As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Lights the National Christmas Tree

The event has concluded.

7 Responses to Obama Lights the National Christmas Tree

  1. An event that only Biden could screw up.
    Did Obama call it a Christmas tree?
    After he turned on the lights, did he bow to the tree?

  2. What a farce!!! The Blue and Silver background looked like an ad for Alcoa Aluminum! As usual, the first family was inappropriately dressed – grey/black funereal outfits with an orange scarf??? Not a hint of holiday colors…not even on the Christmas tree! What’s up with the blue lights on the tree? Is Obama paying homage to Israel???

    It’s obvious that these interlopers are doing everything in their power to destroy American tradition and Christian beliefs! Their boorish behavior is an insult to every American regardless of race, creed, or religion. Then again, we only have ONE Messiah – Barack Hussein Obama! It is, of course, all about HIM!

  3. Didn’t they hang a some commie ornament on a tree in the white house one year? Wonder if they slipped one onto the National Christmas tree?

  4. That’s one generic holiday tree I hesitate to call it a Christmas Tree as the reasons for it being there are insulting…votes. They may have to put one up but it doesn’t have to look too festive. Besides they will be seeing palm trees
    soon I am sure they prefer them anyway.