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Obama to Bash Republicans at 1:30 PM

Just announced. Here’s the statement from the White House.

Today at 1:30 PM EST, the President will deliver a statement urging Republicans in Congress to join Democrats to ensure taxes don’t go up on middle class families next year in the Brady Briefing Room.

Note the misplaced modifier. Really? Are taxes going up next year in the Brady Briefing Room? I’d better stay out of there!

Would be nice if they required basic writing skills for those who work in the press office.

9 Responses to Obama to Bash Republicans at 1:30 PM

    • We’re NEVER in the Brady Briefing room because We, the commentators on WhiteHouseDossier, would be asking REAL, CHALLENGING questions and not taking typical ‘inside the beltway’ B.S. as an answer with a wink & a nod like the current WH “propaganda corps” does

  1. Obviously management or leadership courses aren’t required in law school. When does he go to Hawaii for another three weeks? We’re better off. Nice catch on the dangers of the Brady Room. One couldn’t make stuff up like this!

  2. This is not a smart move on his part. Again.
    We’re sick of listening to him whine and complain about what others are doing or not doing as he plans another lavish family vacation.

  3. As opposed to what? Bush and the GOP are his get out of jail free cards for
    everything. Nothing new he’s such an idiot. I’d keep a low profile if I were
    about to go on a 17 day vacation after working at least 20 hours this year!

  4. The only source of funding for the Social Security trust fund is the payroll tax. Obama knows that. He also knows that continuing the 2% cut will leave our elders who depend on Social Security at risk. Guess we’ll see if the D.C. elites have enough backbone to stop the charades and do the right thing. If they don’t, things will only get worse when the money runs out.