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Basketball Stars to Play in “Obama Classic” Fundraiser

Magic Johnson will lead retinue of professional basketball players who will play in a December 12 fundraiser to benefit President Obama’s reelection drive, according to an announcement on the Obama campaign website.

Tickets start at $200 for general admission and head up to $500 a piece for “premium lower deck” seats and $5,000 to sit courtside.

Among those listed for the event, billed as the “Obama Classic,” are both men’s and women’s stars, as well as retired greats like Magic Johnson and Patrick Ewing. Here are the names on the list so far, with more to be added:

Ray Allen – Carmelo Anthony – Chris Bosh – Vince Carter – Tyson Chandler – Jamal Crawford – Kevin Durant – Baron Davis – Patrick Ewing – Derek Fisher – Rudy Gay – Blake Griffin – Tyler Hansbrough – Juwan Howard – Antawn Jamison – Earvin “Magic” Johnson – Dahntay Jones – Brandon Knight – Kevin Love – Jamal Mashburn – Cheryl Miller – Alonzo Mourning – Dikembe Mutombo – Hamady Ndiaye – Chris Paul – Paul Pierce – Quentin Richardson – Doc Rivers – Steve Smith – Jerry Stackhouse – Amare Stoudemire – Tina Thompson – John Wall – Russell Westbrook

“Special guest coaches” like filmaker Spike Lee will also be on hand.

The stars will have plenty of time to play hoops for Obama since they’ve been on strike and don’t go back to work until Christmas. The Monday afternoon game starts at 4 pm.

Can a NASCAR race for the eventual GOP nominee be far behind?

32 thoughts on “Basketball Stars to Play in “Obama Classic” Fundraiser”

  1. The NBA should not let the players starting their season on Christmas participate in this game. They have way too much invested in these guys to let them possibly get hurt in this charade.

  2. Millionaire basket-ball players are having a fund-raiser for a millionaire politician who wants desperately to raise the taxes of millionaires to further his political agenda of giving their money to his political friends.

    The ‘cheap’ seats are $200@, how much are they charging for the hot dogs?

    1. Maybe the Occupy people can stop by. “Occupy Obama Classic” has a nice ring to it.
      Especially around Christmas, when a LOT of children will be disappointed (and likely hungry), for this imbecile to stage such an event FOR HIMSELF is beyond belief. A charity event, maybe but a political fund raiser?

  3. Not being an NBA fan, I have to wonder who will pay to attend this?
    Some rich Hollywood and/or BB fans may have to buy the tickets to distribute to the commoners.

  4. I’m sure Mooch will enjoy this as much as she did during the baskeball game COOTUS took in during the Thanksgiving weekend. The pictures I saw showed her with a very uninterested look. Of course COOTUS was shoving a hotdog in his food hole in these pictures that showed her.
    She should organize a cheerleading squad and flex those arms of hers. We have seen her dance or wiggle so maybe she could get Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi to cheer as well.

  5. Also I am not a BB fan, though my daughter is. But isn’t Magic Johnson kinda…you know…geriatric for this? Is this a put-up like the Harlem Globetrotters or pro wrestling?

    1. For some reason they think that white boys can’t jump.

      Detest the NBA.

      College BB is not as much fun as it once was either but still follow my Razorbacks…same as in football.

      Our second favorite college sport, after football, is baseball….now there you see lots and lots of smart, white boys!

      1. Tyler Hansbrough is the only white guy on the list.

        To be fair, NASCAR is almost 100% white but it’s not by invitation. You have to compete for a spot.

        Rev. J. Wright will be giving the invocation.

        1. Drive around the Atlanta Beltway and you’ll see plenty of Black NASCAR Wannabes, but they are in a hurry for the next drug deal.

  6. Thugs helping out the thug-in-chief–move along, nothing new/to see here!

    Oh, and one other thing–aren’t these jokers part of the 1%? Why doesn’t OWS protest them and all the other overpaid professional “athletes”, along with overpaid actors/actresses? Re-distribute their wealth and keep your hands off of my hard earned $$$!

    1. Speaking of half-vast blowhards, Harvey Weinstein on O’Reilly saying how intelligent Obama is, how we could never find anyone better, sure he’d pay more… O’Reilly said how much more… Blank. Well, he had never thought of it…you mean a percentage? Of money–you mean like HIS money? Unintentional comedy.

  7. Honestly, this just has me speechless. I don’t know why, exactly, it offends me more than Hollywood stars raising funds in their mansions, but for some reason it does.

    The “Obama Cassic”? Ugh. That’s it. I’m done with the NBA.

  8. I sure would appreciate it if El Presidente Sporto would concentrate on attempting to lead the country and put aside his time consuming hobbies for the next year. Who knows, he might figure out how to rationally solve problems instead of looking at some idea of Utopian Bullsh!t or ignoring pressing issues.

  9. I bet Obama is more hands-on & interested in organizing this useless Propaganda event than even trying to show, or care about his “Presidential leadership”

    I WISH someone in the “press” had the balls to challenge Obama and his weak/hands off/not my fault/not interested/blame everyone else, style of “leadership”… Obama is such a PATHETIC excuse for a President, and sadly I can see him & his supporters pulling some shameful stunts (re: crisis?) over the next year to keep him in power… and sadly todays Republicans will do/say nothing as this Nation truly spirals down after 2012…

  10. Oh if I were an attorney I would be going over the contracts of these players
    to see if what they are doing breaches any of their deals. I really bet there might be something to fine them for should have someone take a look would
    be so sad if had to be cancelled. But doing things against the law rarely has
    any affect on Obama or his minions. Hope they at least are fined.

  11. Did anyone watch the celebrity basketball game the day or so before the NBA All-Star game last year? Bieber was a huge hit. I think BO wants to be just like Bieber. You know he will make an appearance in the game and they will let him swish a 3 and then prance off the court like a champion.

  12. Wow-wee, a virtual ho’s-ho list of Africans first, plus Americans second. I can’t hardly wait to find out how much this is gonna cost the rest of us.

  13. When I hear Magic Johnson’s name I always wonder how many women he gave AIDS to before he discovered he’d gotten it himself from promiscuous sex.

    I remember general indignation that a sports star could get a nasty disease from indulging in all the women he could dick.

    No one ever thought about his having spread the disease as a result of his selfish actions.

  14. This man is a disgrace to America and he is making us look like idiots right under our noses. Just a comment about the those basketball players involved, I did not see any white players names. Wouldn’t this be considered racist if it were the other way around. America wake up this man is a fraud and milking us for all he can get. The icing on the cake is the attending of that noted racist Spike Lee. What next a touch football game for all black NFL players who have served time for crimes they have committed. Get him out in 2012 or suffer the consequences.

  15. This is a disgrace, wake up America this man is making a fool of you right under your nose. Isn’t it odd that the only players involved in this “fund raiser” are black, if they where white there would be cries of racisism. I see one of the gusest of honor is that noted racist Spike Lee. The arrogance of this man to pull off such a scam right in front of us is frightening. What next a touch football game on the White House lawn with only black NFL players who did time for crimes they committed. Vote him out next year or suffer the consequences

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