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Obama to Travel to a Red State!

President Obama next week will make a rare departure from the campaign trail to speak in a real, live, actual Red State that he can never win, heading to Kansas to talk about the economy and bash Republicans.

From the White House.

On Tuesday, December 6, President Obama will travel to Osawatomie, Kansas where he will deliver remarks on the economy. The President will talk about how he sees this as a make-or-break moment for the middle class and all those working to join it. He’ll lay out the choice we face between a country in which too few do well while too many struggle to get by, and one where we’re all in it together – where everyone engages in fair play, everyone does their fair share, and everyone gets a fair shot. Just over one hundred years ago, President Teddy Roosevelt came to Osawatomie, Kansas and called for a New Nationalism, where everyone gets a fair chance, a square deal, and an equal opportunity to succeed.

The White House house has been under fire recently for Obama’s constant campaigning, amid stories that he has made more appearances this year in swing states than either George W. Bush or Bill Clinton did during the year prior to their reelection efforts.

That this trip to Kansas might be a response to such criticism – and not a long-scheduled event – is apparent from the hasty announcement, which just came out this morning. The White House is normally able to unveil the entire schedule for the following week the Friday before, and did so yesterday while saying it wasn’t ready to announce Tuesday’s events.

But, before we give him too much credit, let’s note that Osawatomie is only about 30 miles outside of Kansas City, Mo., and the appearance will certainly be picked up by the city’s local news outlets. Missouri is a crucial presidential swing state, and Obama will need to get the vote out in urban areas like Kansas City to win it.

Obama’s mother’s family is also from Kansas, perhaps making the choice a little more palatable to the president.

48 thoughts on “Obama to Travel to a Red State!”

  1. Supposedly he also thinks he can get over on us in AZ, too…. I am sure Kansas will be nice. They are nice in Kansas. Maybe he can get a glimpse of exceptional hospitality and pleasantness.

    1. Kansas people will be polite but will not be in line with Teddy Roosevelt’s progressive attitude toward social justice.
      Teddy is RINO McCain’s favorite former president.
      Kansas folks will not be like the social justice people in Jeremiah Wright’s church were Bam listened for 20 years.

      1. Obama can channel TR all he wants but this isn’t 1910 and we Kansan’s aren’t as gullible as he’d like must be like the NASCAR debacle.

  2. He is only going because of the criticism of his swing states campaign appearances in his re-election plan…opps his listen to America appearances.

  3. Going to visit the relatives, huh? Never happen.

    As always, he talks as if he’s a stranger in our country. , We have always had the rich and the struggling middle class and the poor. He can’t lessen the struggle by taxing an unfair amount of money from the rich or even eliminate poverty with his “fair shot”. America isn’t doesn’t have royalty as he seems to think. If we did have royalty, he would be at the top.

    If he really believes in redistributing wealth, then he can set an excellent example by giving away all his millions to the poor.

    1. If he really is upset about the difference between the halves and halve-nots – he could by-pass his 17-day Hawaiian Christmas vacation this year.

      You know, some of us had barely had ONE vacation since he took office.

      And PLEASE, I don’t want to hear about how he needs a break, the pressure. The pressure many Americans are under is JUST as bad – if not worse. Yes, I said it. He doesn’t have to worry about losing his house or whether he can pay for his children’s needs.

      He doesn’t really seem to care if Iran starts using Nukes, or anything.


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  5. How many other past presidential persona’s will he take on in an effort to try to “con” the American people into thinking he’s anything more than an empty suit without an original thought of his own?

    This country has managed to survive 100 years of progressive experimentation pushed on us by tyrannical presidents all the way from Teddy Roosevelt to the current stooge. The progressive experiment has failed. Americans have had enough of the deals they promise and never deliver on — the square deal, the new deal, the fair deal. The only deal he’s offering us now is a raw deal. Maybe it’s about time we return to the Original Deal our founders provided for us — the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

    1. Susan, exceptional post. Thank you! Sometimes many of us get so angry we allow ourselves to make insensitive/sarcastic comments about the man. Your words nail it!

  6. Chaneling FDR and Truman won’t work so let’s try Teddy. Let’s see. He’s been compared to JFK, Reagan, Lincoln. Miss any? 57 more presidents to go.

  7. From the town’s website. Will Zippy be channeling Teddy Roosevelt?

    The White House has officially confirmed President Obama’s visit to Osawatomie. Excerpts from the press release are below.

    WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday, December 6, President Obama will travel to Osawatomie, Kansas where he will deliver remarks on the economy. The President will talk about how he sees this as a make-or-break moment for the middle class and all those working to join it. He’ll lay out the choice we face between a country in which too few do well while too many struggle to get by, and one where we’re all in it together – where everyone engages in fair play, everyone does their fair share, and everyone gets a fair shot. Just over one hundred years ago, President Teddy Roosevelt came to Osawatomie, Kansas and called for a New Nationalism, where everyone gets a fair chance, a square deal, and an equal opportunity to succeed.

    Location: Osawatomie High School Gymnasium
    12th and Trojan Drive
    Osawatomie, KS 66064
    Date: Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
    Estimated event time: 1:00 p.m. CST

  8. I live in Kansas and we are not pleased nor are we gullible. Funny not to
    be insensitive but Osawatomie is where the state Mental Health facility is
    located it’s also in a more rural area. This is insulting to use folks I get the
    feeling he’s going there to make the folks look bad and they will all yuk it up
    about Kansan’s on AF1 but that’s where his mother and father met at KU.
    Thought I was safe I shall be going to an undisclosed location now.

        1. @Lizzy

          I did read that the Mental Health facility was located in the same city – I was just hoping BO was checking himself in for observation.

          1. Not that I would love to see the end of him not in my state:). I
            wonder if his people know that’s what Osawatomie is known for?
            Oh the irony FYI the University of Kansas where his parents met is now called the Berkley of Kansas (hanging head in shame):(

  9. Personally, I don’t care what is palatable to him. I wish he would choke on some of his fine dining and barf his guts out to the point of needing surgery.

    1. Fantastic video Janice. Love how you used Obama’s daily schedule mixed with his own words and frequent leisure activity. Michelle’s over the top emphasis on his work ethic is priceless.

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    1. Not me I’m hiding don’t want to see him sully my state. Just a waste of
      our time and resources he should stay away we will not vote for him we
      did unleash Sebelius on the nation she was the worst Gov ever the Jimmy Carter of Govs.

  12. Most conservative Republicans are aware that Teddy Roosevelt was a liberal, progressive who started this social justice malarky. Teddy was RINO McCain’s favorite former president.
    Will be be interestering to see how well-received Bam will be in Kansas!
    He can use his ideas acquired from 20 years of Jeremiah Wright’s church on social justice.

