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Holder Asks News Site to Stop Reporting News

Is anyone else a little concerned when the attorney general of the United States, a man with vast investigative powers at his disposal, tells a news organization what he thinks it should be publishing?

Eric Holder is apparently displeased that the Daily Caller is regularly updating its list of lawmakers who think it’s time for him to make an exit, mainly over the Fast and Furious scandal. He thinks the list itself – and not Eric Holder himself – is causing people to sign onto it.

From the Daily Caller:

As Holder’s aide was escorting the attorney general offstage following his remarks Tuesday afternoon at the White House, a Daily Caller reporter introduced himself and shook Holder’s hand. The reporter asked him for a response to the growing chorus of federal legislators demanding his resignation.

Holder stepped towards the exit, then turned around, stepped back toward the reporter, and sternly said:

In case you’re not aware, the FBI resides within the Justice Department. Let’s hope Mr. Holder doesn’t do anything stupid. Or rather, anything more stupid.

20 thoughts on “Holder Asks News Site to Stop Reporting News”

  1. Wait…..he is blaming the new media for being ” behind this ” ? Didnt he just seal the records on the murdered Boarder Patrol Agent ? Most transparent administration in history, my a$$ !!

    1. “seal the records” = Barack Hussein Obama’s: “birth, life, college records, work history, political career” -which NO ONE has ever seen…

  2. ‘US Attorney General’ Holder asks “News” to stop reporting “News” = aint ‘socialism’ great… Its very “1984” (re: no one is allowed to ‘question’ the socialist Obama regime.

  3. Have you ever seen a group of thin skinned wimpy men before? I am waiting
    for someone to cry and threaten to tell Mommy! These folks must have our
    enemies in stitches man up for God’s sake!

  4. The Book Demons of Democracy displays a laundry list of illicit activities by govenment individuals, specifically lawyers and legislators, who skirt the law to move up the food chain. Eric Holder’s veiled threat to use the FBI to his personal advantage, displays how out of control the Obama administration is.

  5. It’s not an organic thing Holder? Don’t know how much more organic it can get with the taking of a human life. Brian Terry was just doing his job when his life was cut short by a gun that this miscreant and his boss put in the hands of a Mexican cartel. Then he didn’t even have the common human decency to offer condolences to the parents after their son’s death.

    Drudge is linking to another article on Obama sealing the court records on Brian Terry’s death. Unbelievable that armed illegals were actually hunting border patrol agents on American soil…and these traitors put the guns in their hands.

    1. We are at war with Mexico. The drug cartels run the country, the government is feckless, and we allow citizens to cross our border to steal jobs from Americans — and apparently we allow them to cross in order to hunt Border Agents?

      With guns that we placed in their hands?

      Holder must have a galvanized-iron ego to feel no remorse or responsibility for this situation and to see that his resignation is the right action to take. The One will find another water carrier to take his place, but at least Holder will no longer be the clown before his camera. He can continue to put “his people” before all other Americans — in his private life.

  6. The local Phoenix newspaper, the Arizona Republic, has finally investigated the F & F disaster. Their main question is “what was the point” and how did they plan on tracking the weapons in Mexico.

    Just the fact that DOJHolder is comfortable telling a news organization to stop publishing anything is an indictment against the MSM who uses it’s power to give cover for the wrongdoings of this administration.

    Where’s ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, are they following this story? Why are they mostly silent on the disasterous loans given to MrObama’s cronies?
    They are now part of the government and have relinquished their high standing as a reliable source for news.

    1. You are spot on srdem. These ‘news’ outlets might as well get their pay check from the White House. I don’t know how they can sleep at night. Are they so invested in Obama that they are intentionally hiding the truth from the American people? Even if what they are hiding leads to the destruction of their country?

  7. Meanwhile, Eric “Snake in the Grass” Holder speaks with a forked tongue as he slithers back under Obama’s desk to dine on trouser trout.

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  9. did you hear the anger in his voice? he was quivering. I’m expecting him to start playing with the steel ball bearings and rant about how the ship’s stewards stole those strawberries and he can prove it!

    a paranoid and thin-skinned AG for a paranoid and thin-skinned administration. why would anyone think he’d ever step down, or that Obama would ever want him to?

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