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NY Times Book Review Likens Tea Party to the Klan

A piece in Sunday’s New York Times book review section compared the Tea Party to the Ku Klux Klan.

The review, written for the Times by historian Kevin Boyle, evaluates two new books on the Klan. It opens with an indirect but unmistakable suggestion that the Tea Party is a modern version of the racist white supremacist organization.

Imagine a political movement created in a moment of terrible anxiety, its origins shrouded in a peculiar combination of manipulation and grass-roots mobilization, its ranks dominated by Christian conservatives and self-proclaimed patriots, its agenda driven by its members’ fervent embrace of nationalism, nativism and moral regeneration, with more than a whiff of racism wafting through it.

No, not that movement. The one from the 1920s, with the sheets and the flaming crosses and the ludicrous name meant to evoke a heroic past. The Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, they called it. And for a few years it burned across the nation, a fearsome thing to ­behold.

That a portrayal of the Tea Party as a racist and intolerant movement could get past the editors of the New York Times is perhaps not surprising, given what I think are widely held assumptions about the movement among the Northeast’s liberal ruling class.

What is somewhat shocking is the prevalence of these views given the fervent – even stubborn, in my view – embrace by the Tea Party of Herman Cain. I don’t think any of the GOP candidates has aroused more passion among conservatives this year, including Newt Gingrich.

Beyond probably being racist, the Tea Party is generally thought – in the non-conservative sectors of my city, Washington – to be amply comprised of boneheads and jerks.

For example, you cannot in polite company in Washington say, “You know, those Tea Party people, I think they have some really smart ideas,” without being laughed out of the room or, at best, have people quietly go back to their typing and try to pretend nothing just happened.

I am sure that Tea Party members are viewed in negative terms by the Obama people, most of whom fit quite nicely into mainstream Washington. The upcoming campaign, which will feature corrosive attack rhetoric against Republicans from the president, will no doubt exacerbate the misperceptions and suspicions about the Tea Party.

The Times, which thinks of itself as our nation’s newspaper of record and which at the very least helps shape elite opinion, should be combating dangerous stereotypes, not promoting them.

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  1. Oh Keith, is it that bad ? You cannot in polite company say anything positive about the Tea Party ? I am disappointed to hear this about the American spirit. But over here we have ” taboo” subjects as well ,you go lightly unless you are among friends. The most obvious is problems with muslim immigration.

    1. Is it that bad? No. It’s far worse. The liberal arts programs at our universities are no longer real academic departments, they are seminaries of leftist doctrine. Opposing viewpoints are not tolerated because any other viewpoint must be motivated by racism, intolerance, white supremacy, sexism, or some combination of these bogeymen.

      1. E. Clark,
        You are precisely and horribly correct. Obama is a prime result of the phenomena you describe. He’s also causal of social/moral destruction in his roles as a ‘community agitator’, adjunct professor (supposedly teaching Constitutional law, really teaching how to overthrow the American Constitution) no-show Jr. Senator, and tragically for our country, as POTUS. The sanctimonious rigidity of the Left is totalitarian by nature. As is of course, the KKK, Fascism, Communism etc.

    2. The KKK is almost entirely run by the FBI. It’s purpose is to foment hatred to generate a response that erodes the Bill of Rights and advances the globalist New World Order agenda. Similarly, the Tea Party has largely been co-opted by establishment neocons. So, in a sense, the author is correct.

      1. The KKK is not a product of the FBI but of the Democratic party, the same party that was against ending slavery, against the civil rights bill that required constant pressure by the republicans to have LBJ sign into law. The current Congress just saw its beloved grand wizard pass away who was a Democrat.

        Our current President uses race to divide and put the American people against one another to take focus off of himself.

        I’m black, I’m a conservative, college educated and a Tea Party supporter, put that in your hat and deal with it.

      2. What an a stupid, idiotic statement to make. Talk about intolerance, your statement says it all. What university to you attend (or God forbid) do you teach?!! I’m so sick of intolerance from the left. I hate the KKK and all it stands for, and can’t stand in group who is intolerant. No doubt, you support Muslim Jihad. When someone you care for is hurt or dies from them, maybe then you will understand. This is what you don’t understand and never will. The vast majority of America, most who live and work in middle America, are hard working, church going, people devoted to their families, friends and community. Something you would understand. I will pray for you, but since I’m sure you have no such faith, you will laugh.

    3. Almost everyone in the KKK is an FBI informant. If the KKK ever makes a move, you can bet the FBI has full knowledge of it and deliberately lets it happen. The Tea Party is almost as infiltrated.

      1. Klaus you buffoon. Prove your statements. Back them up with something other than your moronic paranoia. Don’t come back with anything but facts and proof. Otherwise crawl under your rock and don’t show your face to the light of day again.

      2. kkk was infiltrated and taken completely over long ago by the adl. adl is the stazi in america that protects the zionists who are robbing america and starting wars with their lying press.

  2. Sometimes it’s like the United States is one big high school where everything comes down to tattling, name calling and popularity contests. It’s all so tiring.

    1. Not so much the United States… but WASHINGTON and HOLLYWOOD! These self-inflated wind-bags group together to pat each other on the backs and then write stories and make movies about it (sigh) When are we going to stop enabling them with our votes via ballotbox and boxoffice? We have a crisis of ethics in this country because of the tripe mainstream media and corrupt politicians spew. The tea-party threatens them not because of a threat to tolerance, but because they feel their hold on power being challenges. Their attack is transparent and juvenile.

      1. He’s never been off his island, never met someone from outside the 5 villages. NYers think they hold all the cards, have a curb on original thought. Race usually works, and when that fails, anti-semitism.

        1. He’s not from New York. You, yourself, might want to get out more if you think that everyone who writes a column in the New York Times is from New York City.

  3. This is so tiresome, the charges of racism by the glitterati and the MSM of anyone who opposes MrO’s agenda. It’s also racist to criticize anything that MrsO does, wears or travels.