  13. I am less than 30 miles from Osawatomie, Wdaf Fox 4 posted this question this morning on Facebook, The responses are proof of how Kansas feals.
    Did any of you go to Osawatomie High School today to get tickets to see President Obama on Tuesday?
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    3 people like this.
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    DonaldandCathy Brannan no
    25 minutes ago · Like · 3
    Tommy Kreisler why would we waste our time on a relaxing sunday
    25 minutes ago · Like · 6
    Joe Murphy HELL NO!!!
    24 minutes ago · Like · 8
    Heather Mitchell Berger No!
    24 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 3
    Joy Sisson Briant I have better things to do that listen to bologna
    24 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 4
    Rodney W. Phillips Nope!!!!
    24 minutes ago · Like · 3
    Sheila Luedders I wouldnt go to the next room to see him!
    24 minutes ago · Like · 9
    Lisa Gunter Thomas I didn’t, wouldn’t want to miss seeing the Chiefs *choke*
    23 minutes ago · Like · 4
    Chris Sevieri Seen him in kc when he was running the first time
    23 minutes ago · Like
    Doug Rankin Lol, no we decided to sleep in .
    23 minutes ago · Like · 2
    Kevin Scott No
    23 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 4
    Joy Muir NO! NEVER!
    23 minutes ago · Like · 4
    Chris Haines Would only want a ticket to see him check himself into the nut house there.
    22 minutes ago · Like · 5
    John Eisenbarger No way….worst prez ever!
    22 minutes ago · Like · 2
    Evan M. Parris Too far.
    22 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Kristin Oxendine-Evans Patriotism is great!
    22 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Mary Osborne No. Too far for not even sure u can get in.
    22 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
    Stephen Burstein I wouldn’t even answer my door if he was outside ringing..
    21 minutes ago · Like · 12
    Jane Evans no
    21 minutes ago · Like · 2
    Donna Eliasen Really wanted to, but can’t get off work on Tuesday
    21 minutes ago · Like
    Becky Gutridge Looks like the ‘no’s’ have it!
    21 minutes ago · Like · 4
    Sandy Mount Enen though that’s only about 18-20 minutes away from me I wouldn’t go if someone paid me.. I would want to tell him what I think of him.
    20 minutes ago · Like · 8
    Sandy Mount Might be interesting to see how many boos he gets though
    20 minutes ago · Like · 5
    Louetta Marie Braswell No. I think I can find something to occupy my time in a beneficial way, like clean gutters on my entire block, replace the neighbors roofing, paint my house…there has to be something that makes sense, is honest and achieving to do right here in KC
    19 minutes ago · Like · 7
    Cynthia Salyer I wouldn’t walk across the street to see him…
    19 minutes ago · Like · 6
    Evan M. Parris I’d enjoy the chance to see any president of the U.S. in person, but I’m not going to Osawatomie twice just to do it when I may have not gotten tickets anyway. If he comes to KC and I have nothing better to do, then maybe.
    19 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Del Rogers Hell No, I can sit home and listen to my kids tell stories just as easily.
    19 minutes ago · Like · 6
    Mystie Long Wow!!!
    18 minutes ago · Like
    John Miller I’m hoping he’ll stay on the Kansas side
    18 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Sharon Owens Hell no look at our economy becsuse of him.. He sux he sux he sux n I would never waist my time or money to see him hell hes,a waist of my time n I got better things to do than listen to all the bullsh*t that comes out of his mouth thats y the world is runing out of toliet paper :(
    17 minutes ago · Like · 6
    Phil Kloster I wish I had known. I’ve never met a Kenyan before.
    17 minutes ago · Like · 5
    RV Anywhere To see him do what? Is he gonna do some tricks? How about making the deficit disappear…that would be neat…or create the illusion that he cares. I’m just saying…
    17 minutes ago · Like · 4
    Don Puchalla Hell no! Would not waste my time! Family is more important! You know that God thing that he won’t talk about.
    17 minutes ago · Like · 3
    Aaron Hook There has to be better news than this…
    16 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Becky White Even though I don’t support him, I wanted to take daughter to listen, learn, etc. and still teach her respect of the positions, etc. After hearing she was not allowed because of her age even though our teens are the future and will have to mess with this economy, no thank you.. I wouldn’t cross the street to see him.
    15 minutes ago · Like · 4
    Caitlin Hughes Got mine
    15 minutes ago · Like
    Kevin R Wilbanks Why,hahahaha :-)
    15 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
    Diana Goldesberry Hell No!!!!! I have a job to go to unlike some of the people that will be there.
    15 minutes ago · Like · 5
    Jen Jake Akins Barkus Exactly…WOW!
    15 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Timothy Whitham No, I wouldn’t ever waste the money or my time to see that worthless man!!
    15 minutes ago · Like · 2
    Kristin Oxendine-Evans Very sad that it runs so rampant.
    15 minutes ago · Like
    Julie Pinney Denmark I would have… he’s our president and no matter what, I respect that, I guess it’s what my parents taught me, amazing concept.
    15 minutes ago · Like · 6
    Tamechia Sutton Here we go again! After everyones overwheming positive support yesterday (sarcasm), why the same question?!
    15 minutes ago · Like
    Tamechia Sutton ‎*overwhelming
    14 minutes ago · Like
    Sharon Gamache Hansen I did! :v)
    13 minutes ago · Like
    Maria Patrick Is there any asylum there? Maybe he is there to get votes?
    12 minutes ago · Like · 3
