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Basketball Day for Obama

President Obama is making basketball the center of his day today, playing hoops in the morning and then heading out to a college game that will feature Oregon State, the team coached by brother-in-law Craig Robinson.

Obama this morning is playing hoops at Fort McNair with Reggie Love, the personal aide who is leaving by the end of the year. Love also played golf with Obama Friday.

Obama will then travel to Towson University just outside of Baltimore to see Towson take on Oregon State. Obama will travel to Towson with his family, likely by chopper.

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  1. Taking the family to see UncleCraig and his team play is really nice and so much better than going off to play golf all day with friends.
    Good for him. I hope they all have a fine time, and may the best team win.

      1. As for this Reggie Love–also not of interest…Stay, go, vaporize–who cares. Will this help the economy, will it take down one Foreclosure sign, rent out one vacant mall store…It’s not like Obama is going to sit there on a Sat (or any day) and use his self-professed giant brain to help us, so whatever…

  2. They have an outdoor court built especially for Obama at the WH. I’m sure it’s warm enough today to play outside instead of a motorcade to Ft McNair with its added expensive. I’m pretty sure Obama is hyperactive and has to be constantly on the go, taxpayers be damned.

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  4. Guess he didn’t hear about Pakistan cutting off the supply line to our troops in Afghanistan after a skirmish on the border. Otherwise, getting on the horn with Pakistani leadership and working out our differences would be the center of his day today. The war drums are beating in the ME and the “commander and chief” is missing from his assigned post. He doesn’t even pretend at being a leader any longer. That such a loser got elected in the first place is a testament to how far this country has fallen.

    1. He can’t be bothered to be concerned about a little thing like a war.
      He’s got better and more important things to be concerned about…..
      don’t cha know?
      It’s all about HIM.

  5. He is giving the US a big FU-I can’t read the news about him anymore it makes me sick.

    Does he EVER WORK? I know it’s a holiday weekend and all but he is the pres and this country is in the toilet-golf and basketball taking up whole days is unconscionable

  6. Actor Bill Murray is at the game too. Son Luke, is an asst. for Towson. Along with some current and past Maryland congressman and other VIP’s. Oh, it’s a scene man!

    Normally, a team like Towson would travel to OSU and get paid for doing so. But of course, that is not what this is about. OSU has scheduled a few games in the D.C. area in the past 2 years. And why would ESPN show this game? Oh yeah. The over/under on close-up shots of Barry and Moochelle by ESPN, is at 61.

  7. Believe this is the first time he’s played “hoops” since he got popped in the puss. I guess if he controls the wisecracks, he won’t get a fat lip. Good advice for all of us I guess. Me for one, will learn by Obama’s error.

  8. I just hope that OSU is not going to ask for more stimulus money being that they received a little over 26 MILLION dollars the last time.

    1. And here is the biggest problem America has; the ill informed being satisfied staying that way as long as their delusions of superiority are constantly fed by willing collaborators in the decline of your nation.


      “Despite those accomplishments, according to the chain e-mail, Robinson’s saving grace was a $17 million federal stimulus check made out to the university courtesy of the Obama administration. But that theory is seriously flawed. First, there is no record of Education Under Secretary Martha Kanter being “dispatched to Corvallis” with federal money. Second, the $17.8 million that the university actually received via the federal stimulus bill, and that this e-mail refers to, had been awarded to the school by Sept. 30, 2009. The men’s basketball season, however, didn’t get underway until Nov. 13, 2009. Either the Obama administration figured the men’s team would struggle early and sent the money in advance, just in case OSU Athletic Director Bob De Carolis got any crazy ideas about letting the president’s brother-in-law go, or this e-mail is just flat out wrong. We’ve been in this game too long to believe the former.”

      Carol, I believe you are smarter than the bigotry you were taught. I also think you want America to be a better place for those you love. Listen to all sides and help make America a better place for Conservatives and Liberals and all in between.

      1. One would hope that a member of the intelligentsia would know that is supported by the Annenberg Foundation, which has past ties to Obama and his pal Bill Ayers. Their purported “facts” should not be swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

    1. Actually, this kind of reportage takes the place of the town square of days gone by where news and information was passed from one to another.
      None of us here seem to have “gleeful” distain for MrO’s sitting in the President’s chair, but are really upset and dismayed by his actions and, of course, his non-actions on important issues that confront our country.
      You’re welcome to provide us with the answers to our country’s many problems, if you please. We’re listening.

      1. The very first solution would be a labor-business-government summit with the highest members of Congress and the Supreme Court. This week long summit would be an opportunity for frank discussion by Corporations and Labor in the presence of government to address why the most powerful job creating organs in America are sitting on a stash of over $ 2MMMM that could be paying the salaries of workers.

        Next, since Corporations pay few taxes anyway I would seek help from Congress on amending the tax code to lower the corporate income tax to 10%. This tax would be a loophole free tax that would have to be paid by any corporation with net revenue of over $10 MM per fiscal year.

        To assure that every American has health care from cradle to grave I would move for a Constitutional amendment be brought forth stating that all Americans have a right to health care. A healthier work force is a powerful tool for growth.

        Every minority [Black, Latino, Asian, Native American] child and every child in a single parent household[ regardless of ethnicity] in America would have a voucher that would pay for two years at a community college and a full scholarship to the school of his or her choice if after that 2 years they had a gpa of 3.5 or higher.

