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Barack Obama’s Hearing Problems

Great piece today by Joseph Curl in the Washington Times on President Obama’s tin ear.

This man of the people does not understand . . . the people. Grand vacations, weekly golf, disparaging comments about his fellow citizens. If he sounds distant and removed, it’s because he is.

Let’s remember something. Obama is habitually referred to as a “former community organizer.” Actually, he has been out of college for nearly 30 years. He spent about three of them as a community organizer. The rest of the time he was attending Harvard Law School, practicing law, teaching law, and being – for the past 14 years – a politician.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that this wealthy man – who grew up in Hawaii, attended the very elite Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard, and sat for two decades in a church where America was demeaned – does not understand everyday citizens.

He was branded as something new, but in so many ways he is a prosaically typical elite liberal, one who knows what’s best for you, even if you don’t.

50 Responses to Barack Obama’s Hearing Problems

  1. Excellent analysis, Keith.
    And frightening.
    Why do so many folks not see this?
    The man is cold as ice and lives only for himself.
    He does not see himself as a mere mortal.

    • Amen!

      I apply for a “US Govt.job” and I have to provide multiple copies of ALL my college records & fill out several ‘background clearance’ forms…

      SO has Barrack Hussein Obama ever done that?!?!

      • Oh…the HUSSEIN thing? Do you require this of all your presidents, senators, congressman, judges, elected officials, your teachers, your kids’ teachers, etc…. The nearsightedness and predujice is too thick to cut.

        • How does it work at the Obama WH “propaganda office”?
          Do you get an email alert saying people are posting negative comments about “Pres. Obama: The Dear Leader” on a site like WhiteHouseDossier, and folks like you have to jump on the website and counter any negative remarks-opinions with pro-Obama propaganda & attacks on the posters…? Wow, and I thought you people in the Obama WH “propaganda office” were lazy, arrogant, stuck-up sycophants for the ‘socialist messiah’

        • Chris, you are the perfect example of a sheeple, those mindless followers of the crowd, knowing nothing of real importance….a troll with no place to go! Yes, all should not hesitate to reveal their entire background, academic records, and necessary identification, an absolute requirement for a government job. I should know, having a career with various government agencies. Intelligent people, as well as the FBI, question such things as name changes, birthplaces, overseas residences, family, unsavory relationships, criminal records, & underhanded real estate schemes. Guilty by association still applies. Meanwhile, Chris, please learn how to spell prejudice correctly and learn a new vocabulary word or two. Short sighted, near sighted tends to indicate a need for glasses, not necessarily a limited perspective which you obviously have…oh well, it is sad indeed!.

          • Oh Sharon, I will tryyyy to work on my spelling for the elite that you are. Give me a break. Do you feel good living off the public’s dime for your entire career? Are you receiving a nice pension now or about to? If you are about to receive a tax-payor (?sp) funded pension, have fun living off of a form of welfare…that goes for your medical and whatever other benefits you receive! Pathetic. Please do realize that you are a welfare recipient whether you think you ‘earned’ it or not.

  2. [I]n so many ways he is a prosaically typical elite liberal, one who knows what’s best for you, even if you don’t.

    Isn’t that always the way? An elitist will look down on a farmer despite the fact that the elitist has neither the skill, knowledge, or wherewithal to actually bring in a crop. And why? Simply because they went to a certain set of buildings for a few years and now have a piece of paper with some words on it.

    • I remember him on the campaign trail during his initial run & he stopped at a little “sweet corn” stand (fresh picked corn on the cobb) in Ohio. Having just sold their last ear of corn, some “folks” in a car rolled down the window & gave him their purchase as he proclaimed to all how he “had to have sweet corn tonite fer supper”… When in reality he was headed to a big rally and dinner with his staff at some ritzy place in Colombus.. What a crock of #%$$%#$ ! You can bet obambo never saw that corn again after handing it to a staff member
      who pitched in the trash !…. this is who he is: A ROYAL FRAUD

      • I was in the audience when Obama gave the keynote address to the American Library Association in Chicago in 2005. He said, in part:

        “I want to work with you to ensure that libraries continue to be sanctuaries of learning, where we are free to read and consider what we please without the fear that Big Brother may be peering over our shoulders to find out what we’re up to.”

        One of the first things he did in office was to extend the library provision of the Patriot Act. I realized then that I had been hoodwinked, and that this man is nothing but a liar.

        • I’d also like to add that one of the facets of the library provision of the Patriot Act is that if an FBI agent requests to see your library records, not only do I have to provide them, but I can also go to prison if I even tell anyone the FBI was in the library.

          • Faun,
            The in the city where I live, after the Patriot Act went into effect, they reprogrammed their computer system to delete any record of what you have checked out once the item has been returned.

