly. I think it is a winning formula. The other candidates should learn this and stop attacking each other. The enemy is Obama. He set the rules this time and is campaigning ruthlessly himself so the challenger must take of his gloves. Or am I wrong about the mood in the US ?

    • The mood in the country is one of resignation. Obama has failed to live up to any semblance of campaign promises, but rational people understand that Gingrich is unelectable. The GOP is running candidates better suited for high school president (with the exception of Ron Paul and possibly Huntsman, who is marginally less of a war-monger than the other candidates).

      I believe the mood of the country is that Obama will be reelected, for better or worse (probably worse). There’s not much of a difference between Obama and the GOP hopefuls, policy-wise.

      • Faun,

        I respectfully disagree with your assessment about the mood of the country. It is not one of “resignation” it is one of frustration. Not unlike the 1980 election (Carter v. Reagan) the country is feeling betrayed and scared.

        I have talked with people across a wide spectrum of racial and ethnic groups and, other than the hardcore liberals, a good portion of people are feeling as if the lives and opportunities they had 5-6 years ago is quickly slipping away.

        Some still blame Bush for the hole we are in economically, but a large portion of “folks” are starting to realize that the majority of the hole is Obama’s digging. The opportunities to succeed and prosper are slipping from the people’s fingertips, and leaving people with the feeling that their future and their children’s future will not be as bright as their parent’s or grandparent’s had.

        People are becoming tired of hearing, for the past three years, that we need to accept the current economy as the new norm. Especially when they hear about how the government has given trillions of dollars to companies only to have the same companies pay huge bonuses to the top tier executives or go bankrupt within a year.

        As far as the “war-mongering” of GOP candidates, I, personally, want a President that will stand up and say to the world that America will not tolerate a nuclear Iran for any reason. I also want a President with the backbone to say to the Islamists throughout the world that the West will not tolerate any further attempts to destabilize any more of the world’s governments. That the West will not tolerate the ethnic and religious cleansing of Africa, Southeast Asia and other areas where Islam is attempting to wipe out the non-Muslim populations.

        I want a President that will tell the environmental whack jobs to go to hell and we will drill for oil wherever we can find it, be it in the Gulf, along the Atlantic or Pacific shelf, in Alaska or in the oil sands of the west.

        I want a President that will stand up to the house of Saud and tell them to either knock off their support of radical Wahhabism or they will find themselves without ANY U.S. support.

        If this country, our country, had a President with the guts to cut the oil umbilical to the Middle East, we would not have to tolerate the tyrants and despots. If we had a President with the guts to tell the Palestinians to piss-off and support Israel and its right to exist, this would give the West a huge energy partner. For those who do not know, Israel has discovered a huge natural gas reserve off its shores. ( This discovery was made several years ago, and shortly after the discovery is when the Palestinians started their massive push for “statehood.”

        Depending on what kinds of borders that would be established this gas reserve could end up in the hands of another Muslim country, effectively leaving the energy status quo as it is.

        We as a nation know bullsh*t when we smell it. And the policies coming out of Washington for the past three years are the worst type of dung. My biggest fear is of the press. They have given up their position of the fourth estate and have descended into being a fifth column. It is people like Keith, and other journalist that still have integrity (few as they maybe) that are vital for the survival of this nation. Information is power, and Obama, his administration and the Islamophiles and Islamic apologists in the West are afraid of letting the truth get out.

        • I want a President that will tell the environmental whack jobs to go to hell and we will drill for oil wherever we can find it, be it in the Gulf, along the Atlantic or Pacific shelf, in Alaska or in the oil sands of the west.

          Oy vey. God forbid you rethink your oil addiction.

          • Shofar–great post. I may not agree on all of it, but I would add that the mood is also disgust–added to the fear and dread. We have all been played! Hope and change…I didn’t buy it because I could find nothing out about this man–nothing–he drifted out of nowhere. Change to what? And WHO SAYS? Now…look. A total disaster. I can’t eke even an existence out of the raggedy economy–as a freelance writer. In the prev 35 yrs, I could jack $36K or so out of various places. Now–I got offered a hundred bucks to write a white paper on the newest wrinkle in supply chain management–a hundred bucks! And everyday–the nose in the air, the lobsters, the Hawaiian interludes, the late nite partee-ing, the know-it-all wife. As for the Republicans–keep tap dancing, keep auditioning…I will vote for whoever emerges, but I may not love it. At least there will still be a market for this site!

          • Please with the oil addiction. What BS enviro-speak. Tell us the percentage of power in the US that derives from solar and wind combined. Seriously, let us know: ________.
            The electricity used by electric/hybrid cars come from: __________.
            What is the unemployment rate in North Dakota and why: __________.
            And if we [Obummer administration] doesn’t allow the pipeline from Canada, did you know they are considering building it to the west coast for delivery to China?

            Oy Vey, God forbid you rethink your solar/wind fantasy.

          • Faun,

            Until there is a legitimate, viable, sustainable alternative to oil and coal there is no other choice. Ethanol is insane, we are burning our food for fuel, and that is a major reason for the rise in food prices (no feed for animals, no corn to make sweetener, etc).

            Wind and solar are possible options, but with the current state of technology, they are not efficient enough to produce the amount of energy this nation needs to drive the engine of commerce.

            The US is afraid of nuclear, the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl affect, but nuclear is a viable and sustainable alternative. Will we use it? Doubtful.

            We send billions of petro-dollars overseas every year, when we are sitting on some of the largest oil sands and coal reserves in the world. Answer me this: Why are we sending our money to people that support our destruction? Let’s drill and dig the hell out of what we have, keep our dollars here and use the savings to increase research in viable alternative fuel sources.

            The US is like the guy who discovers an unarmed burglar in his home, and hands him a .45. “Here you go! I know you are intent on doing me harm, but I’ll give you something that will help you do more harm.” It is insane! Einstein defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

            We need to change our thinking as to where our dollars are going as far as energy is concerned. As I said, drill and dig on our own lands and use the savings to find an alternative to oil. Until we do, we are at the mercy of some very nasty people. I would rather run the risk of a possible short term environmental problem than a long term fight over energy.

        • Superb post, Shofar! I couldn’t have said it better. Not only are Americans feeling frustrated by O, but also angry, irritated, talked down to, and so on. I hate the constant hipocritical do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do coming from O and his wife. There are a whole lot of really irritated angry “folks” out here.

    • Spot On.
      Candidates need to point out that Obama has the sycophant, biased “media” protecting-working for him, so its good to see Newt actually ATTACK that empty, arrogant neo-socialist Obama…

  2. Are these child labor laws referring to the new restrictions planned for farmers who use children to cross polinate certain crops? I’m lost here.