        I would cap individual income taxes at 45% for those making more than $337, 500 per year and the tax code would be rewritten so that no more refunds would be paid. This would add at least $465 MMM to the Treasury every ten years. Even those who make the minimum taxabale amount of $12,500 per year would be subject to a 1% income tax over the course of the fiscal year.The IRS could be abolished because filing would no longer be necessary. Deductions for homes et cetera would be done away with as they do nothing but encourage the middle class to waste money that would be better invested in education and consumer spending on durable goods.

        Those are just a few to start.

        1. Fine suggestions for a socialist state, which America is not. More government intrusion into our lives is not the answer. Unleash the creativity and ingenuity of the American people by removing the many obstacles imposed by the leviathan administrative state and this country will thrive and prosper.

          “Government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem” ~ Ronald Reagan

        2. “Every minority [Black, Latino, Asian, Native American] child and every child in a single parent household[ regardless of ethnicity] in America would have a voucher that would pay for two years at a community college and a full scholarship to the school of his or her choice if after that 2 years they had a gpa of 3.5 or higher.”

          And that makes you a racist. There are plenty of white children with two good parents who come from economically challenged families and could benefit from this program — but you’ll hand this benefit out on the basis of skin color.


          1. Thank you, Anonna. As a married Swedish-Filipino, father of three, I was boiling to say what you said. Whatever this “esquire” G.T.F.O. is fomenting is garbage. Needs to find a commune and renounce citizenship, if he has that privilege.

          2. As a US citizen of Chinese descent, it is truly degrading for some liberal to automatically assume that I need help putting my kids through college. We’ve been paying six-figure income taxes for over twenty years and what do we get in return? The “honor” of continued marginalization.
            College degrees, homeownership and healthcare are not RIGHTS. People must WORK to attain these goals. Expecting the government to foot the bill devalues any sense of individual accomplishment and leads to a complete lack of incentive.
            If we abolish minimum wage, illigitimize all unions, and impose prohibitive taxes on any company that sends its production to outside of the US, then I think we could begin to dig ourselves out of this hole.
            To the lib–stop trying to put “minorities” in college. College does not equate to a successful and meaningful life. Work ethics and attitude are invaluable compared to a piece of paper.

          3. I disagree. I feel that all of those things are rights and to have to rights protected by a strong government would assure more success for all people in the United States. I agree on the work ethic front but to change work ethic and values the parents have to come from backgrounds that include higher education and a value placed on that piece of paper. One has to begin somewhere.

          4. Anona I feel that the good that can be done by such a program would have an eventual trickle down effect. Economically challenged white families would still have the Pell Grant program and other means by which to educate their system. What is wrong with fixing the errors of the past that were based on racist principles that assured whites power and privilege for centuries?

    1. He thinks he’s Mr. Cool with that gum smacking. Photo-oping shopping is right. Did they even buy anything after pretending to look at books for all of 30 seconds?

      1. Yes:

        Earlier in the day, on a visit to a bookstore a few blocks from the White House, the president picked up a hardback copy of Descent into Chaos: The U.S. and the Disaster in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia.

        The book, by Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid, critiques America’s foreign policy and ‘failed war on terror’ following the September 11 attacks…..

        Perhaps the most entertaining choice of reading was Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi – a picture book that, as its title suggests, shows different sized animals as they poop.

        Read more:


    2. I am just so sick of this guy I’m ready to scream. The whole country/world is going down the tubes and all he cares about is the perks of the office. I’m sick of hearing him lecture us low lifes and seeing him be so arrogant to other world leaders..that’s when he isn’t bowing to some of them. If this guy lectures us on how we need to stop spending one more time I’m going to pop a gasket.
      Then, you have the idiots who are ready to vote for him again!! My sister thinks he is wonderful…I’m SO glad that I missed that DNA of hers!!!! People are just to stupid and too lazy to think for themselves. As long as he strokes them verbally and gives them some of MY hard earned money, they’ll vote for him every chance they get.
      I just have had it.

          1.…hardly. More like I grew up and thought for myself. My parents voted for every Dem on the ticket, irregardless of their positions on issues. I am not a Republican, I’m a Conservative, and I vote that way.

          2. Lisa would you say that you are disillusioned with the field of candidates the GOP has put forth? Many of us here see a serious rift between those like you who call themselves conservatives and are more concerned with social issues and mainstream GOP establishmentarians. Could you see the hardliners in your party breking away from the GOP after a loss to Obama in 2012?

          3. I’m not disillusioned at all. I like Cain and a few others. I don’t believe the so called claims against Cain either. Do I see people breaking away? They already have and it’s the Tea Party. The media is hell bent on making Romney the GOP winner and is doing everything they can to bring down the ones who are on top.

  9. And, of course, the “Commander and Chief” can’t be bothered with the events in Pakistan! Oh wait!..what am I thinking? The Muslims love us since he became the big chief!

  10. I opened my paper and on the cover of USA TODAY WEEKEND–the Obamas as the all-American, turkey serving couple from Norman Rockwell. Aiee. I heard Rockwell was a frosty mean sort, too–so I guess…but it almost ruined my morning. Resist, Star!

    1. I laughed, too. MrsO wearing a 1950’s apron, carrying a 20lb turkey to the table was so preposterous and untrue that it was almost insulting.

      MrO’s message to America seemed to be that he and his entire family are wonderful, good, hard-working, love all things American, embrace the military, and are just downright plain old folks.

  11. Does the idiot Obama ever work?

    My husband is an executive for a small company and he…
    wait for it…sometimes has to work ON THE WEEKEND.

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