    Are there racists in the TEA party? sure. Are there racist Dems? sure.
    Is PrezObama racist? does he favor one race over another?
    Yes, he does; he calls himself Black and doesn’t acknowlege that he is bi-racial. He could just as easily described himself as White but chose instead to wrap the tattered flag of victimhood around his shoulders as protection from critics who dare oppose him.

    re: H.Cain
    It wasn’t his race that mattered but his new, fresh message that appealed to many. When the attacks started, it was just more MSM piling on a conservative to destroy their reputation, their future with any spurious lie or imagined misdeed.
    We watched in horror as they cut and diced MrsPalin, her family and even her disabled child in their zeal to destroy any threat to the Obama adminstration.

    1. Yes where was the media when everyone knew about John Edwards and his extramarital affairs? They did know but decided to ignore it and
      the double stand in the Cain/Edwards story is telling. Media have covered up for FDR and JFK and they just keep up their journalist BS!

      1. Lizzy: bingo. The MSM knew all about Edwards’ affair, and until the Enquirer ran with it, they were fine NOT reporting it. The double standard exposes them for what they are- hypocrites trying to push an agenda.

    2. Well, those attacks as you call them could also be called reporting. But the Tea Party smear–I would say it’s just stupid and irrelevant when the book is about the Klan, but I suppose it adds to the noise.

    3. Great observation of our mixed race President. From the begining I have jostled with my liberal “friends” over this lie perpetuated by them and the lib media. This is being done simply to turn the lie, or fable as I refer to it, into legend so the Democrats can stand and trumpet that they are the “first” to elect a Black person. Fact is, they are the first racists to blatantly elect a person based on perceived skin color.

      My liberal friends don’t seem to like this fact, not fable, when it is pushed into their faces.

  4. The Times thinking they are the nations newspaper of record is
    something that only they believe. Most of us her NYT and wince about what they have lied about this time. A very delusional bunch not all but lots.

    1. Yes, those writers at the NYT are very stupid with their Ivy League degrees, and being all well-traveled about the world. I certainly think we should leave the fate of our country up to a bunch of high school dropouts in middle America whose pants size is higher than their IQ.

      The worst lie Americans believe is that everyone’s opinion is equal. I’m sorry: someone who lives in a trailorpark in the Ozarks does not have the slightest clue about how government should be run or what policies make sense for our future. I’ll take college degrees and worldly Northeast liberals over flyover country’s Tea Party goons any day of the week.

      1. I am not from Arkansas. I do not live in a trailer park. I have a college degree. I support the tea party. I am not a goon. Sorry to break your wonderful delusion. Oh, and my pant size is not higher than my IQ. I would put my IQ up against yours or any of your elite brethren who live inside the Washington beltway.

        So, in a totally predictable way, you say that only people who go to college and live in the Northeast know anything. No, everyone’s opinion may not be equally viable. However, to slam a group of people because of where they live or their social class shows your lack of understanding about what this country is about. And you call you and your ilk inclusive and enlightened. Laughable, truly.

        1. Thank you for calling me elite. I appreciate your compliment. I haven’t called anyone inclusive or enlightened, however. And, frankly, college degrees don’t matter — graduate degrees do. Like the one Boyle has. A four-year degree is worth about as much as a high school diploma. So, I hope you’re not hanging your hat on that Communications degree from Appalachian State that got you a job at the local AutoZone.

          1. We have the most educated government in our history and look at the economic disaster they created. If a college degree is how we judge intellagence we are really lost. A college will never teach you common sense because most of the people who are educated lack it. Wake up !

          2. you mean graduate degrees like the one Bush has? gosh, you’re right–we should have listened to him. he went to Yale. according to you that means he’s almost divine.

          3. You do not have a “messaging” problem as you and your Dem friends constantly whine about. You have the “hypocrisy” problem and it doesn’t take a graduate degree to smell it. But, please keep up the “sniff”, “I am better than you attitude.” We conservative Tea party members wiped you with it in November 2010 and many Liberals can see it happening again with your exalted ruler. You have yourselves to blame, you earned the disdain many feel for you crybabies.

          4. So the uneducated hillbillies’ opinions should be valued less because they lack education- what about the hordes of high school dropouts inhabiting the ghettoes of every city in the northeast? They vote for liberals so their opinions should matter equally with yours right?

          5. How do you feel about someone with a Masters degree in Computer Science from MIT stating that your opinion is worthless?

            Because there is a less than one percent chance that your IQ is higher than mine, and a less than one percent chance your net worth from applying said IQ is higher than mine.

            So feel free to make fun of others from your home in the government subsidized Primate House, but know that we’re all laughing st you, not with you.

        2. I think this is “Rag” from another blog because he has accused me before of living in a trailer park.
          I have a master’s degree and live in a 4500 sq. ft. house but that does not mean that I do not identify with the wonderful white middle class that make-up the foundation of our country….give me some good common sense anyday over the Ivy Leaguers.
          My older son has a master’s from Yale and lives in NYC, where he lives in his own little elite bubble (but he surely does love to came here for fishing and boating).
          Give me Middle America anyday.
          Rag or Fried Oreo or whoever you are!

          1. anneinarkansas,
            It may or may not be the same whiner. Leftists always enjoy denigrating Conservatives as trailer park inhabitants. Which is really odd since they also love to pretend to stand up for the poor. And presumably people who live in trailer parks are poor, right? So why is it that Leftists hurl this ‘trailer park’ stuff as an insult? If one could see the inner workings of the Leftist mind it would look like a ball of tangled, twisted and fraying string. Pay it no mind.

      2. By the way, many of those people from the trailer parks of Arkansas fight or have fought for this country so you and your liberal friends could live free. So, before you slam a group of people, maybe you should think about that.

          1. must suck to be you ………… grabbing barney frank in one hand and defending obama and his mob of America haters on your other hand

            but, then thats what you are, so you do it out of spite against America

            SUCKS TO BE YOU

          2. You feel free to make fun of people because they are poor, white, and Christian. I bet you would not dare to criticize or make fun of any group that is poor and non-white. If in your multicultural world we should respect all cultures why is it ok to belittle and degrade rural white culture? I guess every viewpoint deserves a place at the table as long as that viewpoint does not question or object to liberal elitist orthodoxy.

          3. Don’t waste your time guys. This clown is obviously an America hatingmoron. He thinks college degrees make people smart and that the dolts in the govt know best how to run our lives. The guy is clearly a loser.

