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Obama Votes in GOP Primaries Against Romney

The DNC – and by extension, the Obama campaign, from which it takes its orders – has released a new advertisement attacking Mitt Romney. Take a look.

What’s interesting about this ad is that it seems targeted more at Republicans than Democrats.

What bothers Republicans most about Romney? That the only thing unchangeable about him seems to be he hair, and that he formerly held moderate to liberal positions. That’s exactly what this ad gets at.

To energize its Democratic base and appeal independents, the Obama campaign is preparing other messages.

For general election purposes, the Obama campaign is moving from Hope and Change to Fear and Loathing. The Republican candidate will be portrayed as a gruesome monster intent on depriving women, Hispanics, blacks, poor people and the middle class of their rights and their Social Security checks while handing what remains of their property to the rich and reestablishing the Third Reich.

During the general election, the campaign will need to deemphasize past positions of the GOP nominee that seem moderate to liberal. So this ad is not really for independents and Democrats. While it implants in them too the message that Romney is a flip flopper, it’s mainly for Republicans.

The Obama campaign believes it will run against Romney, and it fears him the most. Just over a month before the first primary, it’s doing what it can to deny him the nomination.

43 thoughts on “Obama Votes in GOP Primaries Against Romney”

  1. It’s a good ad and fair game. Conservative Republicans have been running the same ads against Romney for a while now.

    Mitt passes the daughter test. She’ll vote for Mitt but probably no one else on the Republican ticket. She voted for McCain even though her husband, my son-in-law, or as I call him, “what’s his name” is a big Obama supporter.

  2. Dirty Politics is all they know, isn’t it?
    I am trying to recover from seeing the Obama/Biden trash for sale by the Campaign.
    Martini glasses or a spatula? Hmmm…will have to think about that….do not play golf and do not wear Tshirts….could get my husband that apron for the grill but he might leave me if I did…my dog would not eat from that bowl….Forget It!

    Come 2012!!!! Quickly!!!!

    1. What? You didn’t take advantage of the 10% Turkey Day sale at Obama HQ? Was thinking of getting a few things as gag gifts, but decided against it. Wouldn’t put one red cent in their pockets. They take enough of my money involuntarily already.

  3. I had to watch this ad twice because it sounded like a pro-Romney ad to me.
    It presents GovRomney as a moderate/liberal that would appeal to some Dems who are not happy with the Prez, but not willing to vote for a hard-right candidate.

    On the government-run healthcare: Americans don’t question or criticize what the voters of another individual state want or laws they enact. RomneyCare was an experiment that went wrong or didn’t meet expectations for one state. Obamacare was a massive takeover of the national healthcare system that will be proved to be unconstitutional.
    Big difference there.

    The Prez’s campaign gurus are misreading the mood of the voters. Anti-Obama voters don’t care which of the Repub candidates is the eventual winner in the primaries, because they understand that every one of them holds the common values that unite us as Americans.

    1. Just had an email from a reasonable acquaintance–the Repubs are elitist–etc. If we don’t slog back at letting these tweens define the issue, the 99% who barely know what’s going on (yes, THAT 99%) will buy into this stuff. This really worries me.

      1. Anti-Obama voters don’t care which of the Repub candidates is the eventual winner in the primaries, because they understand that every one of them holds the common values that unite us as Americans.

        I agree–if they are anti-Obama…Many are sticking. At least so far. That is my worry–letting the Dems define the issues, as Keith said.

  4. It seems to me that one of the biggest problems with the GOP is the seemingly long standing belief that who ever came in second during the last primary go round is to be the standard bearer for the next election.

    Romney pulled up short of McCain, and now is being pushed by the Republican Apparatchik. It is this type of fools errand that will allow Obama to win in 2012. The “professionals” running the GOP need to either step aside or shut up and allow for a free and open debate between the candidates, à la Lincoln – Douglas.

    The seeming fact that Romney is the “chosen” one for the GOP is troubling, and the minimizing and demonizing of other candidates does nothing more than allow the Obot machine to work in high gear.

    While I feel that the field of Republican candidates is too large, and will end up costing too much to get out their message during the primaries, it is good to see that there are some potential candidates that are willing to stand and be counted. The fact that Gingrich has been making a move in the polls, and that Cain, while slipping, is still hanging in there, may force the GOP leadership to rethink their heir apparent mentality.

    Whether Romney would make a good president is questionable, but I think anyone the GOP ends up running needs to run not only on their credentials, but also as the anti-Obama. This is what brought Obama to power, the anti-Bush mentality, and it can play out the same way in ’12 if the GOP has the stomach for the fight. My fear is that if Romney is selected, he will run the same kind of campaign that McCain did, “We don’t question Obama about his past” but the DNC and Obama will bring up every little thing, whoever the GOP candidate is, did since conception.

    It’s going to get ugly but it ought to be fun to watch from a historic view.

    1. You are absolutely right about Romney running the same kind of campaign as McCain. Watched Romney’s interview with Sean Hannity last week and, while he sounds like he’s sincere, I couldn’t help but notice that he would not acknowledge that Obama is a socialist. That concerns me because it means the establishment doesn’t see the same danger most of us see. If our Republican nominee doesn’t have the backbone to challenge the man as well as his policies, we’re in big trouble.

      1. While Obummer fits my definition of socialist, most Americans don’t think of him as that. Romney continues to run a moderate election-cycle campaign during the primaries. That’s good, it makes for less ‘more recent’ flip flops. Candidates running hard-right now, will have to moderate to win. Painful to hear, but I think true.

          1. I am not sure I would say categorically that he is a socialist. Trying to use these overused and at the same time, inexact terms, to me gets people worried and stirred up without knowing why. People call people a communist–those who came up last century may get a frisson of distaste, but it whips over many heads. I would prefer big govt guy v self-reliance and innovation…something like that.

    2. From “a historic view,” yes, you’re right.

      We’re in the middle of that old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

  5. If the Obama campaign fears Romney the most, as Keith writes, then Romney is a fine candidate. I hope that he will have a really clever and nasty campaign organizer by his side. A new Lee Atwater ?

  6. First of all, I do not believe the Obamanoids fear Romney at all. In fact, they WANT him to be the GOP candidate because they believe he can be easily beaten by The Enlightened One. I’ve believed for months now that this election is going to be one of those seminal elections on which the direction of the country turns and for the first time in lord knows how long…the people are actually going to select theGOP candidate via the primaries. Why waste money on conventions any more? That’s so 20th C :))

    One of the reasons I mistrust Romney is because I have the distinct feeling he’s being pushed on me. I’m tired of that feeling…had it in 2008, 1996, and 1992. I may end up voting for Mittens but probably not in my state primary (end of January). He’s got to earn my vote…

    1. The only way I will vote for him is if he gets the nomination…will do what I can to stop that…that may not be much but I will be talking!
      I don’t think our primary here is until May. It could be over by then.

  7. I’d vote for a ham sandwich before Obama. I’m a member of the ABO conservatives–Anybody But Obama. If I have to vote for Romney to get rid of the commie Obama, I will. I don’t like Romney and I don’t trust him but at least he’s not a Communist intent on destroying America.

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  13. I would welcome it IF I could respond and actually have my opinions read by someone in the Democratic party that actually counted. Of course, THAT will never happen, SO, bring it on! I have a really good SPAM filter.

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