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Mr. Obama, I Didn’t Know TR, But You’re No TR

President Obama has at various times during his campaign and presidency been John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and Harry S Truman.

Oh, and Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter. And, you know, with all the golf, Dwight Eisenhower.

But forget those people. Washington is abuzz about Obama’s latest incarnation. Now he knows who he is. He’s Teddy Roosevelt.

Obama is in Osawatomie, Kansas today reprising a the famous “New Nationalism” speech Roosevelt offered up in the same city, where he said stuff Obama loves, like this:

Now, this means that our government, National and State, must be freed from the sinister influence or control of special interests. Exactly as the special interests of cotton and slavery threatened our political integrity before the Civil War, the great special business interests too often control and corrupt the men and methods of government for their own profit. We must drive the special interests out of politics. That is one of our tasks to-day.

It’s almost touching to see the White House cast about for role models, catch phrases, and attack lines for the president. It’s certainly pathetic.

Obama’s aides have for months now been entirely focused on the right recipe for portraying their man – and his opponents – in order to achieve reelection. They’ve completely put aside the business of governing, deciding they’ll get to that in 2013.

There’s such irony in Obama’s sudden lunge for the Teddy Roosevelt mantle. I’m no TR scholar, but I do know something about him. I’d wager that Teddy Roosevelt would be striving at all costs to fix the economy – not sending Congress loaded proposals designed to show them up as uncaring bastards while buffing his own image as the true friend of the people.

The leader of the Rough Riders and the negotiator of the Treaty of Portsmouth – which ended the Russo-Japanese War in 1905 – would have sequestered members of the failed “special deficit committee” in some corner of the White House – perhaps what is today known as the “Roosevelt Room” – and cracked their heads together until they came up with a plan.

Obama let the panel fail and then seized the moment to castigate the GOP. Roosevelt would have put country above self preservation, something, of course, he’d done in battle.

What’s more, Obama’s senior advisers have failed to recognize the political juice in striking deals that help the country. No wonder people like David Plouffe, who ran the 2008 campaign, rule the roost in the West Wing, while Chief of Staff William Daley, a veteran Washington dealmaker, is undermined by his colleagues in the press and wanders the halls waiting either for his sacking or January 2013, whichever comes first.

Roosevelt won his Nobel Peace Prize for the Treaty of Portsmouth. It sits in the West Wing chamber that bears his name.

Obama won his Nobel Peace Prize for . . . nothing.

32 Responses to Mr. Obama, I Didn’t Know TR, But You’re No TR

      • They re applauding and cheering so I might wishing it was Nebraska!
        And this must be a record for all kinds of college educated folks who
        cannot pronounce Osawatomie Rove couldn’t and he was not alone.
        Obama goes back and forth between 2 different pronunciations. He also brought one of his menopausal momma’s with him the wicked
        witch of HHS Sebelius.

          • I was glad to be rid of her the worst Govenor the state of Kansas
            ever had. Was glad to see the end of her but now she’s been
            unleashed on the entire country like the plague.

  1. There is a problem. Obama disappears while others try to solve it. Obama reappears and criticizes what they’ve done and offers a few reflections always cast in “historic remarks” mode.

    He’s done this over and over. It’s his method for dealing with life.

    It suggests that he would have known better and avoids the question of why he wasn’t involved. If only they’d invited him, the listener to the historic remarks written by someone else thinks as he reads the teleprompter! But after a few rounds of this game in which it becomes clear that he could have been involved and chose instead to absent himself, the pattern clarifies and he’s exposed as an avoider of responsibility, a the-buck-passes-me-to-anyone-else clinger to that cheap, made-outside-the US, polyester hero cape he wears when playing The Great Thinker.

    • If people had bothered to look at his record before voting for him they would have seen that. Present is not a vote, but that is all he has ever done. A fly on the wall would at least get people out of their seat to chase it, he hasn’t even done that much.

  2. TR? more like Dorothy, the TinMan, the Lion and the Scarecrow, rolled into one, going to Kansas to look for help from the Wizard of Oz.
    And just like the cast, all they’ll find are small people and a delusion that someone has the power to make things right.

    Our ‘historic’ President will never be included in the honors and respectful admiration that previous Presidents can rightfully claim. Every one of them was a patriot, a believer in the greatness of America and it’s people. Some of them faced daunting challenges and were not always successful, but never gave up on the resilience of Americans.
    They all stood on their own record of success or failure and never claimed to be anyone but themselves.

  3. That depends on which Theodore Roosevelt you’re talking about. From about the time he entered public life until the time he left the presidency, Roosevelt was a believer in civil service reform that actually made it easier to fire incompetent employees and believed in government as an impartial arbiter. By the time he ran as the Bull Moose candidate he was not too far from the radical believer in centralized planning the current president is after he read Upton Sinclair’s heavily fabricated The Jungle.

  4. Didn’t you know that Obama has multi-personality disorder. His belief that he is the reincarnation of several presidents is a hoot. Worse, he believes he is Einstein, Churchill and other brains of the past. Perhaps he channels Lincoln when he is in the WH. You get what you pay for, look what we got!

    • Obama is whatever the media ‘channels’ him to be. The media cracked the code many years ago as to politics and the vote. They serve up candidates like it is ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or ‘American Idol’, then they wait for the finals before anointing the eventual touchy, feely, beta-boy liberal. Winning elections is now all about where you place your campaign dollars … or euros … as the case may be.

      • When the next President takes over the WH the first thing he should do
        is get the statue back of Churchill and apologize to the best allie we have Great Britain for the insult done by the previous occupant!

    • You forgot Barry Soetoro, who went to college in the US, as far as we know. Funded by whom we don’t know.
      Cassius Clay is now Mohammed Ali.
      Barry Soetoro is now Barack Hussien Obama.
      What part of this is not understandable ?

  5. TR is the Pres that insisted on giving a planned speech after being shot by a would-be assassin, isn’t he? As I recall, Teddy gave his address with the bullet in his chest and bled all over the place (including on the speech manuscript that somebody saved and stuck in a museum).

    On the other hand, Obama wears a safety helmet when he rides his girl-bike.

    I’m just saying… Ol’ Teddy was tough-stuff and if Obama starts comparing himself to TR, he’s going to be laughed out of the room.

  6. What a despicable man Teddy Obama is. The middle class drawn into the class warfare scenario is to be given a “fair share”, a “fair shot” — at what? So they can move up and make more than $250,000 and the be attacked by the Rough Riders of, SEIU,the Occupy street gangs? Demagogue.