      3. If you haven’t noticed (not surprised as your IQ is <50), it is "Ivy League" grads that have run this country into the ground. Ergo, your argument is quite insane.

        1. Because they have to placate pig farmers and bible thumpers, none of whom understand basic economics or public policy. And regurgitating Hannity or Limbaugh does not count as “understanding”

          1. It’s a sad case of teen rebellion gone awry. It’s clear his momma was a bible thumping, pig farmer and hence the fixation with high-fat content foods and confusion of PhD scribblings with holy scripture and “basic economic and public policy.”

          2. Obviously, this guy has spent his youth at that pig farm and it has turned him into a pile of pig dung – he is nothing more and nothing less.

          3. A pig farmer knows more about economics than the current occupant in the WH, as well as most of the idiots in Congress. And I suspect a pig farmer knows more about economics and most other things than you. Actually, I’m pretty sure of it.

          4. Yep. It’s always someone else’s fault with your type. Not the guys in charge, those with the fancy degrees you esteem so much, who have led our government to places it never should have gone.

            Also, I know I’m not supposed to resort to name calling, but you are a complete a-hole and I feel very sorry for those who have to put up with your garbage in person.

          5. I love it when a liberal speaks of “basic economics”. Funny thing, they do not seem to handle their basic earnings very well and have to borrow just to “get by”. When I compare my conservative friends lifestyle to my liberal friends lifestyle it is easy to see where the liberals went awry. They have no understanding of “basic economics”. Don’t believe? Look at the clowns running the treasury today. Borrowing to “get by”. I laughed all the way to retirement @ 48 (been retired 3 years now, evil 1%er) while my liberal friends continue to slog and bitch and moan about how they can’t “make it”. No wonder, I tell them. You are a liberal.

      4. Please identify the system of government “the way it ought to be run” which was devised by an academic and actually worked. Notice I used the word “academic” rather than “scholar. Academic only means someone has put in time and had a faculty advisor and degree committee who liked his body odor or some such nonsense. A scholar, like the ignorant racist farmers who actually produced the contitution we had the privilege of living under until approx 1913, actually takes work and the ability to engage in critical thinking, not just parroting what someone else said.

      5. this has got to be a joke. people who live in trailer parks in the Ozarks should not be allowed to vote because they’re too stupid? only someone pretty dim themselves would write this.

        Americans DO believe that all men are created equal. someone who lives in a trailer park has the same right to his opinion as you have to yours. did it ever occur to you that some people might think YOUR opinion is stupid? but we still let you vote.

        now hold on there Fat Oreo, because this is going to shock you: even people with college degrees can be stupid. even people with Ivy League degrees. why, George Bush has several Ivy League degrees, and I bet you think he’s really stupid, don’t you?

      6. Thank you so much DeepFry, you have shown the liberal elite view as good as or better than anyone I have read in the past few years. Anyone who is not exactly like you is ignorant, anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant, anyone from a place you have never been is ignorant, you know better than anyone else…The hypocrisy, the bigotry, the close minded-ness of you statements is amazing. This is why the country is in the shape it is in, because of people like you who are so self-righteous and, frankly, downright stupid that you can never see another way to do things. Stimulus didn’t work? Lets try another stimulus! Sound like a good idea to you genius? HAHAHA…liberal elite…what a joke.

      7. Wow you say the opinion of rednecks are not equal to yours because they lack education. What about the hordes of high school dropouts that inhabit the ghettos of every major and not so major city in the Northeast? I am sure since the non-white uneducated peoples vote for liberals you value their opinions quite highly.

      8. Where do I start….it’s trailer park by the way…not trailorpark..though your East Coast edumacation may not have emphasized spelling much. Oh, by the way…check out where Wee Willie, youalls good ol boy is about you Arkansas Trailer trash.

        Many of us do, in fact, have graduate degrees and work for global corporations and have traveled pretty much all over the world. So, your myopic viewpoint says it all about you.

      9. You seem to forgot that the scion of the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton, is from a little town in Arkansas, Hope. I guess he was the original man of “Hope” vs. the hope that we have been fed for the past three years.

        It is unfortunate that all too many of the liberals and academics that permeate Washington and its environs have forgotten what this country was built on, and that is the American spirit, a spirit that they are trying to destroy. It is the “flyover” states that have fed this country and the world for generations. It is the “flyover” states that have built the machines that have driven the economy of this country for over a century. It is the “flyover” states that the bulk of American live. And it will be the “flyover” states that will bring America back to its greatness.

      10. “I’m sorry: someone who lives in a trailorpark in the Ozarks does not have the slightest clue about how government should be run or what policies make sense for our future.”

        Really? I’d trust the stereotypical Ozark Mt. hillbilly running the revenuer off his property w/a loaded shotgun in order to protect his entrepreneurial moonshine operation over you and yours for pure instinctual gumption and understanding of Constitutionally protected freedom.

        Incidentally, Mr.Legend in His Own Delusional Mind: The term is spelled trailer-park. Now go do something useful and send your recipe for deep fried Oreos to Michelle Obama. I’m sure she’d appreciate a second course suggestion to compliment her beloved French fries.

    2. Then the NYT and WAPO are still relevant. Most local papers are declining in page count to the extent that birdcage paper is getting harder and harder find. Thanks to old copies of these rags plus the local universities student paper my bird still has paper to po on.

      1. I am so sick of anyone who doesn’t see the wisdom of Obama, OWS and all ‘folks’ in the Tea Party as ignorant it’s starting to make all of us
        not fortunate to have gone to college Ivy or otherwise a protected class.
        There are scores of people who don’t have degree’s who are very smart
        and prosperous made it the hard way not having it given to them.
        And what’s with cheap juvenile guns and Bibles stuff that’s the best an
        Ivy League high IQ can come up with? We can give as good as we get
        and woe be the ones foolish enough to think we are all a bunch of rubes
        who fall for all the unbelievable things coming out of this WH and it’s
        store bought media shills. We will see in 2012 just how stupid we really
        are as the country will return to America not a pit stop for parties and
        starting to campaign a month after we start!