            I asked one of the branch managers about it, and was told this way they can ensure the privacy of their patrons, and not have to comply with any subpoenas or FISA warrants.

    • As my dad used to say to us, “Look it up.” And of course, we never did. So I’ll tell you: Prosaic means pedestrian, boringly commonplace.

      Of course pedestrian also means a walker, a word I learned the hard way. Once, when I was young and arrived at my piano lesson, to which I usually rode my bike, my piano teacher noticed that my bike wasn’t around.

      He said, “Are you a pedestrian today?

      And I said, “No, I’m Jewish.”

  3. He isn’t the “man of the people”, but the man of HIS people. Not the Black community as DOJHolder claims, but the movers and shakers of the political world where money is only a means to garner more power. He holds allegiance or loyalty to no one, not even his wife who is the butt of many of his insults along with the rest of America.

    His famed aloofness, indifference to the plight of his fellow politicians who struggle with the failing economy and rising debt is just another example of his penchant for voting “present”.
    Why should he consider the misery of millions of faceless Americans as he plans his vacations when he is a multi-millionaire just like the people he wishes to impress.
    He’s not like “us” at all and we know it.

  4. Great analysis Keith. Remember wondering what kind of work ethic he had when his only job experience was a short stint as a community organizer. How does a guy as long in the tooth as he is manage to support a family with so little work experience?

    More troubling to me is this quote from the linked article…

    “I’ve got to win in 2012,” he said, and, “In order to finish the job, I’m going to have to have a second term.”

    Why the desperation to win? And what exactly is this “job” that he needs to finish?

  5. “We hear nowadays the industrialised countries boasting about the welfare they provide their citizens with, by endeavouring to secure the general public services, such as water, electricity, roads, telecommunications and by making basic food, transport and health care widely available. In Islam the Khilafah state is held responsible for securing the safety of each individual and making medical care and education available to everyone. The Khilafah state would not only match what the industrialised countries provide to their citizens, instead, it would excel them; it would respect every individual and value him; it would also preserve and safeguard his religion, his property and his honour. The state would aim at satisfying the needs of every individual realistically. All this is part of the laws and rules brought by wahy (revelation).”

    If you were to take out the references to Islam and the khalifah, this would sound a lot like Obama’s message to America.

  6. Obama “worked” as a lawyer?
    Havent seen any proof of that reported or looked into…

    I still want to see Barack Hussein Obama FULLY VETTED and none of this “sealing his records” B.S.

  7. Barry Soetero, aka Barack Obama, is arrogant and condescending. He was elected through questionable donations and foreign contributions, many of which remain nameless and unaccounted for. There is no proof of anything in his background or identity,but the media has chosen to ignore the obvious. HIs church affiliation, his Chicago friends and associates, and his deals remain uninvestigated. He cares nothing about the country and has proven himself time and again. Vacations, meaningless speeches, false promises, lies, and deception, yet, the sheeple are still in awe and the media continues to sing his praises. The only job he has done is a joke; it is a disreputable job, war mongering, bombing, aggression, and disloyalty to former allies. The world sees it and has no respect for him as a result. But, he has not suffered at all; he is living high on the hog at our expense. Do not re-elect him in 2012!

  8. An interesting comment to the Curl article suggested that since Obama is just a teleprompter reader, the tin ear is coming from the person(s) writing the speech. It seems the deafness is coming from the entire WH. Does Obama really control his own message or does he do what he is told?

    And yes Chris, there are many who would like to see documents from their leaders. I seem to recall Dan Rather and crew stumbling over records from Bush’s military service, the media publishing some of Clintons’ college papers (both of the Clintons), etc. yet we get NOTHING on Obama. Why not?

    • I think the intelligent people who can see beyond the media frenzy and the cult worship of Obama know the reason why we get nothing. It is the same reason why we are forbidden, criticized, and even publicly rebuked for using the N-word, any reference to race past or present. When the literary classic by Mark Twain was revised to reflect the current, and only acceptable wording (those standards set to conform to society’s limited perspective on history), we lost another battle. We don’t investigate, we don’t ask questions, and we are supposed to accept this new standard of thinking and writing. The Al Sharpton’s, Jesse Jackson, Jr, Jeremiah Wright, and many others like them lurk in the shadows just waiting to shout prejudice…whatever the issue may be. It is a sad state of affairs when a nation is being controlled by intimidation and ignorance, and freedom of thought and speech is fast becoming a thing of the past.

  9. he didn’t grow up in Hawaii. He grew up in a muslim nation under the tutelage of his step father. He went by the name Barry Sotero. Barack Obama was his father, but dad and mom were never married. Am having a brain fade on the nation where he went to elementary- – was it Singapore? All I know is it wasn’t in the US. He grew up hating the US, which is reflected in his every action today.