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Obama Schedule || November 22, 2011

The Supercommittee is done: Back to campaigning.

9:35 am || Departs White House
11:00 am ||Arrives Manchester, NH
12:15 pm || Delivers remarks on the American Jobs Act; Manchester High School Central
1:20 pm || Departs Manchester
2:55 pm || Arrives White House

All Times Eastern

16 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || November 22, 2011”

    1. Although protocol would dictate not Booing a President or Fat, er First Lady, They wouldn’t dare put him in front of a crowd of average Joe Americans for fear of possible impolite responses or less than enthusiastic response.
      It always has to be controlled, from the teleprompter to the crowd.
      Reminds me of how they used to drive Elvis out of his compound and make him hide under a blanket so they could tell him there were adoring throngs when there wasn’t. (back when the Beatles came on)

  1. I guess Air Force One has been cleaned and is ready to go again, after the big 9 day South Pacific trip.
    Has this poser ever put in a full day at work?
    Oh, that’s right…..he’s never had a real job.

  2. Every time the absentee President walks out the front door it’s costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of $$$ just to run the jet! Adding all the extra bells and whistles – helicopters, motorcades, SS, and back up military aircraft ….this little campaign junket has got to be costing taxpayers at least 2 Million! Multiply it by 2 now that the wife is getting in on the act with Biden’s jet – AF Two!

    When does all of this excess extravagance become abuse of power??? When does campaigning on a full time basis while posing as POTUS become a Federal offense punishable by impeachment/imprisonment?I

    America has been punked – throw the bum out NOW! Where are you, Boehner? Do something….say something!

      1. Boehner may have been a reformer 20 years ago when he was first elected to congress, but he is nothing more than a Washington insider now. Unfortunately he has co-opted most all of the new representatives we elected in 2010.

  3. Good morning Keith. I was wondering if you could compile a list of the POTUS’s trips over the last several months showing who his audiences have been? Might be a fun activity on Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Keith, I also thought of a challenge for a good reporter like you.
      I have been wondering about the guest list for dinners and parties that we never hear about that Chris Matthews (gag) alluded to.
      They DO party down, don’t they? Wondering.
      Thanks. Mike

  4. High school? All that money spent going to a high school. Remember the contest they had for the schools to have oblowme come and speak to them and only like 9 schools even entered. Sickening.

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