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Obama Schedule || November 23, 2011

10:30 am || Pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey
4:20 pm ||Participates in a service event

All Times Eastern

14 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || November 23, 2011”

  1. Here’s a excerpt from yesterday’s NH event where Obama accuses Republicans of doing exactly what he’s has been accused of. You can’t say the Obama campaign doesn’t have chutzpah:

    Tell them (Republicans), “Don’t be a Grinch.” (Laughter.) Don’t vote to raise taxes on working Americans during the holidays. Put the country before party. Put money back in the pockets of working families. Do your job. Pass our jobs bill.

    The American people are with us on this. And it’s time for the folks who are running around spending all their time talking about what’s wrong with America to spend some time rolling up their sleeves to help us rebuild America and rebuild our middle class and give young people opportunity. (Applause.) There is nothing wrong with this country that we can’t fix.

    1. Chutzpah is the perfect word for the propeller hats that write the words he reads off TOTUS. They must really think the people who attend his high school campaign rallies are stupid or totally uninformed.

      One very scary side of this ideology is how they view the populous. After listening to a neurosurgeon who called in to Mark Levin last night, there is no doubt they view us as less than human. Obamacare documentation describes patients over the age of 70 as “units”, and there are death panels.

    1. Ugh…the music meant to tug at your heartstrings when he talks about his father is a bridge too far. One thing for sure, the guy can lie with a straight face. He’s almost believable…NOT.

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