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Carney: The Ticket Will be Obama-Biden

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today derisively dismissed conjecture that President Obama might dump Vice President Biden off the 2012 ticket and invite Hillary Clinton to join it, saying such speculation was occurring “only among people who know absolutely nothing about which they speak.”

Carney affirmed directly that Obama and Biden will be running together on the ticket.

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Obama may embrace Hillary as his running mate or that, alternatively, Clinton might challenge Obama for the Democratic nomination.

Carney was asked about the possibility of an Obama-Hillary team as Obama spent the morning with her husband Bill Clinton promoting energy efficient buildings.

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  1. Now, that’s a comforting thought – screamin’ Joe Biden, in all his wisdom, shall only be one heartbeat away from the Presidency for another four years if the left has their way. Nothing to worry about there…

    1. How could it be any worse? We’ve been without a president for 20 years and look at where e are. It would be nice to have a president again from ether side as long as he is conservative and quits listening to the Oligarchy whoever they are.

      1. Big woo today in our increasingly leftwing Gannett paper the Arizona Republic–Employment numbers lifting Obama…Even the NYT said:

        More jobs were created than economists expected, but with the job market so weak for so long, that is a low bar. It would take nearly 11 million new jobs to replace the ones that were lost during the recession and to keep up with the growth in the working-age population in the last four years. To fill that gap would require 275,000 new jobs a month for the next five years. That’s not in the cards. Even with the better-than-expected job growth in the past three months, the economy added only 143,000 jobs on average.

        Even the NYT! People can just say any old thing. Guess we have est that by now.

  2. Should have said, the ticket will remain, Dumb and Dumber!!!
    (sorry to the folks associated with this movie–they are actually, IMO, smarter than our current administration!)

    1. Oh stop the make-believe! Obama KNOWS he can’t win without HIllary. Hillary knows it too.

      It’s either OBAMA-HILLARY on the ticket, or it’s HILLARY-X.

          1. Very true — and I remember an article in Time or Newsweek questioning that very thing. Back in 1980, as the primaries were about to begin, and one of the magazines ran an op-ed wondering if Carter should not run and spend his time focusing on diplomacy. Clearly he didn’t make that choice and both Time and Newsweek endorsed Carter, and he lost to Regan. In many ways the parallels are there — Obama lacks credibility and so does Biden — but the emotional and political cost of a decision to step aside would be difficult for the Democrats to endure.

          2. The major difference in the 2012 election is that there is no Ronald
            Regan running. The Ho Hum stable in the Republican contest is depressing. If the Republican wins this time it will be a vote to get Barry the heck out of the White house much as Barry’s win was anti GWB. Very sad situation. Marco Rubio is the only really inspiring Republican I have seen since Regan. His day will come but not soon enough for me.

          3. Reagan has been the problem for as long time now. One of the worst except for the time he raised taxes and save social security and we he never tried to abolish abortion. Other than they he sucked and caused the need for families to have a double income. Get real and stop imagining. Clinton was the best.

      1. Yeah, I agree with Dreams from My Neighbor if the comment is serious. If we gave Bush-Cheney 8 years and accepted the destruction they wrought on this country, I have no problem in giving Obama-Biden, Obama-Hillary, or Obama-X, another 4 years. If Huntsman or Paul can break loose from their shackles on the republican side, I would be induced to pull the lever for one of them. I yearn for a strong 3rd party that is free of lobbyists, corporate power, military power, etc. A pipe dream I know…but a guy can still dream!

        1. I hear you. I we entered a constitutional crisis and I had to create a caretaker government/committee, it would be (among others): Hillary, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Paul Krugman, Jon Huntsman …

      2. Been on the “list” for quite sometime–ever since they first started taking down info from what they deemed to be “fishy” emails-lol!!!

        And speaking of giving Obama-Biden 8years–fine, we’ll give them 8 years, at the least–in a federal penitentiary for all their crimes against the electorate/Constitution!!!

      3. Please please please report me to attackwatch, too. Report me for saying.”Barak is a sissy and Biden wears pink underpants” Is that attack good enough?

  3. Biden is in t r o u b l e ! He better be careful that he isn’t Vice Foster’d by the Clintons. ObombA’s support will find an excuse to appoint him Ambassador to the Vatican and allow the Queen of Sexual Enabling to be paraded on a thrown – anything to re-elect OB and his teleprompter!

    1. O’Blamer, Biden, Carney and the rest of this miserable administration are combined about the intellectual equal of a turnip.

    1. Absolutely right William. The last thing Obama would do is put Hillary that close to the presidency. Megalomaniacs are notoriously paranoid.

      1. Actually, I was thinking that no one would take a shot at Obama once they remembered that Biden was waiting in the wings. Think “Pres. Obama” is depressing? Try “Pres. Biden” instead.

    1. The real question is whether or not the GOP has electoral plans already for winning states 51 through 57 or if they are just ceding these to Ubama.

  4. “saying such speculation was occurring “only among people who know absolutely nothing about which they speak.”

    Thanks for the shout out Jay!..I do not doubt for one moment that Hillary gets slotted in on a Joe health issue if the race gets to close.

