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Biden Pops Up in Baghdad

Vice President Biden arrived today for an unannounced visit to Iraq. I hope he is there to negotiate keeping about 10,000 U.S. forces around to help safeguard the victory and serve as a strategic counter to Iran.

But what are the odds of that?

From the White House:

Vice President Biden has arrived in Baghdad, Iraq. While there, the Vice President will co-chair a meeting of the U.S.-Iraq Higher Coordinating Committee. He will also meet with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, President Jalal Talabani, Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, and other political leaders. The Vice President will also participate in, and give remarks at, an event to commemorate the sacrifices and accomplishments of U.S. and Iraqi troops.

18 Responses to Biden Pops Up in Baghdad

  1. The Iraqi elite may have come to their senses and realized that they would be vunerable to invasion if all the American troops leave at once. This meeting should have been top-priority months ago.

    This kind of high-level international meeting raises the question of why the MSM continues to portray VPBiden as a bumbling doofus when it’s obvious that he is a clever, intelligent negotiator that our Prez feels confident sending into the fray.

  2. The USA in action today.
    JoeBiteme in Iraq.
    Bam preparing to campaign again in Pennsylvania.
    I hear the price of the tickets has been reduced.

  3. Get every last troop out. Wasted money. Wasted war. Wasted American lives in the Middle East cesspool. Stupid war based on misleading data. I watched too many Americans die in that pit. And watched even more sustain horrific injuries. All for what?

  4. Dear Mr. Biden:
    As an American citizen and therefore your boss, please inquire as to the the status of the security of the Aynak Copper mine. I hear all those newly american-trained Afghan secuity forces would rather protect their Chinese paymasters at the mine than actually help safeguard and defend their own country.
    It would be comforting to know you’ll be returning with a nice big fat check for Training Services rendered. And yes, Obama Blog Watchers (OBWs) I would ask the same of Cheney.