    1. Kevin Boyle received his B.A. from the University of Detroit in 1982 and his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1990. He teaches twentieth century American history, with an emphasis on class, race, and politics.

      Kevin’s most recent book, Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age (Henry Holt, 2004; paperback edition, 2005) won the National Book Award for non-fiction, the Chicago Tribune Heartland Prize, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Tolerance Book Award, and the Society of Midland Authors Book Award and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award. Arc of Justice also was named a New York Times notable book for 2004, a State of Michigan notable book for 2005, the 2007 selection for the Detroit metropolitan area’s community-wide reading program, and the 2011 selection for the Great Michigan Read, a state-wide reading program.
      in case you want to drop him a line.

      1. Pandering to the left is currently a guarantee of academic reward. These awards are no more a proof of real scholarly excellence than Obama’s Nobel Prize is of credible achievement.

          1. Hahaha, and where did you folks get your PhDs? You people are sick. Do you believe in conservative bias? Or is it just liberal bias v. the truth? The University of Michigan is one of the leading academic institutions in our country. You think they just hand out PhDs there to anyone who writes about cultural issues? Do you even know what it takes to get a PhD? Not a GED, like you have, but a PhD?

          2. PhD’s that are NOT backed up by ACTUAL, measurable accomplishments (like Engineering ones) are not worth the rotten sheep skin they are printed on.

          3. Yes, god forbid anyone should read, write and research in this country. By your measure, a plumber is more valuable to our society than librarians. And that’s sick.

          4. Considering I know how to use the dewey decimal system and dont mind using it…compared to cleaning a septic tank and clearing a backed up sewage line. Yes, that plumber is leaps and bounds more important than a librarian…unless of course she is hot.
            Also, I was just talking other day about how it seems like the peadophiles always seems to be these “elite educated” types. Correlation?

          5. Plumbers are more valuable to society than librarians. If you don’t think that’s true, ask a plumber to find a book for you and ask a librarian to repair your shower and let us know how that works out for you.

          6. Typical elitist crap.
            Liberals claim to “be for the working people”, but they constantly denigrate and demean anyone who works with his hands. I have more respect for the guy who can fix an engine or fix a leak in my house or build a cabinet because I sure as hell can’t. But I can research anything I want on line so a librarian is just someone occupying a space to me. In fact, the last time I needed a library for anything was over ten years ago. But last month I had to replace the tires on my Kawasaki, and I sure as hell couldn’t do it myself. I respect my mechanic a lot.

          7. Wonder how long you’ve been sitting around a student lounge eating deep-fried food to come up with that conclusion. Clearly in your mind a PhD in literature is a lifetime certificate of intellectual honesty. No need for adherence to actual facts or truthfulness, right? Just show ’em your PhD and it’s as good as gospel. And if you don’t manage to get your PhD, you can always hang out and mooch for food at a local OWS rally.

          8. I know you probably will not understand this, but I would rather have a Gunny with 20+ years of leading men running the country than some academician that has never seen the world other than from their ivory tower.

          9. Well, yes, you’re correct. A Gunny with 20 years experience would probably do a lot better than what we have had (and are having). However, as a small business owner who has met payrolls over the years, I’ll depend on a successful small business owner over even a person who is adept at borrowing billions of dollars.

      2. Why waste time writing to this guy? He obviously has a pre-conceived bias against the Tea Party, unlikely to be based on a representative sample of opinions from its members. People like Mr. Boyle have a vested interest in selling misrepresentations about segments of the population to other members of academia and to the public. That is how they make their living and earn grants from other like-minded individuals. There is no big secret here — it’s not as if anyone other than the most gullible of readers might conclude that Mr. Boyle’s characterizations represent any effort to be truthful.

      3. I have a degree in history from Boston University and can tell you the only thing it prepared me for was to take a job teaching Marxist theory in a North Korean or Cuban re-education camp. Write a book blaming whites, Christians, or westerners in general for the worlds problems and you too can win all these awards.

      4. All those awards give me just enough reasons not to read the BS that was written by an idiot left winger who wouldn’t recognize Justice if it hit him in the mouth. His justice is picking the pockets of those of us who work and contribute to society, and giving it to morons like the Occupy people…to be fair, you know.

  5. It really is not surprising that Boyle would write something so poorly veiled as is his comments about the Tea Party. The U. of Michigan grad was mentored by Sidney Fine, professor of history at U of M for 50+ years who had a special interest in the labor movement and the New Deal.

    Boyle’s own works show a decidedly liberal or left leaning, his book “The UAW and the Heyday of American Liberalism, 1945-1968” make the auto worker’s union and liberal politics the end all of everything good and anything even remotely conservative as being sent up from the bowels of hell.

    He is nothing more than a career academic who’s only knowledge of the world is in what has been written by others, and who really does not have an understanding of what the real world is. This is a huge part of the problem today in academia. The student becomes the teacher without having to set foot in the real world.

    I have gotten to the point that if I read anything written by someone who goes from high school to professorship without having to actually done some real work in the real world is simply discount it as nothing more than babble.

    1. Excellent point. If every professor had to show at least five years of actual private sector work experience before being allowed to teach universities might once again be centers of learning rather than collections of indoctrination.

      1. Frankly, I’d rather see every high school graduate be required to spend at least two years working or doing military service before being allowed to continue his or her education. That’s two years of finding out that “struggling” has real meaning, and it will also give him a chance to gain maturity. If anything characterizes academics and “the occupation forces” who’ve never had to worry about the next paycheck, it’s lack of maturity.
        Get your hands dirty, fight an alligator, get shot at, gain a better appreciation of life, then start living it.
        (No, I haven’t been shot at yet, but I have been pinned between two cows and that’s something that can literally take your breath away.)

  6. It takes a lot of determination to embrace the tea party nowadays. It is not just Obama and the Democrats who despise us, it is also the establishment Republicans. You can find every kind of “phobe” in a group of people, but the vast majority are just normal every day Americans who could no longer sit back and watch our country die. Most every tea party group embraces three basic principles: fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets.