  5. Here’s the facts.
    Barack Obama cannot beat any Republican.
    He’s toxic.

    Hillary Clinton can beat any Republican.
    She’s Kryptonite.

    Let’s use our heads, people.
    If we put Obama up in 2012, the Republicans will slam dunk on him.

      1. No way the Democrats and media would support Hillary for a 2012 run. Hillary, as liberal as she is, is not far left enough enough and too independent. Obama is a radical and a puppet. If it is not written on his teleprompter he has no comments. The puppet masters write what is on the teleprompters. You will note Hillary is not a “teleprompter” person, hence what you hear is from Hillary, not her masters.

    1. No way an informed voter would pull the lever for Hillary. Obama and Hillary are both Alinskyites. Hillary even wrote a thesis for Wellsley entitled “THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT…An Analysis of the Alinsky Model”. Alinsky was so taken with her community organizing capabilities that he wanted her to work for him. Of course she had higher aspirations…

    2. Heres The Facts, I don’t want to agree with you, but I think I must. Unless something pretty dramatic for the positive occurs, Obama’s reelection may be a lost cause. Hillary has actually gained power as Secretary of State and her stature has gonna up quite a bit. I once said that I would never vote for her but my thoughts on her have taken a 180…that process of change started when I saw so many Americans backing Sarah Palin! It would be nice to see Hillary as our first female president. All the usual attacks on the Clintons would wither as they always do now. And her husband and Obama would be supporting her. She would be a powerful nominee. I’m not saying Obama doesn’t have any chance…I just think it is quite a bit less than Hillary. But if you see any of my posts, I would actually love to see Huntsman or Paul break free in the Republican field because both seem real, principled, smart, and as politicians go…honest. They are not part of the derangement that I see on the far right and not nearly the hypocrites that characterize Gingrich and Romney.

      1. Billary is a joke all over the world just like her boss O’Blamer. You are right; however, for some reason old Bill seems to be Teflon and even getting his pipes cleaned in the Oval Office didn’t stick to him.

  6. I’m a conservative, not a Republican and I’d change my ticket to Democrat just so that I could vote for Hillary in the 2012 Democratic primary if she ran! Anybody but this clown in office now. “That’s right I said it!”

    1. I’m a liberal independent and I couldn’t agree more James! I’d even vote for Newt over Obama. Anybody-but-Obama! He’s the ultimate hypocrite. If the Dem Party operatives had not fixed the caucuses, manipulated the delegate count with the RBC meeting and strong-armed superdelegates at the Convention, Obama’s defeat in the primaries would have been clear too. Let’s not forget: she won almost every major primary state AND the popular vote. He has no principles, right or left. And for libs who still make excuses: go to and look at who collected the most money from Wall St. in 2008. Yea, Mr. “Millionaires & Billionaires.” It’s all political pandering to him.

      1. I have always believed it should have been Hillary/Obama 2008 for the Dems. Eight years for Hillary, then eight years for an experienced Obama for a total of 16 years of control. But no the idiots in the Democratic Party played the race card and put an token black (YES I JUST SAID THAT) in nomination just to capture power. Just goes to show you how STUPID the Democrat leaders are.
        Arrogance equals Obama squared!

  7. Thank God! I was really worried he was going to do something smart and pick Hillary, because that would have made it impossible for me not to vote for her (and by association, him). I don’t want Hillary anywhere near Obama–let her continue to do the stellar job she is doing as SOS, and let him go down in defeat as he deserves to do. BTW: I am a liberal independent (formerly Dem who left the party when it was taken over by the current crop of pseudo New Dems).

  8. Whew, I can relax. Doofuss and Doofuss-er are running again.

    I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the debates. I CANNOT WAIT to see O’blahblah without a teleprompter.

  9. HAHA “Carney was asked about the possibility of an Obama-Hillary team as *Obama* spent the morning with her husband Bill Clinton promoting energy efficient buildings.

    Since when did Obama become married to Billy Boy???

  10. Obama “the Socialist” & Biden “the dumb-ass” 2012 = really?

    If these two (*curse words*) get “re-elected” in 2012 this once proud Nation (USA) is really done…
    [R.I.P. USA: 1776-2012…]

  11. I count Carney among those “…people who know absolutely nothing about which they speak.” They say it takes a month for every $10,000 of salary to find a job of equal pay (in normal times). Based on Carney’s pay of $150,000 he is already behind in finding a new job. His job ends on 1/20/13 and he will receive his notice on 11/6/12. Of all the press secretaries in my lifetime, he is the most obnoxious and incompetent one.

  12. BIDEN??? We all know Obama is not the brightest bulb….but this is one big mistake! Is he using Biden as ‘insurance’ against impeachment…again??? Or does Biden know too much! Either way, it’s good news for the GOP!

  13. Well, of course it has to be Obama-Biden. NO ONE, and I mean no one, including Hillary, would accept an offer to run on an Obama ticket. He’s one-and-done, and the Democrats know it.

