As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Appearance and Carney Briefing

The event has concluded.

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25 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Appearance and Carney Briefing

  1. 1:38 PM, still no briefing……he must have got hung up with the college professors chatting about college affordability. The question is still out there how he paid for his…..or did he?

  2. Original thinking is not a strong point for someone who requires a teleprompter to construct simple sentences. Obama plans to descend into hell and take America with him. Unlike Orpheus, his intentions are not munificient. Three years have passed and the country is in literal ruins from his failed political motivations. Obama’s hero support comes from a media that has been dumb down to sustain his irrelevancy. The majority of Americans will not allow the country to die. Even his supporters have been reaccessing their support. Now is the time you reaccess yours. Read why we should not place another lawyer in the White House in Demons of Democracy. Mark Davis, MD president of Healthnets Review Services,

    • Mark, as a doc, you are well a bit biased about the lawyer opinion. I can’t stand lawyers and think they have jacked up the country in many, many bad ways. But the reality is simply this, they have more control and power than any doctor or group of providers could possibly attain. Docs are too busy cutting each others throats trying to avoid the next law suit or avoid being blamed for anything. Docs sort of have this weird psychology in this day and age. Powerful folks in their own little worlds but frightened of the medicolegal system which puts them at the will of lawyers from just about every angle. Sorry ass reality but it will never change with the power of the lawyers and especially of the trial lawyers. They are POWERFUL!

  3. I can’t listen to him anymore! Who does he think he is?! Congress is an EQUAL branch of the government. He is NOT in charge of them! Of course they will listen to this idiot even though they do not have to and once something is passed, he will “electronically” sign it from his vacation in Hawaii! I would also like to mention that these so-called “payroll tax cuts” are really a reduction in the amount of contributions to Social Security which means two things:
    1) The amount of money to the plan is reduced and will go bankrupt sooner and
    2) The amount we are each contributing is less so the amount we can draw on retirement will be less!
    He is screwing us over all the way around!

    • Thank you for this post. Why is this reality ignored by all media? I will never understand this reduction in contributions with both parties moaning about the inadequate funding in Social Security – really – the whole thing is just stupid (and I don’t mean bent over.)

      • It is worse than now. Reid wants 3.1% for next year instead of the 2% for this year. That is a decrease in our participation from just under a third to exactly HALF!

  4. Why does Jay Carney look like a 14 year old in la-la land to me?? I mean I cannot take any of this current administration seriously…Biden, Pelosi, Reed…bunch of clowns!

  5. WHO CARES?!! What a pointless post, Keith. Really…a waste of time which means that I am wasting my time now. Ha! And your stark conclusions based on some tardiness are simply trash. Have an open mind!! Keith, can you do some posting on whether or not you think Huntsman has a shot at this nomination. He really, really seems like the true deal. His nomination would rock the Obama campaign to its core and I like Obama. But I am looking for change and I see the potential of some awesome change with a person, leader, intellect, statesman like Huntsman. What do you think?

  6. Mediocrity comes in many forms. Obama exemplifies the wannabe who achieved because all the has beens put him in the golden chair. My major concern with the Obama presidency is, he controls the red button (nuclear switch). Presently he has been checked, hopefully he will be checkmated in 2012. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy

    • Are you paranoid? You are really worried about Obama having control of the nuclear button?? Really?? That’s crazy. If that is your ‘major’ concern, you have some reassessing to do. As a hypothetical comparison, would you be more concerned with Bush/Cheney having control of that button or Obama/Biden?

  7. Those who placed Obama in office, must shoulder much of the responsibility for the detriment he has caused the nation. In particular the legal profession which has profited enormously since the Manchurian candidate took office. Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy

    • You sound obsessed with the legal thing, Mark. I don’t know your book but whatever it says, the lawyers will never give up their power. Furthermore, nobody has the power to diminish the strength of the lawyer. And since they control power at all levels of government and even business, the lawyer-centric culture is not changing anytime soon.

  8. Interesting perspective. Obamacare legislation was written end to end by lawyers. This legislation is very tedious reading, yet it is obvious that the Obamacare never intended to improved health care. It diminishes a system that presently cares for a population of 316 million. Contrary to Obama’s spin the poor have access to health care. The legal profession will benefit by Obamacare for generations with all the sanctions and penalties built into this legislation, against the health profession. 1.1 million lawyers undermine many of the principles established in state and federal documents including but not limited to the Constitution. In the event you have a kindle or nook read Demons of Democracy, it establishes the basis for my thoughts and those of millions who also see what they have done as a group and individually. Appreciate the reply MD

  9. I respectfully disagree. The people empower lawyers, we can take it away. Lawyers serve different functions in other nations. Few countries have allowed lawyers the level of power that America has given them. The media, such as Fox, rely heavily on lawyer consultants for a panorama of topics. Unfortunately their training does not match the expertise they advertise. Lawyers were called upon by Fox and other networks to comment on Obamacare. The joke is lawyers wrote this legislation end to end. The legal profession needs to be reined in or the country will continue moving away from its strengths.Demons of Democracy establishes the basis for my concerns and millions of others who see the detriment this former noble profession has caused.

  10. The major networks have veered away from interviewing me about this very informative book. One reason, they rely heavily on lawyers for consultation on the air for many topics. O’Reilly for example, had lawyers commenting on Obamacare. He forgot to mention that lawyers wrote entire health opus. The Heritage Foundation is end to end lawyers attempting to guide public opinion. They are often quoted a conservative think tank, who are they fooling. Millions of people have come to the realization that lawyers write all the trade treaties so the other country can benefit. They write all the union contracts, look where manufacturing has gone. Tens of thousands of lawyers profit from the illegals for a myriad of reasons. The environmental lawyers have stifled energy production and there is much more. Demons of Democracy establishes the factual basis for these contentions. Thank you for the reply