    When Bush signed TARP he said “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.” That was a turning point for me. When tea party groups started forming in early 2009 my husband I joined up. We were abandoned by a life long friend and made fun of by acquaintances, but we wouldn’t give it up for anything. We’ve found strength in our fellow patriots, and I’ve read more books on history, politics, and finance in the last 3 years than I have in the preceding 40 years. Knowledge is a very powerful tool. I look at the tea party movement as an awakening of the American spirit. If that makes us “hard right” as the establishment calls us or “racist knuckle draggers” as the left calls us, then so be it. This country is not going down without a fight from a whole lot of people like us who believe in freedom and liberty.

    1. You got it! There are a whole of PEOPLE who believe in the basics that formed our country: FREEDOM & LIBERTY!! We will continue to fight for those principals. Thanks, Susan

    2. Great Susan! Keep up the good work talking to your friends, neighbors, relatives, associates and men and women you meet.

      Tea Party members and supporters of the Tea Party Movement are the heart and soul of America.

      1. I travel quite a bit and in my travels I have found that the MAJORITY of people I speak with believe as you do. What gets me is the attitude by this President when the Tea Party came into being. He and his advisor clowns were irritated that some Americans may not agree with him or his agenda. The audacity and then to voice their feelings out loud?! In a public place?! How dare we do this. And the liberals have adopted the same attitude. Feels like Nazi Germany all over again. I am with the Tea Partiers and it took this upheavel for me to not only pay attention but to study what these clowns are doing, much to their consternation, of course.

    3. You’re right. Once again, the grown-ups in the room are going to have to save the eternal adolescents of the Democrat Party and the left in general) from themselves. They will neither recognize or acknowledge it, and Lord knows they won’t appreciate it. But fortunately, we Conservatives love the United States even more than the liberals hate us.

    4. I agree, Susan. In what crazy idealogy do rampant federal spending, over-reaching government, and strangled private enterprise make sense? The folks I see in the Tea Party movement are intelligent, rational, and hard-working. To a person, all are passionately concerned about the course our great country is steering.

    5. I appreciate people that live by ethical principles. Keep up your political and moral awakening. Certain political elites will despise you for your new found awareness.
      The Tea Party is not and will never be like the radical groups from the past. It is mainstream and middle class people that make up the vast majority of the movement.

  7. To echo opinions here, this IS getting tiring, and also stupid. The far left in this country has morphed into the dumbest little pack of weasels since, by gum, the KKK. Thank God we can all vote and 70% of us still can reason.

  8. Boyle can’t be much of a historian if he doesn’t realize that the KKK was actually the enforcement arm of the Democrat Party when they ran the South during the Jim Crow era. No comparison to the Tea Party at all.

    1. Why, if we were to admit the KKK was a Democrat institution, the next thing you know we will have to admit the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party (Nazi Party) in 1932-45 Germany was a liberal/socialists organization. Imagine the damage that would do to the official “political spectrum” charts taught in High Schools and Colleges in the US?

      1. Snitch, you’re absolutely correct. The National Socialist (aka Nazi) party in Germany is EXACTLY what Obozo is trying to re-create here. I don’t think he’s smart enough to realize it, nor are most of his followers, which is why I believe the book “The Road to Serfdom” should be required reading in every high school of this country. The majority of people who support the kinds of things the Democraps propose, would not support the means required to make it happen–i.e., genocide and murder. EVERY time it’s been tried it has failed, to the cost of approximately 150 MILLION people in the last century.

  9. Just another intellectually challenged liberal, afraid of his own shadow. If you disagree with liberals you must, by default, be a racist mongoloid. Another example of how pathetic our education system has become in propagating illogical Orwellian group think. Liberals destroy everything they touch. For example our public school system, the most expensive on earth, has gone from first to 37th of industrialized nations since WW2 under liberal control. get rid of all of them. They can’t actually run a 7/11.

    1. ‘Intellectualy challenged” is another way of saying stupid and closed minded. How can people spout untruths as if they were communicating something profound, unless they put an agenda above truth, or are more stupid and ignorant than they would have us believe? The only logical conclusion you can draw about a person spouting untruths is that they are either ignorant, stupid, or liars — or some combination of those three.

      Many ‘liberal arts’ students were not capable of doing well in classes in school that required an ability to think logically, such as math, physics, or chemistry. When I read such nonsense as this from Kevin Boyle, a supposedly educated northeast liberal, I realize the truth that this guy probabaly isn’t bright enough to pass basic algebra.

      People who aren’t capable of thinking logically, or of seeing truth when it is in front of them, tend to compensate by reassuring themselves that they know what they are talking about, and that anyone who disagrees with them is stupid, racist, etc. After a while, they become immune to facts, and join with like minded dummies to reassure themsleves that they aren’t as stupid as they really are.

      Any rational person would have to conclude that either the Tea Party is racist, or Kevin Boyle is some combination of stupid, ignorant, or liar.

    1. That’s preposterous. The founding fathers were white. The constitution provided novel freedoms, and they were FOR the interests of Americans. These leftie morons just suck up to Jews and their agenda, taking AWAY our freedoms. There is just no comparison.

      1. One thing the founding fathers were NOT was anti-Semitic, so maybe you shouldn’t invoke them in the same sentence as your anti-Semitic diatribe.

        “May the Children of the Stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while every one shall sit under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.” – George Washington

        Frankly, Jilly, America deserves better than you.

  10. There it is again, the charge of racism. What does he base the racism claim on? If the tea party is racist I’d like to know but “because I say so” isn’t proof of anything. I guess it’s another “academic” with a liberal agenda. Is it Christians Kevin Boyle doesn’t like or is it republicans? Maybe both?

  11. I hope that the left and the MSM keeps on trying to minimize the TEA movement. I hope that they continue to be all wrapped up in glorifying the OWS types.

    Nothing better than to be marginalized by arrogant know-it-all’s.

