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Quote of the Day || December 2, 2011

“So, Mr. President, if it’s Romney, we run against him as a flip flopper who supported the health insurance mandate and used to think global warming was man-made. And if it’s Gingrich . . . well . . . same strategy!”

– David Plouffe

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

13 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || December 2, 2011”

  1. If you overlook the flip flops it looked like Romney was the most electable candidate, smart, handsome, great family, flawless background, experienced, but there is something about him … what is it ? “Over the top” good, somewhat artificial, not for real, devoid of humour… where is the real man ? I am trying to really, really like him, but….however, if he is the most electable I am all for him. I will look at him with my positive eyes.
    I watched Ron Paul on CNN yesterday and I immediately sensed that this was a real, genuine person, not a PR guy with a toothy smile. And his wife, oh, they both looked wonderful together. But I don´t hear much about him, is he “unelectable” for some reason ? He is certainly no flip-flopper.

    1. Ron Paul is out of the mainstream on many issues particularly foreign affairs. His followers are often devoted anti-semites because he wants to cut all aid and support to Israel among with other countries. His followers also have conspiracy theories about the Fed. He has done nothing to dissociate himself from these people. He has made some looney remarks during the debates. One was about the Mexican border. Just Google.

      Charles Krauthammer has a wonderful take on Newt vs Mitt:

      1. Thanks for the link. Very informative. A debate between Gingrich and Obama would be something. Obama would be reduced to the little posturer he really is, that´s my guess.I have high thoughts about Gingrichs smartness and intellect and I like that he is tough, has humour and can deliver punchlines. I think wit and humour are efficient against Obama who lacks real charm, manliness and humour. I also think that Gingrich has learned to handle the press, they can´t “corner” him, he outwits them. But Gingrichs history of temper and ability to cooperate , what about that ?

        1. Newt knows how to handle his anger in public. My gosh,he had to deal with the Clintonian Presidency which was known for spewing all sorts of lies and nonsense on a daily/hourly basis… Though none are perfect candidates, they are light years ahead of obambo in ability to lead in the direction we are in such dire need of…
          Excuse me while I sip my cup of Gevalia & dream of the days I spent in Skara for during Midsommar ;)

          1. Ol´gator, Midsummer in Skara ? You must tell me all about it ! Well, knowing something about Swedish Midsummer, maybe not all…..

          2. I saw the Bergmann movie–does that count? I know what you mean about Romney–but I am not trying to find a date, just an administrator, someone to put their head down and work. We’re in a mess. Even keeping it from getting worse would be a plus. That is what I tell the occasional doc I see–I don’t want to be worse. They seem offended, wonder why. :-) As for Newt–I think he tends to outsmart himself.

          3. You mean “Smiles of a summernight” ? Lovely Midsummerfeeling in that movie with nightinggales and blue nights. Midsummer is a great time with great festivity mood but perhaps too much party here and there, a little like your July 4th with May pole instead of fireworks.
            Yes, the US needs a good administrator and I hope the process will find the best suited for this tough job.

          4. Tis a lovely time in Sweden when flowers are in bloom..
            ..when the days grow long (little night time) & the air has a sweetness… time for horses,berry picking,sitting in the sun at Nobel square in Stockholm with a cup of kaffe…
            Greenland shrimp on hard bread.. and my favorite dish is Smorgastorta…so very gooooood! Did not partake of all the midsummer “festivities” but loved the music & funny dances around the maypole..though no place is perfect, America could learn so much from your country Swedish Lady.

  2. Plouffe would love it if our choice was only between these two. Fortunately, the race isn’t over yet and Newt and Romney aren’t the only two people running, even though the “White House Public Affairs Office” (aka MSM) is trying to make us believe they are.

    Can you believe unemployment made it to that magic number of 8.6%? Woohoo, things are really looking up for Obama and that “jobs” plan he’s been schlepping around the country for the past few months. That is if Americans are stupid enough to believe the fudged statistics being propagandized.

      1. Also is this what we are looking for in a national political operative? Politico:.

        “David Axelrod has always been skillful at creeping into your room in the middle of the night and slicing out your heart.”

        Give ya the double-fuzzies, doesn’t it?

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