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Obama Sets Record for Political Travel

Yes, they all do it. But one does it more.

President Obama set a record for campaigning while pretending to do official business, heading out to 54 events in 11 presidential battleground states over 42 days since the beginning of the year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

By comparison, George W. Bush held 49 events in 34 days by this time in 2003, “drawing complaints from Democrats,” according to the Journal. The seemingly apolitical Bill Clinton managed only 40 events over 24 days by this time in 1995.

Obama either has mistresses in states like Ohio and Florida or he’s campaigning there. The events are billed as “official business,” but we understand what he’s really after. He rarely finds himself in non-swing states like Texas unless he’s there to raise money. Places like Nebraska, Oklahoma or Alaska are more likely to be visited by foreign leaders.

On two occasions he’s dropped all pretense and actually done campaign-style bus tours.

Asked about the story today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “Move along, nothing to see here.”

Okay, actually he said this:

What happened in 2008 was Barack Obama, then-Senator Obama, expanded the political map dramatically .   . .

If you took off the map and said the president of the United States can’t travel to states that are perceived to be battleground states, you would severely limit the capacity of this president and any of his successors to travel anywhere . . .

And if every president, whether it’s President Obama or his successor, or any successor after that, were to simply say, “Oh, I can’t travel to any state that might be contested in the next election,” then the president would have to spend most of his time here in Washington, D.C. And I don’t think that any president should do that.

If you were wondering exactly what “spin” is, well, now you know. Actually, spin is supposed to be somewhat believable, so maybe this is not the best example.

13 thoughts on “Obama Sets Record for Political Travel”

  1. Well, yes MrCarney, the President should spend all his time in the WhiteHouse. The POTUS should not belittle his office by appearing at fund-raisers and begging for campaign money, that should be the job of his supporters.
    He should not be flying here and there to talk to children, or working people to give a speech on his agenda, he can simply call a press conference and say anything he wants.
    Yes, we would like our Prez to curtail his travel plans (and those of his wife) and spend time trying to get things moving in Washington.
    The most we ask of our Prez is that he spend the majority of his time at the WhiteHouse where every comfort and need are supplied by the taxpayers. Why we even provide a week-end hide-a-way up in the mountains.

    Quit campaigning and start ,um, presidenting.

    1. Good point. Why does the president have to go out “among the people?” Did Lincoln travel around the North chit chatting away about stuff? Did Franklin Roosevelt even?

      If people want to see the president, they can turn on CNN. And if he needs to hear from them, he can invite them to the White House. Constant travel is unnecessary and expensive.

    2. Great advice srdem. Unfortunately he will pay it no heed. He has put winning re-election ahead of everything else, certainly above the welfare of America and her people. As much as he avoids the White House and the job he was elected to do, I wonder why is he campaigning so frantically.

      1. Winning reelection??? He is in his second term, no more reelections for him. He is campaigning for others, not himself. He campaigns because it’s the only thing he knows how to do.

  2. If this news comes as a surprise to anyone, it’s because they live on another planet. He’s The ADD President, unable to sit still for any length of time!

    As a follow-up, I’d like to know how many days Obama has actually sat behind the desk in the Oval Office. Two? Five? None?

  3. And after he and Moochelle attended the Oregon State game they had time to go home and freshen up before Moochelle left for Chicago to attend Maggie Daley’s funeral with Joe Biden and wife yesterday. These imposters are costing us taxpayers a boatload of money with their travel expenses.

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  5. Bam is at his happiest on the campaign trail with adorning fans.
    Back in the White House he is expected to do work.
    Have to wonder about that!
    Chris Christie had some choice words for him this morning.
    What exactly does Bam do that is constructive?

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