  12. What an idiot, “IF” the truth ne known the “KKK” was not started as a racist group, it later turn that way…Just like the democrats did not start out as a racist, bigot, liars and RICH for beyond the Reps. They started out as the Blue collar reps in Congress. That has far change since the liberals invaded it and made a damn bloody mess of it. TELL THE TRUTH News MEDIA!!! Tell the truth! Not half truths and leave out the meat of it all…all of you are liars to include Fox News who is now over 80% democrats and liberals, Yep folks, Fox News has did a Flip on us, there are a few who Fox let continue on, But like E.D. Hill and others at the 1st sign of showing their Rep side they are fired! They “Protect” the democrats and Liberals on the show, crap even the Liberals hate that big mouth Liberal A. Combs, then there is the dummy Juan Williams, Hemmer, Brian on Fox and Friends, S, Smith and list goes on…I don’t watch any of the news medias any more, they all lie, so why should I?

    1. The two parties had a polaric shift in philosophy in the 1960’s. A Democrat from 1920 would be a Republican today. I say that as a Republican myself.

      1. So, the Democrats of the 1920’s were for small government and less regulation and the Republicans were big government union folks. I don’t think so!!

      2. lol! Yeah the political shift was stop enslaving them with chains and start enslaving them with government cheese. Pete’s one of those “Progressive” Republicans.

      3. Dems. didn’t change their philosophies, they changed their methods. Democrats of today are just like the ones of yesterday, only now they use AA and progressive social engineering to keep blacks in their place rather than with violence and intimidation.

      4. You obviously don’t know much about your history. Exactly what did the Democrats stand for in the 20’s that Republicans stand for today? As a matter of fact, one could argue that the left continues to perpetrate slavery through the application of government shackles to minority populations and programs which keep them on the Democrat plantation. One could also argue that Democrats today embrace a modern version of slavery, with their advocacy of illegal immigration where a people becomes entrapped in extremely low wage back-breaking labor where after expenses are paid to the “company store” their pockets are as empty as the slaves of the 1800s.

        Are you *really* a Republican? I wonder…

      5. @Pete – What you say is complete nonsense. There was no “polaric shift in philosophy in the 1960s” by the Democrats or the Republicans. Democrats used race-baiting in the 1920s to achieve power and they are using race-baiting today to achieve power today. Democrats supported eugenics as a way to suppress people of color in the 1920s and they support abortion as a way to suppress people of color today (70% of African-American pregnancies in NYC end in abortion). Democrats were “progressives” (i.e., socialists) in the 1920s and they are “progressives” (i.e., socialists) today. The KKK was founded by Democrats. The vicious RedShirts were founded by the Democrats. The Democrats blocked every Civil Rights Act proposed by Republicans until 1964; and even in 1964 more Republicans voted (percentage-wise) for the 1964 Civil Rights Act than did Democrats. Republicans have always believed in civil rights, the right to life and the American capitalist system. They have never been responsible for vicious, violent groups like the KKK or the RedShirts. If you really think there was a “polaric shift in philosophy” by the Democrats then you are truly ignorant. Personally I think you are lying when you say that you are a Republican as a cover for your ignorant and malicious slander of Republicans!

      6. I disagree completely. That is typical Left wing tripe to avoid the racist history of the Democratic Party. It was the Democratic Party that supported slavery, it was Democrats who founded the KKK, it was Democrats who created Jim Crow, and it was Democrats who fought against the Civil Rights amendments in the 1960’s.

        Pete is not a Republican, he is a “concern troll” peddling the meme that all those terrible racists in the Democratic Party became Republicans. That is a lie. Don’t believe me? Look up he past histories of these guys, Lester Maddox, Robert Byrd, William Fulbright, Al Gore Sr., Sam Ervin, Ernest Hollings, and Orval Faubus, just to name a few. Look at what Party they were life long members of, and many lived well beyond the 1960’s

      7. That’s what Democrats always say when their racism is exposed. Or, would rather give us an explanation as to why Sen. Byrd (D-W Va.) was a Grand Kleagle in the KKK? Your “polaric shift” claim doesn’t explain him, does it?

        1. I’m sorry if the truth is so inconvenient to many of you, but it explains why our party is slowly dying. You fail to admit our faults.

    2. The Democrat party revered the long time West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, who was an Exalted Cyclops in his local KKK chapter. He actually recruited members to the KKK up until his early 30’s.

          1. Yep, you’re a genius. You have no proof of that, just like you have no proof of the Tea Party being racist. Just because your mama told you so doesn’t make you one. She was probably just trying to be nice.

          2. Yes. And you can bench press a car. Anything else? Go ahead. You are posting anonymously. You can be whatever you say you are, not that I have to tell you that. How about Beauty Contests? How many have you won? How many symphonies have you written? And, by the way, thank you for taking time out from the Think Tank to share your brilliance with everyone.

        1. I see a video of clips strung together of individuals saying a few silly things, yet not ONE SINGLE STRAND of proof that clearly identifies any of these people as being representative of the Tea Party itself. Oh and nice link provided by the George Soros’ propaganda machine known as Think Progress.

      1. Because, Einstein, I’m a police officer in Texas and I’ve had to work these rallies. I can’t tell you how many times Tea Party members have screamed “GO HOME!” to American born Hispanics. Racist? Absolutely.

        1. Oh, ok, Pete. So you must have some video proof or something being a ‘cop’ and all. I mean, that’s what cops do, right? Collect evidence, etc. So where is all of the other proof? Everyone in the US with a smart phone has a video camera with them- yet no proof? Weird, must be a far right conspiracy.

          Or a bunch of malcontent liberal tool-bags….

    1. “Is the Tea Party racist? Without a doubt.”

      Alright Pete, back that statement up with proof. Give evidence for your claim. Detail statements of the leadership or those who started the movement that demonstrates racism. Give us some links to video showing Tea Party members yelling racist chants. Give names of minorities who have been excluded from Tea Party events.

      You can not. Therefore, I call you a liar for making that statement.

    2. Any proof (since it is without doubt) that the Tea Party is racist? With all the video cameras at the Tea Party demostrations, and there was not racist speeches. So where is your prrof that the party is racist. If your argument is that a few in the Tea Party is racist, then the Democratic party must be racist as well because I am sure they have some racist in their party.

    3. Why is the Tea Party racist? I’m so confused about this assumption? I’m not a member of the Tea Party but I haven’t found anything that makes me think they are racist except for the fact that they can’t stand Obama.

      If there is more please give examples.

