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Is Obama Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Many of you take a look at President Obama’s schedule each day and think, “Gee, doesn’t look very stressful. Again.”

No question, looks pretty light and he starts pretty late. George W. Bush started work at like 6 am – and OF COURSE THE PRESS BASHED HIM FOR LEAVING EARLY AT 6:00 PM WITHOUT REALLY MENTIONING WHAT TIME HE HAD ARRIVED.

I will say, in fairness, that Obama does much during the day that does not appear on the official schedule. But given his prior habit of “voting present” on the job, his failure to stay in touch with people he needs to talk to, and his love for sleeping in late – according to Michelle – it’s hard to imagine he’s some kind of whirlwind of activity blowing the drapes off the Oval Office windows each day.

Here’s a video that shines a light on some of Obama’s prior work habits. H/T to Granny Jan who blogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty.

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  1. Like all Presidents, we can assume that the decisions or papers he must sign come across his desk all day long. Surely, he’s briefed daily on the military actions happening around the world, the reports of diplomatic events that are critical to world events, and the everyday reports of activities of the many Czars, Cabinet members and Congress.
    The job must be daunting, and fraught with life and death decisions.
    Every man who lasted out their term of President has visibly aged 10years.

    Until we hear from a credible source that MrO has racked up thousands of hours on Pay for View movies in the Oval office, I’d like to think that our Prez is working on our behalf, even if I don’t like his public agenda.

    • I know this sounds squirrely, but sometimes I think ALL this is just theatre–that the whole world machination is in secret…No, don’t call the lilttle men in white…I like to tie my jackets in front. But I think sometimes we are pecking at visible all day and most of it is invisible. We are just useful to someone as a diversion.

  2. In his defense, he’s never had a real job before so he doesn’t know how to work hard. Now if Gingrich wins, maybe we can give an ousted Obama one of those school janitor jobs so he can learn some work ethic.

  3. You know, in the real world he would have been counseled, disciplined and finally fired for that much tardiness. It goes to a distinct lack of time management skills, leadership ability, preparedness, and an awareness that employee tardiness affects the capability of a business to run smoothly. Oh, that’s right…Little Barry is not a manager, not a leader, not prepared and hates business. Now, why was it we elected him?
    This foggy brained fool would never even have made it into an interview where I work.

    • Around Christmastime last year, he passed off a press conference to Bill Clinton so he could attend a Christmas Party with Moochelle,… remember ?
      This year it appears they will be in Asia, (Hawaii).

  4. Here are a few photos from the Official White House Flicker stream showing Obama hard at work:

    He sits with his feet on the historic Resolute desk –

    Plays with football in the Oval Office –

    Plays with football during briefing –

    Plays with Bo –

    Shoots hoops –

    Practices his golf swing –

    Meets with his speechwriter –

  5. I’ve been looking at his daily schedule for years now and there are some definite patterns. First of all, any day that starts before 9:30 is early for him. Very often, he starts at 9:45, 10, 10:30, 11 and even later. Since right before the midterm elections in fall of 2010, his days have started later and later.

    On days where he has a mid-morning event in or outside of the White House, he never shows up in the Oval Office before the event, as he just can’t seem to ever get there at 8:30 to 9:00am. What they typically do is schedule his briefing for later that morning (after 11am), after the event.

    On most days where he has something scheduled in the evening – whether it’s a White House event or a fundraiser, his schedule is light, if not cleared, all afternoon. Then, the next day, he comes in very late (last week was the latest (noon).

    Last week, someone here linked to Reagan’s Library and the daily schedule. I’ve been looking at at it and seeing quite a difference. The schedule is jam-packed from 9:00 every morning until at least 5:30, often later. I was just looking at a day in December 1983 where Reagan had a full day all day that began at 9am, then attended a State Dinner that evening until after midnight), yet – unlike BHO – he was in the Oval Office the next morning at 9 am for another full day.

    Heres’ the link:

    Take a look at President Reagan’s schedule at this point in his presidency – Monday, December 5th, 1983:

    Click the PDF there for the full schedule or click here:

    Reagan: A jam packed day from 9 am to 5:30 pm, with maybe a half hour lunch squeezed it.

    BHO: 9:45 am to 11:45 am, then a quick appearance in briefing room at 2:10 pm.

  6. It would be interesting to see a comparison of Obama’s daily schedule compared to specific relative dates of entries in the Reagan Diaries. For instance compare the current date with this time in Reagan’s first term. I believe you would get a picture of a lazy, professional politician versus a hard driven, true leader, who meets with his opponents and gets things done. Has this analysis been done before and if it has, can you direct me to where I might find it, please?