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Obama is 40 Minutes Late

President Obama this afternoon arrived in the White House Briefing Room at 2:10 pm ET, fully 40 minutes later than his scheduled 1:30 pm appearance time.

Obama is habitually late, but it is rare his tardiness exceeds 15 or 20 minutes.

The president, who showed up to attack Republicans for their stance on taxes, didn’t apologize for being late. I’d have thought he’d be eager to come to the briefing room and get started.

Late means two things: It means disrespect, and it means disorganization. It’s a shame to find both in the White House.

One time as a student, many years ago, I was privileged to be in the briefing room one day when Ronald Reagan came down to make remarks that, like today’s, were scheduled soon before the appearance.

Reagan was to appear at 9:00 am, as I remember. At 9:00 am sharp, not a minute before or after, Reagan materialized. I was so impressed. I thought, “Wow, that’s how they do things at the White House.”

Not anymore.

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    • I agree Rick.
      He continually sticks his finger in the eye of the American People.
      The arrogance he displays along with his wife is over the top.
      I am sick of these people, and we have to put up with it for another year.
      Their constant lecturing attitude to hard working people is an indication of the strength they feel that they have over the serfs that pay them.
      The republican candidates, all of them, should launch a full fledged attack on the Obama regime.
      The one that has the guts to do it could become the next president.

      • Amen.

        The “Republicans” need to Attack! Attack!! Attack!!! Obama on his utterly LACK of LEADERSHIP (i.e. being a flippant 40 minutes late)

      • I’ll tell you what I’m sick of also, awakening in the morning, tuning into local TV stations (ABCNBCCBS) for traffic and weather and listening to crap spewed by the Today Show, Early Show, and GMA. Their so happy to be in bed with Obama it’s disgusting… If the government wasn’t subsidising them (I can’t prove that, but you know the Dems are lining their pockets) they would be out occupying the unemployment line.

  1. Reagan had respect for the office of the President. He would not come into the Oval without wearing a suit and tie, he believed the office was a privilege and not a right.

    His time as governor of California gave him the administrative experience in running a government. He surrounded himself with people that knew the minutia of detail that he needed in order to make sound, sensible decisions. Unlike Reagan’s predecessor and the current administration he did not think that he knew everything about everything.

    The President is a leader, and needs to exude leadership. Reagan led by the sheer strength of his personality. Obama does not have a personality, he is but a shell, and it seems that he is leaving critical decisions regarding the economy, foreign policy and domestic and international security to others. Truman understood that ALL decisions stopped at the Resolute desk, a concept that this administration does not or is not willing to accept.

  2. I remember stories about Clinton being late, and how refreshing it was when Bush 43’s schedule was like clockwork.

    Here’s my theory. Regan & Bush wanted to be president and thought they could. Clinton & Obama wanted to be president and never thought they would (pssst! Hillary/Michelle – can you believe it we’re in the White House? Golly!). When presidential hopefuls truely envision their destiny, they are more respectful to those they serve. The others expect to be served and respected.

    • Reagan and Bush had respect for the office. I appreciated GWB saying business will be done in the Oval Office in a coat and tie (vs. his predecessor’s sweaty Dolphin shorts)

  3. Yes but he was an actual real America loving American with great respect for
    the office and all of the countries people not just a select few. Also one hell
    of a guy. The difference is stark and should serve as a reminder when we go to vote in Nov 2012.

  4. I cannot believe you people are whining! You should be immensely grateful that Our Dear Leader saw fit to grace you by allowing you to gaze upon his visage!

  5. A couple cartoonist friends and I were chatting and I mentioned that although we’re all believed to be descendants of apes, I could never draw BHO as an ape. To which my friend correctly observed that he is a descendant of the gods…

  6. I’m a daily reader who has never commented, but this – this makes my blood boil. The arrogance of one who would keep others waiting 40 minutes without an apology is inexcusable.

  7. He was waiting for the speechwriters and others to tell him what he thinks about the Republicans and load it onto the teleprompter for him. When you don’t have principles upon which to stand, this is the path that you need to take. Besides, he’s the PRESIDENT and THE ONE – you will wait for him!

  8. Oh, c’mon everyone, give the poor, hard-working PO(TU)S a break. He worked sooo hard from 9:45 to about 11:45 this morning. According to his schedule, he was supposed to be done for the day at that point, you know. So, the last minute addition of a 1:30 appearance in the briefing room was just too much for him today. He deserved a two hour lunch break before that.

    Man, his schedule is such a grind, poor baby. I hope he can make it another week and half until he goes away for 17 days in Hawaii.

  9. Keith

    Late means more than disrespect and disorganization. It also implies that the “tardy” don’t want to be there either.

    It’s just tougher to vote ‘present’ when you’ve called for the presser.

    • The breath of thought and ‘ideas’ on this blog are so shallow. Do people come to sights like this just to have their own opinion reinforced or do they really think that such a blog is open minded and intended for an ‘exchange of ideas’ as worded in the terms of use?

    • vettgrl, I admit that slipped by me until KK posted the video. Still trying to wrap my head around the idea that the “LEADER AND THE FREE WORLD” evidently doesn’t know his own title. It’s like Leo DiCaprio in TITANIC muffing his line, “I’M KING AND THE WORLD!!!”

  10. Apologetic?? Did I read that in this article? (Well, written I must say)….but this administration have ANY respect for his subordinates??

    He can go across the Word and apologize…but to reporters, staffers, (out side of David Axelrod).

    Yes, the good ol’ days of cherishing the highest seat in the Land has been degraded!!!

  11. I used to work with someone who if he was in the room with Obama . . . people would gravitate to him, not Obama. He was never, ever late. NEVER. But then again . . . he respected every person he ever met, no matter their “place in society”. People loved and respected him, He was known around the world because he was exactly who you saw.

    It is nothing but rudeness if Obama won’t even apologize for being late. Sometimes being late is unavoidable. But an apology for being late never is.