    4. Is the Tea Party Racist? NO! The Tea Party is colorblind advocating freedom and opportunity for all, not out to pick winners and losers; that would be out of a liberals playbook. Anyone that would propose such nonsense is likely the racist themselves, the Kevin Boyle’s and his ilk that promote such BS; perhaps even you Pete. That is where the racism comes from by playing the race card which is ever present in the hands of liberals. The Democrat party is today’s Plantation Masters who willingly divide and conquer the populace in order to chastise anyone that dares to leave their ‘dependent’ state of indentured servitude to one that advocates ‘independence’ like conservatives, the Tea Party and ‘true’ Republicans.

    5. If the Tea Party is “without a doubt” racist, how do you explain that up until the plethora of sexual misconduct allegations Cain was the Tea Party pick for the 2012 Presidential run?

      I’ve seen zero racist comments or conduct from the Tea Party, while I see CONSTANT, open racism coming from liberals in the form of race baiting, anti-white rhetoric, and convincing “people of color” they’re entitled to the fruits of other people’s labors, thereby destroying their desire to become self reliant.

      You need to educate yourself on the true face of racism.

    6. I’m glad you’re so “fair minded” about all this. Now, in the spirit of “fairness” why don’t you substantiate your ridiculous claim that the Tea Party is racist.

      I suspect you just wanted an excuse to post “hyperbolic parallel” in your post. The year’s almost up now, hope you have another word-a-day calendar on your Christmas list…

    7. Pete, what evidence do you have that the Tea Party is Racist? The answer is simply no evidence. You can’t think!

      In any case the meme of Tea Party racism has envoloped your liberal “mind”. Pathetic, Pete.

    8. Sorry Pete but your statement cannot go without rebuttal. Out of 300 million Americans you can find fringe activity anyplace one would look. My Father hails from Cape Town and my Mother from Madrid. I know racism and the Tea Party collectively is not a racist movement with most future TP participants supporting Obama as evidenced in the last general election. I’m not one to be politically correct as this get one nowhere quick. Bottom line, Obama was, is and will continue to be a presidential disaster. The form and content of Mr. Boyle’s soliloquy is obvious. He knows that progressive’s thought they would enjoy decades of power with this new star Obama when it became apparent to most that it was mere months to wit, he now knows Obama is done. This is nothing more than a mediocre piece of fiction guised as a progressive tantrum as Mr. Boyle simply knows that he and his progressive friends are done and there is nothing a progressive can do at this late date than to put pen to paper or claw to keyboard in this particular instance.

    9. On what do you base your opinion about racism in the Tea Party? Without any facts you appear to be a deperate name-caller. Tell us what you are talking about with details.

    10. Where is any proof that the Tea Party is without a doubt racist?
      Just because someone says so does not make it so. Some in the Party may be and I am sure are but their views in that regard are not spouted out loud around other Tea Parties.

    11. Pete – How can you say so casually that the Tea Party is ‘racist – without a doubt’?

      Have you ever been to a rally, a protest or a meeting? You can’t go by the internet because there’s so much trash out there placed by the Left attempting to slander the Tea Party, like perhaps your own comment ?

      Yes, the Tea Party events I’ve attended with now well over a million people are predominantly white, but does that necessarily make them racist? I don’t consider myself a racist. I never saw or heard a single racist remark or sign at any of these events, even the day I watched Nancy Pelosi walk across the street with the big gavel trying to her best to elicit something worse than “Kill the Bill” from the crowd.

      Were there anti-Obama signs? Of course. Not because he’s black, but because of his hideous socialist policies. We value our God-given rights and our Constitution that protects the rights of everyone, all races included – even you.

    12. I’m also tired of people assuming a group of Americans can’t be 100% pure and saying “sure there are some racists in the Tea Party”. I’m not from Missouri but you need to show me. I never saw any.

    13. Well, that sentiment seems to be the party line for the left. But can you base that statement in fac,t or are you just parroting what you’re being fed? Been to a tea party? Seen or heard anything to support that opinion at a tea party or just something you’ve been told?

    14. Is Pete a moron? Without a doubt. Is Pete equivalent to a retard? Absolutely not. It’s an unfair and hyperbolic parallel to draw.

      See how easy that is Pete? Prove me wrong now.

    15. How do you arrive at the conclusion that the Tea Party is racist? That movement is about getting back to using the Constitution as our roadmap. Race has nothing at ALL to do with it~

    16. The Tea Party is definitely NOT racist. There may be a few racist in the party like any large group. But the party as a whole is against any form of racism.

    17. “Are the Tea Partiers racist? Absolutely”.

      The Tea Party has many minorities in its ranks. The Tea Partiers do not constantly bring up the “Race Card” like oyu liberals do. There have been many minorities posted that claim to be followers.
      The Democrats were the original followers of the KKK. They were also the original opponents for equal rights.

    18. Tea party racist without a doubt? For wanting accountability in government? For wanting to balance the country’s checkbook?

      You’ve never talked to any tea party people, have you?

    1. If Dr. Boyle is truly an honest broker, he should also include important facts such that the KKK was started in the South by prominent Democrats. Old line politicians who were staunch segregationists and key KKK supporters included powerful Democrats such as Sen. Al Gore, Sr., Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd and Democratic Sheriff Bull Conner of Alabama who unleashed attack dogs and high pressure fire hoses on peaceful black demonstrators during the mid-1960’s. In fact, it was the moderate Northeast wing of the Republican party who got the the 1964 Civil Rights Act to LBJ’s desk overcoming the filibusters that Dem senators used to block civil rights legislation in 1956 and 1958. Why are these historical facts always omitted from discussions involving race in America?

    2. Paranoid columnist Keith Koffler is the one who said “Tea Party,” not the NYT historian Kevin Boyle, whom he attacks in this weak hit piece. Why do all ya’ll Hillbillies assume that Boyle, was referring to the “Tea Party?” Because the stinky shoe fits, perhaps? If you hill-folk had finished the fourth grade and had some of your natural teeth you might be what ya’ll think is “liberal”, too!

      1. Again, typical lib response. Just divert the conversation, act stupid and enough liberals will jump on board with the same rebuttal.. Good job Drake “Tool” Jones. Now, march left until Axelrod tells you to do otherwise!

