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A “Fair Shot?” Oh, the Incivility!

This is unacceptable.

Have we not learned anything from the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords?

We all know that the reason Giffords was shot was that the Tea Party defends the Second Amendment and Sarah Palin produced a map of targeted House seats with actual targets on it. Such incivility spurred on the deranged assassin, who otherwise would have been serving tea to little old ladies at the diner.

And now, it appears, Obama during his speech in Kansas today is going to call for everyone to get “a fair shot!” OMG! What are they all going to be shooting at?? Take cover!

From the White House pool report of an Air Force One briefing today by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

Looking ahead to the Obama (speech) he again used the terms “fair shake” and “fair shot” to describe the president’s goals for the middle class. “Everyone gets a fair shake and a fair shot,” he said. Of the wealthy – the top target of TR’s speech – Carney said, “Too few do too well.”

I can’t believe this is happening. Targets? Shots? Shaking people to death?

Let’s get the outrage machine cranking!

Please now, don't take this literally!

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  1. This is the most distorted view of the tragic events surrounding GG I have heard in this sad case. Your hate drives you to accuse anyone who does not agree with you views as murders, anarchists etc. I blame Obama for exposing the country to an economic hell, he did not inherit but did manufacture. I blame people like you for placing mediocrity into the Congress and the Executive Branch. Enjoy your day.

    • What? You don’t see that the hysteria that was manufactured when Sarah Palin produced a map with targets is distinctly absent now that the President is talking about people getting fair shots?

      A fair shot is an opportunity to shoot something with reasonable chance of hitting it. Also, as a figure of speech it means simply “a fair chance,” I know that.

      Do you not remember how Rep. Gifford’s shooting was blamed on the so-called violent rhetoric of the right, the Tea Party, etc.?

      But this is the President who told people to get in their neighbor’s faces, as I recall. He has requested a less reasonable, more emotional exchange between citizens — and while Keith is laughing up his sleeve with this post, I assume, he’s correct that willful misunderstanding of Ms. Palin’s map is NOT going to happen to The One because the MSM is invested in destroying her and succoring him.

    • Take lingual and place squarely against buccae. That is what the article is.

      Obviously you have not been following Keith for very long, or you would have realized that, at times, he engages in a bit of snark to make a point.

      While an advanced degree may make you an “expert” in your field, the “art” of writing, while not requiring a degree of any sort, takes a high level of right brain development. While I can understand that a physician such as yourself may be more left brain oriented, having to utilize the logical and analytical more than the intuitive and subjective right brain orientation, perhaps you should take a class in comedy or humor. This may help you to fully understand what sarcasm and comedic commentary on social issues are about.

      I would recommend listening to old George Carlin albums for a take on observational comedy and social commentary.

      As one last comment, it is, in my experience, the inability of many physicians to think intuitively and subjectively that causes illnesses to be misdiagnosed or dismissed as some form of hypochondria rather than some underlying disease. Too many in the medical profession have their little box in which all symptoms must fit in order to get a diagnosis. If something does not fit into that preconceived paradigm then it is dismissed.

    • Mark, your thinking is deranged if you think Obama manufactured this economic hell. Where were you from 2001-2009?? Where were you while America was losing its focus over the last 4 decades? Myopic viewpoint to say the least….

    • Tuned in to CBS news Early Show this morn and they are stating Newt Gingrich has a bulls eye on his back leading up to the Iowa caucus. Now that isn’t civil. Hahaha

  2. “A Fair Shake and a Fair Shot” is going to be the new Obama campaign slogan replacing the disgraced “Hope and Change”, the confusing “Win the Future”, and the childish whine of “We Can’t Wait”.

    We finally got the message: the No1 item purchased on Black Friday was firearms / ammo. White, middle-class males are arming themselves.
    The Obama administration has armed Mexican criminals, endorsed unlawful occupation of public property, ignored any standing law that doesn’t meet their critiera, allowed unelected bureaucrats to impose draconian regulations on business and will not prosecute certain lawbreakers.
    We get it. We’re on our own and can’t depend on our government to protect us from criminals who mean to do us harm.
    Shake us down and shoot us? never gonna happen.

  3. What does a fair shot mean–equal mental ability, equal edu or training, equal interest in every field (passion), a nice wardrobe for interviews guaranteed (not to mention taste in clothes), money for gas–what is a fair shot. They used to call that the level playing field–also meaningless. This is so much word salad all the time…how is keeping cuts in people’s contribs to SS giving anyone a fair shot at “success”?

    • PS If we are doing bellicose metaphors–how about “focused like a laser beam”? That would smart if it happened to you–ask anyone who has been to a dermatologist.

    • Star, let’s think a bit more broadly. A fair shot? Many ways to define it. Let’s take this one. Bloomberg just released data about a week ago that revealed that the Fed lent or guaranteed 7.7 trillion dollars of loans!!! (That’s 1/2 of our annual GDP.) At 0.01%!!!! Yes, that is correct information. The interest rate was 0.01%!! The banks that went to the Fed Discount Window and took the free money turned around and made billions from investing it and one of the investments was literally in U.S. Treasuries sucking up ~13 Billion $$$ in interest income that the taxpayer (that’s you and me) is paying. Now I give credit to the Fed for ‘saving’ the system. But a ‘fair shot’ to me means that when this economy is healed, those massive corporations & banks that went to the trough must be made to compensate the taxpayer accordingly…however that is determined. I, as a lowly little individual American, could never borrow money at an interest rate of 0.01% to use as I please. Why should the big banks and corporations and the ultra-rich have that ability and never pay it back? The game is rigged…without a doubt.

