As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Have a wonderful holiday

I hope you are having great day with the people you love. I know some of you cannot, but I hope you enjoy the day too. I spent several Thanksgivings waiting tables, so I know the feeling.

This year I will be consuming mass quantities, as the Coneheads used to say. And not just alcohol . . .

Anyway, stay safe, and as a swim coach once told us: “Don’t come back looking like a bunch of Butterballs.” Advice I have routinely ignored, year after year.

See you tomorrow.

18 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m still waiting for my bird to finish cooking. I thought it was thawed out. Guess not. Better luck next year.

    It’s the same turkey served at the White House from Jaindl’s Turkey Farm
    which I learned later. I hope it’s good for breakfast.

  2. My golf Buddy (my husband’s name :) is hitting the links today. Any chance Obama will be seeing 88 today? It’s 58 degrees in MA.

    He might have to work off the 6 pies served at the WH Thanksgivivng:
    banana cream, pumpkin, apple, sweet potato, huckleberry and cherry pie

  3. So, what are you doing with all the turkey leftovers?

    Happy Shopping, help the economy,, but not with leverage…(only what you can afford without credit)

      • Tomorrow is small business day–shop a small business…

        I take your pt, SrDem–I never went out on Black Friday (that name is weird–yes, I know where it came from etc). But I did once go to what I call a Lucy and Ethel Sale–screaming women grabbing. I had two cartons of dishes I much coveted, one stacked on the other…A woman came along and just took the top one. There was nothing I could do. Grrr. Never did that again and never will. Some gal apparently pepper sprayed a shopping rival. Nice.

    • One of the benefits of living out in the country is that we are far away from the shopping centers. We do our part to help the economy on cyber Monday, where we can be assured there is no mad woman pepper spraying fellow shoppers to get that great deal.

  4. hope you all had a nicer Thanksgiving than I did. I sat in the middle of a roomful of liberals all shouting things like: “So you AGREE with the Tea Party?” “Michele Bachmann, wasn’t she the one that was so stupid she didn’t even recognize the music they were playing?…” “I hate Dick Cheney. HATE Dick Cheney.”

    ah, family and friends…good times.

    • My heart goes out–I have these people in my life–but not at my table… My sister is like this–but she is pretty much not up on details and we avoid the subj.

      • PS My brother, doctor, in the 1%, said it would be his very great privilege to cancel my vote. He doesn’t even have cable–TV is a waste of his time. Families are full of these types.

  5. I vividly remember my first Thanksgiving in graduate school. “Would you like oyster stuffing or cornbread?” So thankful those years are gone.