As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 6, 2011

9:35 am || Departs White Houuse
11:25 am CST || Arrives Kansas City, Mo.
12:25 pm CST || Delivers remarks on the economy; Osawatomie High School, Osawatomie, Kansas
3:25 pm CST || Departs Kansas City
6:50 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:30 pm

31 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 6, 2011

  1. Can our man-child President achieve his goal of visiting EVERY elementary and High School in the U.S. before he leaves office? Is he afraid to deal with adults and their questions? This is now bordering on the absurd…

  2. Maybe Jake Tapper can ask Jay Carney this again (Nov 28),

    Lastly, I wanted to get your feedback on a study that the Wall Street Journal wrote about today, based on — my understanding, based at least partly on numbers tabulated by our unofficial statistician, Mr. Norwick, which is that President Obama seems to have traveled to battleground states more so than any other President before him. And I’m wondering if you could respond to this. It looks like the President is campaigning on the taxpayer dime more than any other President has done.

  3. This POS can’t make a 10:30am briefing but can get on a plane to Kansas, on our dime, first thing in the morning. Whatta pathetic excuse for a president (My God, I hate calling him that).

    • Purr-fect! The only thing missing, Gran, was the ‘shark stalking music’ at the end!

      Keith, I have followed you for quite a while, yet never commented until today. I figure it’s time now, to get back into the ‘swing of things’ pui aside the daily pain of osteoarthritis and concentrate on defeating this worthless, creepy manchild we know almost nothing about in NOV 2012!

      • RPF – Welcome to a place of lively discourse and discussion. The fun always starts when Drudge links to something of Keith’s, then the looney left hits this site and the real fun begins.

        • Thank you so…Gran, (whom I have known on the net for quite awhile), and Shofar and Star–I’ve bookmarked both your sites.

          I have been trying hard to keep up with everything going on…and some days, I just feel as though it is time to STOP until NOV 2012.

          What a mess this boob has created…he must be stopped, by people like Keith, who report TRUTHFULLY.

          Thank you all…and is this is a holiday I grew up with, I hope ‘St. Nicholas” fills all your stockings! (OK, I never even put a stocking up anymore…I’m close to 66 yrs old…and do have a memory of receiving a stocking full of coal when I was young–Mother and Dad had no extra $$ that year…and my three brothers and I were not exactly the most well-behaved children in the Universe–even though our Dad was POLICE! Sooooo…we got COAL…and made the best of it and learned to behave better. Anything wrong with that?

  4. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS TO YOUR REPUBLICAN REPS & SENATORS! (You can take out the last two sentences if you want :)

    These so-called “payroll tax cuts” are really a reduction in the amount of contributions to Social Security which means two things:
    1) The amount of money to the fund is reduced and it will go bankrupt sooner and
    2) The amount we are each contributing is less, so the amount we can draw on retirement will be less!

    The Democrats are screwing us over all the way around and claiming they are the ones that care about the middle class and the elderly!

    Do WE THE PEOPLE need to tell you what to say? OK, here it is! Tell the media EVERY CHANCE YOU GET why you CANNOT vote to extend the CUTS to the SOCIAL SECURITY fund (NOT payroll taxes!!) and how this will plummet social security in bankruptcy sooner AND how it is reducing the amount people will get EACH and EVERY month when they do retire!
    It will be worse next year than it is this year. Reid wants 3.1% for next year instead of the 2% for this year. That is a decrease in our contribution from just under a third to exactly HALF!

    STOP calling them payroll tax cuts and call them social security contribution cuts! Geez!

    I am sick and tired of the Republicans playing into the hands of the Democrats! No wonder they call you stupid! You are!

    • It is because the politicos want Social Security to fail. That way they create a new retirement system based on income, one that is an income redistribution retirement fund.

      That will solve all the problems with the current system.

  5. Since all he does is read his teleprompter once he’s at a location, can’t we just set up a room in the WH that looks like a school auditorium and let him do his “speeches” through video? It would be a whole lot cheaper for us. Better yet, maybe they could just assemble the kids and show a rerun of his last speech?

    Is there a particulary good hamburger place in Kansas that he wants to eat at? WTH?

    • Car in…OUT of ideas?

      This Affirmative Action Dope(r) has never has an idea about anything in his entire 50 (+?) years, except to screw America in accordance with Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ and Karl Marx’s ‘Marxism’.

      I had more creative ideas in the nail I broke off and threw away this morning than this doper (AND his wifey) has ever had in his entire life.

      Ley’s continue to get him ‘running scared’…please?

      • Yea, sorry. You’re right. In my defense, I was only on my first cup of coffee when I wrote that.

        I do find his campaigning ideas to be rather uninspired. Like he’s phoning it in. Perhaps his new proggie hire will help.

  6. I think it was Tapper who asked Carney about Obama “channeling” Teddy Roosevelt and his visit to Osawatomie at yesterday’s presser. While Big Stick may have been an early Progressive, he was still a man’s man.

    He knew what war was. He knew about actually fighting crime. He understood the need to protect the environment without killing opportunity. I’m sure TR is spinning right now, knowing that Obama is trying to walk in his footsteps.

    I’m waiting for Obama to try and throw a dollar across the Potomac.

  7. Time after time yesterday the schedule says 12:25 PM CT my little clock here
    on the little house on the prairie said 1:00 PM CT when BBQ Barry started
    channeling TR perhaps he was lost between KS and TX:). Late again!