  13. How interesting that a historian would not know that the Democrat Party started the KKK. There is not a whiff of racism in the Tea Party movement and never was. Name a single racist act by the Tea Party movement. You can’t. On the other hand the Democrat Party started killing black people right after the American Civil War to stop them from voting with voting laws, spawned the KKK and later put most black people back on the plantation but now they call it the “project”. What a bunch of dim bulbs at the NYT.

  14. What do you expect from Obooboo supporters. These ppl are so dumb and brainwashed, they will believe anything. Can’t wait until the welfare stops!

  15. This is actually great news. The left is getting more and more out of control as the reality of 2010 and the future of 2012 is finally soaking into the mush between their ears. With their Dear Leader an utter and contemptible failure they are staring down decades as an insignificant, permanent minority status and it’s scaring the hell out of em. The vitriol will get louder and more vile but it will not drown the voices of freedom.

  16. Anything – anything written in and for the New York Times is at best of no consequence and usually an outright falsehood.Maur, Krugie – what can one say.

  17. This is why they’ve dumbed down history to the extent that they have. The KKK was a DEMOCRAT organization, created to intimidate Republicans. Liberals will always project their own faults onto others.

  18. All in a week when a mobile telecom merger is derailed by political action group efforts at the federal level. And no one follows the money to see who is being enriched. And they compare the tea party to everything negative? I now know that the turn of investigative journalism to being an oxymoron is a leftist turn.

  19. Funny thing, though, it’s OWS that has been endorsed by several white-supremacist groups. And, correct me if I’m mistaken, but not one Tea Party event has devolved into violence–as opposed to pretty much every OWS event. Oh yeah, but the Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of fascists. Ignorant much, mr. “historian”.

    1. not only white supremacist groups, but Hamas and Chavez also support OWS. I think I’ll stick with the “racist” tea party, thank you!

  20. The strange thing is while the comparison between the Tea Party and the KKK can easily be made in a rhetorical sense, there is in fact no factual evidence to prove one is similar to the other.

    This is just another Alinsky tactic being brought to bear by no doubt, a far left wanderer of the Ivory Tower that is Academia. These Academics are so out of touch with reality, it isn’t even funny.

    Nothing discredits a movement better than trying to draw similarities between it (the Tea Party) and a duly maligned hate group like the KKK. Many Americans are too apathetic/lazy/bereft of common sense to learn from themselves. They will just react to such a comparison as the author intents – with fear and revulsion.

  21. Let us not forget the KKK was a Democrat organization. They were focused on attacking anyone who would vote Reublican. They remain to this day a largely Democrat organization, filled with Union thugs and bosses afraid to show their faces in public.

  22. The tea party is racist like the KKK?

    Wait a second, wasnt Robert Byrd (among others) a democrat? Lets not have the facts get in the way of our emotional argument though.


  23. “A piece in Sunday’s New York Times book review section compared the Tea Party to the Ku Klux Klan.”

    Wow!, I don’t think that Dems like KKK Byrd would have EVER joined the Tea Party. The NYT’s needs to institute drug testing on employees.

  24. The one problem with this lunatic Kevin Boyle is that he doesn’t have an inkling of history. His attempts to compare the Tea Party with the KKK is simply laughable and shows his complete ignorance and stupidity. Does he think that anyone takes him seriously? Doesn’t he realize that he is comparing a conservative movement to a leftist organization. The KKK rose from the Democrats just as the Jim Crow laws did. The Democrats were the racists then and they are the racists now. They can’t escape from their racist moniker. Democrats not only started the KKK but they went about killing blacks and Republicans throughout the South after the Civil War to prevent them from voting. This is well documented, but of course, all this documentation escape Kevin’s notice. Bad comparison Kevin. Nice try, but you’re wrong to the point of showing your complete ignorance. Also to throw Conservative Christians in the pile is also simply unbelievable. Go back to high school Kevin. Oh that’s right, that’s where you picked up your propaganda in the first place from ignorant leftist called teachers.

    1. Boyle could care less about the truth. The only “truth” he and his ilk want is that which brings them accolades from their fellow trolls.

  25. Here we go with the racist Tea Party bit again? Yet with all the imbedded liberal loonies and their camera phones at Tea Party events, where’s the proof- just one shred? I mean, c’mon, that claim simply doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Fiscal accountability, smaller government- actually for the People, and a return to spending sanity is somehow translated to racist, borderline terroristic, activity.

    Those of you buying this need to get your money back because you’ve been had.

  26. Propaganda is the final bastion of all that is leftist.

    The Democrat party, the elitists despised the blacks because they were different. They wanted to be free as all conservatives crave to be, therefore the Sanger types concocted a plan. Instead of enslaving them, they would incorporate them into their plans. They instituted poverty reforms that would forever impoverish them. For over 70 years, the Democrats instituted a society that not only impoverished them, incapacitated them. They had leaders like MSNBC’s Sharpton tell them that they cannot help themselves, that they required bailouts from everyone else.

    Sharpton and others of his ilk do not think that anyone of the black persuasion could make it on their own, therefore the welfare system.

    How goes that war on poverty? Cornell West I hear is saying that war and conflict is the only thing that will work to fix this society. I guess that works in places like the middle east. Continuing conflict helps the lower in society, right?

  27. Extraordinary how nincompoops compare a constitutional, diverse and freedom loving Tea Party to a white supremacist outgrowth of the Democratic Party! Yes, Virginia, each one of those pointy hoods had a democrat beneath it and that same party invented the Jim Crow laws. ‘Tis a classic case of denial and transference.

  28. You are a sensationalist moron. PROVE that the Tea Party has been “hijacked by racists” like so many of you nutjob lefties want to claim. If you had actually been listening to the Tea Partiers themselves rather than the biased media you would see that they have the same problems with Bush that they have with Obama. Last time I checked wanting smaller government didn’t include lynch mobs. Can’t say the same for the OWS crowd and their fervent anti Jew chants, signage and rhetoric. Want to talk about fringe elements hijacking a cause? Like the Neo Nazi Party attending OWS events?

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