  14. Carney: “The Ticket Will be Obama-Biden.” What a ridiculous statement. The Bilderbergers long ago dumped Obama and made Hillary their choice in 2012. Goodbye and good riddance Obama. Dare I say it? Even Hillary is a better choice than Obama. Of course a stooge like Carney better say what he is told to say or he suddenly returns to his previous obscurity.

  15. Why would Barry dump Joe? Joe is even a bigger dope than Barry and this makes Barry look smarter. Besides, if anything would happen to Barry Joe becomes prez, so I think Barry is safe.

  16. It’s Okay folks. We no longer need to worry about the FUNTASTIC DUO getting re-elected. As Long as Joe the Foot-in-his-mouth Biden is on any ticket. The worst we have to worry about is him magically tripping over himself by joining Obama in a mistaken, shared TRUTHFULNESS…as in WE ARE DUMMY’S.

      1. or panty lines?
        Actualy I feel sorry for him. Not even sure it was a good career move for the guy. I mean, who is going to pay money for HIS book, those lib books never sell anyway. (they do not read too much.)

  17. Off topic: but have you seen this???? While the 99%ers are struggling to pay for Xmas gifts, Obama and the Mrs. head to Hawaii. I hope this gets thrown right back in his face. AWFUL.

    Trip of the President to Honolulu, Hawaii
    December 17th, 2011 to January 2nd, 2012
    Trip Overview
    On Saturday, December 17th, 2011, the President will travel to Honolulu, Hawaii. He will return to Washington, DC on Monday, January 2nd, 2012. …
    …no public events are scheduled during the trip. …

    1. That works out to three weekends in Hawaii. Must be nice. Get ready for all the gushing “news” reports about how the Obummers always go back to his “home”, Hawaii , for the holidays. Funny, I haven’t been able to find evidence of them spending the holidays in Hawaii prior to 2008.

      What I will really be interested in seeing is NEXT year when he’s voted out. Are we really going to have to pay for a three week vacation in Hawaii and all the advance work it takes to get them there, when he can go on his own time less than a month later when he’s out of Washington and has nothing but free time? Of course they will go, but do you think anyone in the media will have the nerve to question it? A hell of a lot of work, effort, and money goes into getting them over there for these vacations. Next year, they can wait a few more weeks.

  18. Good ! I read that the 2016 ticket will be Biden/Gore !

    The bumper sticker is going to be:

    “Biden/Gore Change You Can Believe In !”

  19. Lots of idiots voted for Obama because they got all wee-wee-ed up about voting for the first black President.

    I’ll be damned if I’ll vote for Hillary because she’s female.

    Historic “firsts” were proven by the last Presidential election to be a piss poor way to choose a President. I’m female and I’ll wait the rest of my life if it takes to vote for a female candidate who is QUALIFIED and not a textbook, giveaway liberal.

    1. You must be right (that she’s a female), since conventional wisdom says she bore Chelsea. Is Bill the father, do you think? I don’t see the resemblance, and it is said that the first child always looks like Daddy, in self defense.

      If he were alive, I’d like to hear Vince Foster’s view on this.

      1. No offense but I don’t see more than one person in this life wanting to drop the hammer on Hillary. I mean, really. Chelsea has to be Bill’s – that guy has a track record of trying to nail anything with female anatomy (he obviously has a thing for homely women).

  20. As long as the have-nots, (OWS crew), have the same vote as the haves (Wage earners) they will continue to vote for whomever promises them entitlements, until the system collapses. OBummer-Biden, doesn’t really matter.

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  22. Obama-Biden? These fucking marxist buffoons should be talking to speaker beureaus about their next paychecks. Both of these scum-sucking turds are going down the mountain in an avalanche the repbudiates their socialist “jibber’jabber”. FUCK THEM BOTH!

  23. Obama has been a disgrace to the office of POTUS. He conducts himself as if he is above the office itself, believing that he should not be held accountable for any of our nations problems or any of the outright lies that he has told. His list of flip-flops, hypocritical statements, and self-serving actions is so long and so obvious that one must seriously consider that his allegiance – both religiously and politically – is not to the U.S. or Christianity as he has professed, but instead to foreign interests and religions. He has sold America out. A Traitor elected as POTUS. I pray to GOD for all of us that Mitt Romney is elected.

  24. Exactly. It’s Hillary-X. Look for President Obama to be bought off by the same people that bought him in. He will decline to run..and The DNC will BEG Ms. Clinton to save The Whitehouse, and The Party by running. She will, at first, refuse the crown, then accept. (for the children…of course.) The Hollywood Left can provide a script for the “Coronation”, and main stream media will fall all over it…(like last time), without question.

  25. biden is too stupid for words and always is just a public statement from a gaffe and
    hillary is looking like a “cabbage patch doll.”

  26. Obama will be on the ticket. He locked that in with his “Green” initiatives and loans. A billion here, half a billion there, do that enough times and what does that produce? A cool billion in his campaign fund. Remember, over 80% of that “Green” went to connected supporters and bundlers. This administration has essentially robbed the taxpayers to buy support. The stimulus was never about the economy at large, it was about picking winners and largesse at our expense.

    I do think Obama will lose though, unless he is able to sponsor massive voter fraud.

  27. The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

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