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Obama B Smokin’!

Just prior to departing Kansas this afternoon, President Obama stopped at We B Smokin, a barbecue joint. And frankly, who can blame him? Just look at the menu:

Hot Wings – 6 or 12
Breaded Mushrooms – half or full
Onion Rings – half or full
Fried Green Beans

Platters – includes 2 sides (see below)
Beef, Pork, Turkey, Ham or Sausage (or any 2)
Half of Chicken
Rib Platter
We B Platter – 2 meats 6 ozs. and 2 ribs
Super We B for Two – 2 meats 6 ozs., 4 ribs, 2 sides and fries

French Fries – half or full order
Potato Salad
Cole Slaw (vineage based)
We B Beans
Cottage Cheese

Short or Long Ends
Full Slab
Ribs by the Bone
We B Sticky Ribs – full slabs only – OUR SIGNATURE BABY BACK RIBS!!!!!!!

Oh course, this is part of the effort to rebrand Obama as a regular guy, in order to appeal to regular guys. But I really can’t get too upset about this bit of political posturing. Not when there’s barbecue involved

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      1. Hey those undisclosed locations are norhing to be taken lightly they
        also work for tornado’s and being nuked:). Duck and cover is the only
        protection from Barry the Bomb:)

  1. I called it in the earlier story about his schedule, but I thought it was going to be a burger joint! So close. I’m sure he’ll have to get take out for Michelle.

    Keith, how many chefs work in the WH kitchen? Do we pay them salaries or by the hour? If they’re salaried, I sure hope it’s part time cause they are hardly ever there for meals.

    1. They are salaried. I think there is a main chef that the Obamas didn’t want to fire, so they brought in their own to work right under her. And then there are a number of people working for them, probably mostly prep people. They need them especially for State dinners and holiday parties, but I got know idea what they do the rest of the time. How many chefs does it take to toast some pop tarts for the girls?

      1. We forgot Granny. She’s never allowed out so I guess she eats all her meals there. So, pretty much, there’s one chef per occupant (2 girls plus one N/Granny = 3 chefs). Got it. Put that way I guess it almost sounds reasonable…

          1. Star, I’d rather pay for all of their food eaten at the WH than all of their vacations and “non-political campaigning” speeches. It would still be cheaper.

            Did the other presidents actually reimburse us for their food? Seems kind of petty unless they order lobster and caviar all the time.

          2. There are rules for the First Lady and her clothes as how
            much they cost and if they can be kept or must be donated
            to the WH collection. That’s an investigation that needs to
            happen. Read where a little boy ask Santa for toilet paper
            so his Mom wouldn’t have to take napkins and paper towels from restaurants. Now how much do you think that
            Vera Wang dress cost lots of rolls I’m sure. Michelle is a
            woman devoid of a conscience or soul.

  2. I’ve been to We B Smokin – it’s a little hole in the wall BBQ joint in the airport building at the Miami County Airport, near Paola, just north of Osawatomie, pretty much directly on the flight route to KC Int’l – the place is well known among the local aviation community as a place to get cheap airplane gas and a good meal. Their onion rings are some of the best in town, and the ribs in the place are the size of the federal deficit (I suspect that they may have secretly succeeded in cloning woolly mammoths and harvested them for their ribs).

    When in the KC area, one must always stop for BBQ, so I don’t suspect this was so much “trying to appeal to the common man” as doing what one must do when visiting the BBQ capital. As for this particular location, I expect it was selected due to the lack of much of anything surrounding it and convenient helicopter parking, making the secret service’s job that much easier.

    1. KC B-B-Q is known for being great, although I have not had the opportunity to try it. If you are ever in Brownsville, TX Rudy’s Country Store and B-B-Q is fantastic. Their slogan is, “I didn’t claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables.”

  3. A menu full of crap feeding FAT America. Why should the taxpayer pay for all of the preventable diseases in our society? Yet another form of welfare!

    1. Well, “chris”, no one is forcing you to eat tasty food. Feel free to stick with your tofu, brown rice, and mineral water.

      But to answer your question: Because DC nannies decided they know best and and implemented medical welfare. You could demand that the payments stop, instead of demanding the eating of tasty food stop.

      Nor is the food the problem in the first place. Over-indulgence and/or lack of adequate exercise by some people is. I happen to enjoy food like that (when I can afford it, which hasn’t happened in a long time). Yet somehow I haven’t needed to see a doctor for years (except for eye exams for new glasses, both of which I paid for out of my own pocket). It’s been more than two decades since I received _any_ government-funded medical care, and that was when I was in the Air Force.

      Yet — again, somehow — I manage to be healthy enough without gov-intervention to hike; camp; cut, split, and stack a winter’s worth of firewood, maintain this house and property, and so forth.

      1. Well aren’t you a stud? No-one toots their own horn as well as themselves. Who gives a crap how healthy you are stud muffin? That can all change in just one heartbeat.

      2. C-B,

        First off thanks for your service in the USAF. But I would like to point out that it only takes one incident, illness, accident or other life changing event to make someone end up using public healthcare.

        I spent the majority of my adult life serving my country and community working for various government agencies and departments. I too also enjoyed hiking, camping, canoeing, splitting and stack wood for my home. I once had a body and mind that allowed me to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Then illness struck and my body is slowly dying off while my mind is acutely active and aware. I now can’t find a job due my illness and this economy. I am stuck using the local public healthcare hospital for treatment, and believe me it is a nightmare. Months go by waiting for tests, doctor’s appointments etc.

        Count your blessings that you have your health, but don’t dismiss out of hand some of us who, through no fault of our own, now are stuck in the hell that is public healthcare.

  4. O and the wife can eat like a HOG in front of the world, and it’s obvious they just don’t gain weight, BUT THEY PREACH TO THE REST OF US SERFS ABOUT IT. Hey O and wife, K*** MY A** and MIND your own business.

    1. I think Barry’s nicotine and cocaine use keeps him thin, and the Mooch clearly looks like she had plactic surgery on face and liposuction on the fat rolls.

  5. “weed wacker” and “Shofar” manage to raise the same nice, little strawman argument: That one little, sudden incident can change everything. Since I’m a sucker for an argument, I’ll momentarily ignore the fact that I was _only_ addressing “chris’s” peculiar problem with this menu, as if eating things of which he disapproves is the root of all health evil.

    Planning _everyone’s_ health care (and huge, wasteful government programs — but I repeat myself ) around effectively random one-time bad deals is like letting the IRS project everyone’s annual taxable income on the assumption that we will all win the Power Ball lottery. Every year. For the rest of our lives.

    And then Pelosi could push legislation mandating everyone buy lottery tickets, with gov subsidies for those who can’t afford it — like me. We could call it ObamoLotto — misspelled, but more alliterative.

    (And wacker –surely a Freudian choice of screen names — you seem fixated on me as a stud. For your sake, I hope you’re female, or you’ll be very disappointed. Unless the gov mandates and subsidizes _that_:, too.)

    (Shofar, I’m certain you meant well by thanking me for my service, and I appreciate the thought. But I chose to leave the Air Force after 11 years because I came to the inescapable conclusion that I was serving megalomaniacs and power-brokers — usually, though not always quite, the same thing — who never read the Constitution, and not the American people.)

    1. My sister never walked by an MRI without climbing in. I can’t afford copays and walk around trying not to die of weird things like afib that have no good therapy that works for me…But nobody healthens to death. And all the tofu in the world cannot guarantee results.

      1. She has folks reading I bet especially that group of delusional women
        who worship everything she wears or touches or eats! Very scary bunch of lemmings.

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