    Rebekah Gleason All these “I got better things to do.” Although I do question whether facebook is actually better use of time. To each his own! Loves how so many people hold one man responsible! Don’t get me wrong, times are tough for a lot of people but lots of folks are to blame!
    11 minutes ago · Like · 8
    Amanda Dunkin Wow. I am ashamed to say that these comments are from citizens of the US. Like him or not it is an amazing opportunity for some people to hear the president of the united states speak. If you don’t like it that’s ok but I really see no need to be so nasty and disrespectful about it!
    10 minutes ago · Like · 5
    Tobi Kraus-Freeman Nope, I would rather scub the baseboards behind the toilet than drive 45 minutes to listen to him!
    10 minutes ago · Like · 3
    Sandy Mount My parents also taught me to respect but you have to earn respect also and as far as I am concerned he has not earned it with me so I have the right not to.
    10 minutes ago · Like · 2
    Jon Lawson Why would i waste my time to see that loser….
    9 minutes ago · Like · 2
    Julie Pinney Denmark amen Rebekah
    9 minutes ago · Like · 2
    Rebekah Gleason I think all these “better things to do” people should consider going to church to learn to be nice! Tonight, I will say a special prayer for President Obama and for all the horribly mean people! May you never be in such a difficult situation.
    9 minutes ago · Like · 2
    Angelica Cotton this is all sad….so much disrespect for our president! sad to know there are so many HATEFUL people in our world!!
    9 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Anna Wright LOL NOPE I would not walk across the street to see him even if it was free.
    9 minutes ago · Like
    Judy Mansell DeLong When he salutes the flag, sings the national anthem, praises God then work on our country’s problems then we’ll see.
    9 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Julie Pinney Denmark Tamechia, it’s fox what to you expect? They are going to get as many nasty responses about a democratic president as they can….
    8 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Robert Looper who would want to see him not me
    8 minutes ago · Like
    Sondra Wood how much are they gonna pay ME to rip one up!!
    8 minutes ago · Like
    Pam-Adam Ingersoll I’m sorry but I wouldn’t give any president the time of day that can’t salute the american flag!!
    7 minutes ago · Like
    Tena Stephens Wiltshire No thanks. Can’t take any more of the choke & pain–oops–I mean hope & change….Somebody has to work. Under his leadership, not many are. Thanks alot for nothing. You have ruined this country. No I wouldn’t go see him.
    7 minutes ago · Like
    Tamechia Sutton ‎@Sandy he still deserves respect as a child of God, human being, President, father and husband!
    7 minutes ago · Like
    James Murphy Respect is earned, not voted in!!
    6 minutes ago · Like
    Victor Loveable-Huggable Frederick I got one. So excited to go!
    6 minutes ago · Like
    Amy Johnson Corum He didn’t single handedly create the current position this country is in, however, he hasn’t done anything to make positive permanent changes…just my opinion. That being said, I wouldnt waste my time!
    5 minutes ago · Like
    Sharon Owens Hatefull huh watever look at our economy n tell me hes,a good prez..hell hes done nothing to help us hell I get up everyday at 3:15 am n I dont get off work till 5 I work for wat I have n all he does is sit on his ass n feed us all a bunch of bullshit lies
    5 minutes ago · Like
    Amiee Stanchfield Seck I appreciate that we live in a country where we aren’t persecuted for saying good or bad about our president.
    4 minutes ago · Like
    Michael Beeton why would I waste my day? I’d rather stay home and wash dishes
    3 minutes ago · Like
    Rebekah Gleason Wow, think about how much power he must have, he single-handedly ruined the country?????? I didn’t realize 1 person could do that!
    2 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Tara Belderok Respect? Come on, people! How much longer will you allow yourself to be used as a doormat? The man is not even a citizen of the U.S. and we need to respect him? Not a chance! I show respect to respectable people.
    2 minutes ago · Like
    James D Fisher What a shame, The President comes to town and no one wants to see him. sad state of affairs.
    2 minutes ago · Like
    Sharon Owens n as for being in a difficult sittuation im a single mother of 5 n im tryin everything I can to do wat I can to give my babies a ok life heck u come spend a week in my shoes n tell me how difficult my life is but my kids r worth it
    2 minutes ago · Like
    Denise Jolene Heck No!
    about a minute ago · Like
    Tina Hellums Hell no you couldn’t pay me to see him. I work seven days a week because of his dumb ass.
    about a minute ago · Like
    Brian Worlein The line was wrapped around the school 2 hours before the tickets were handed out, so we left. It wasn’t worth it!
    a few seconds ago · Like
    Jane Gorton I would really like to see our President in person, but am just too busy with finishing up my teaching responsibilities this coming week. Who would have thought he would be visiting Osawatomie. He’s going to put it on the map!
    a few seconds ago · Like
    Sandy Mount ‎@ Tamechia .. People of God show Gods love and aren’t afraid to pray and to show Gods love…
    a few seconds ago · Like
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    1. I guess it takes more than the Presidental motorcade and all the hoopla to impress the people of Kansas.
      Some of the remarks were really funny.

  14. He thought he could be re-elected without us in flyover land. Now he drops down in the middle and I guess he’ll try to pay court in all directions.

  15. Oh just a tid bit about the tree lighting. Did anyone notice that MO was wearing black, a ugly brownish coat and orange scarf not exactly festive colors. Also that scarf was cashmere a designer runs in the $500 range should
    have got one at Target.

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