      • Yes, I know about this little game of internal arbitrage. But how would they compensate anyone? I could see making the banks cut everyone’s mortg principle in half—so we could sell our houses, have a lower payment etc. But no–it’s this mod stuff where they tack the amt you still owe onto the end or just take your money and then cancel your deal. The Middle Class, if that is the term, evolved organically from people’s belief, hard-won wars, hard work, and the now we see mistaken idea that someone was minding the store. You can’t take a magic wand to this stuff. Gosh, here are all the good jobs back, the affordable education, a place to use that education, dreams, ideas…here they are, shazam! And for the president to natter on about this is insulting.

  4. Perhaps the entitlement crowd sees humor in their maneuvers to game the system. Maybe union thugs find it amusing that they keep receiving while 20 million of the displaced are not. Perhaps you can be lighthearted when overpaid government workers receive yet another raise while someone loses their home for unpaid taxes. Does a tear roll down your cheek that teachers work less than 8 months a year but receive benefits for 12. Obama is in the midst of planning another vacation in sunny Hawai for 2 weeks or more, while the rest of his flock attempt to determine what cuts next to make to survive. Scribes present on this blog discredit themselves with sophistry that dilutes each point they feebly attempt to present. Allow your ego to see another view that lacks satire and includes solidity in cognition.MD

    • I guess there were snide insults in here–don’t waste them on us!Maybe there are places that would appec them more or laugh louder…Obama is the sophist–think about it…You are spinning wheels trying to dump on the commenters here. What is “solidity in cognition?” Huh? Oh—sound thinking. Hey–we do not lack that, LOL.

    • wait, what? don’t you think Keith is funny? this is one of my favorite sites…I think he’s one of the funniest commentators out there on The Googles. (uh, that was sarcasm too. I was making fun of George W. Bush. are you going to take me to task for that too?)

      omg, be careful when you read the “Quote of the Day.” those are NOT REAL QUOTES, ok?

    • And so are his 45 czars.
      Obama is a vacuous individual that has depended on other people to support him throughout his life.
      His GANG got him into the White House.
      The Gang warfare will commence against anybody that dares to oppose the puppet in chief when the GOP candidate is selected.
      Don’t forget the Black Panthers guarding the polls either.

    • I understand your seriousness given the state of our country; however the tenor of this site tends to be on the humorous side when possible. It is apparent that we all agree on one thing. The POTUS has no clothes and must go.

  5. Is it me, or is any one else alittle bothered how the ‘media’ & Dems have made Gabby Giffords a “saint”…?
    I heard she was a so-so Congresswoman…with a liberal bent.
    If she is incapacitated and can not fully serve/vote in Congress why hasnt she stepped aside? Wouldnt that be the just thing to do? (last time I checked Congress is NOT to be a job for life)

    • You would freak if you lived in Phoenix–the paper is all her all the time. Yes, I think she should let someone else run. The last story was on her office manager and how she, the office manager, is managing everything. I don’t live in her district…so…

    • LB – I hope she can do it, but if she can’t . . .

      I remember once there was a blind man who was sailing across the Atlantic or something. Everybody thought it was just wonderful. He was hooked up to so many gizmos that all he really had to do was sit there. William F. Buckley, an avid sailor, commented at the time that this was nice, but it wasn’t sailing.

    • Anyone belongs here who wants to come on over–but there can be pushback…We view the passing scene with some irony, humor, malice, logic, yes conservatism, eccentricity, etc.

    • Hey Mark, please stay. (Fellow MD, primary care practicing, unlike Jill Biden.) Fair Shot? THAT is this Democratic presidential candidate’s big catchy rallying cry to deliver us into economic prosperity? Really?
      He proves with this phrase that he thinks we are very stupid.

        • I sort of skip over the insults–I do think it’s kind of weird to come into a little community or klatsch or whatever this is and toss the spew…but hey, people do that. What happened to Death Ray and the guy with the scary goat legs on his site? We do expect a higher level of spew, though–not the Troll! Douchebag! stuff.

    • no, please don’t leave! (despite my snarky comment of a few seconds ago.)

      there’s no political litmus test for being on here–I’m a pro-choice Jewish tea partier!–just an open mind, a sense of humor, and an interest in more truth and less BS.

      a strong desire to make fun of Obama is also helpful.

  6. I heard he made a gaffe, and said “It’s good to be back in Texas” – (you know, all those republican, redneck states look the same…). Did anyone else hear about this?

    Mary in Texas (but born in Kansas)
    aka Republican Redneck

  7. Many on this blog are light hearted concerning Obama’s crusade to destroy Western Civilization. My greater concern is his hand is next to the red button, and I am not referring to the one Staples advertises. The stage is being set in the Middle East for a nuclear exchange. Both the Russians and the North Koreans are enabling Iran to evolve into a nuclear encampment. Our diplomacy is nil in these areas, usually to bash Israel for existing. Obama is oblivious to events unfurling in the world. We, not him, will be the victims of his lassitude, incompetence and ignorance in the event war breaks out. Its 9:47 pm est, there is a good chance he is at a party or sporting event. Mark Davis

    • I believe that most of the readers of this site are informed and concerned about our country. We are just trying to see some humor and irony while we wait for next November to arrive. What is your plan?

      • MD2–we know all this…but a friend contacted me yesterday and said something like six mos of chemo had helped him get perspective. We have to pace ourselves. Life is terrible and hard but never serious–this used to be my motto. You know how dark humorists are. Inky.