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Obama to be Raffled Off for $3

The Obama campaign is once again raffling off the president of the United States, telling supporters that for a contribution of at least $3 they can be entered into a contest to have dinner with him.

According to an email signed by “Barack” and sent this morning to the campaign email list, Obama enjoyed his dinner with the winners of a previous contest and is looking forward to making some new acquaintances.

A few Thursdays ago, I had dinner with four Americans named Ken, Casey, Juanita, and Wendi — the winners of the campaign’s first Dinner with Barack contest.

I loved getting to know each of them.

We’re taking names for the next dinner starting now, and this time I want to add a new feature: If you win, you can bring a guest.

Chip in $3 or more today to be automatically entered to win a spot for you and a guest at the next dinner.

Obama suggests more such contests are in store, saying they have now become “a regular thing.”

34 thoughts on “Obama to be Raffled Off for $3”

  1. Thanks Keith.
    I am wondering if it is known how much money these raffles are raising. This is the third raffle COOTUS has held that I can recall, so there must be something happening financially. Is this a creative way to get around campain laws? How does the luck people get to the dinner location? Is it the WH or the campain that foots the bill?
    I would like for someone to explore this one a little bit.

    Where’s Mooch? Still in the corner in the fetal position upset about the treatment she recieved at the NASCAR race?

  2. Pretty pathetic when a POTUS has to raffle himself off to raise money.
    You couldn’t pay me to spend an evening with Obama, let alone, to try and keep my dinner down. I would throw up. My gag reflex would be too hard to over come.
    Mission Impossible!

  3. What do the runner ups get ? Perhaps an “obama buck” for a free hot dog at the flea market near you? You couldn’t pay me in obama bucks to waste
    my time with that parasite … would rather go down to Marineland & clean Dolphin poop from the tanks for free!., at least with the dolphins, the poop comes from the REAR ..

  4. Tell ya’ what. For Ten Bucks, Post Turtle can have dinner with me! Of course it will have to be in some dark, out-of-the-way eatery, because I’m not interested in ruining my reputation with my friends. And PT pays. His wife isn’t welcome, though, because I’m not interested in being one of her well-publicized “good nutrition” projects. Ooops. Strike that. Bring her along! Experience has shown what she talks is much different than what she eats.
    That seems fair…………..

  5. The country is collapsing all around him and all he can think of is cajoling another three bucks from his true believers. What more can we expect from this coward who uses his own wife as a shield from the wrath of middle America? Such a despicable, shallow excuse of a man.

  6. Bring a guest? HaHa! If I won a dinner with Barry, I would love to show up with his illegal alien uncle…what’s his name…as my ‘guest’! What ever happened to all that “I am my Brother’s Keeper’ BS he was giving Joe the Plumber 3 years ago! So far, Barry is batting ZERO!

    1. Oh, girly, I wish you would win. I’d prefer to bring his Auntie Looney-Zetuni. She seems a cog shy of a functioning brain, filled with entitlement attitude, and I bet she’ d be QUITE an addition to the happy table.

  7. I’m not a linguist, but this invitation reads like it was written by and meant to appeal to those of limited education.
    “Americans named..”, “I loved getting to know..”, “taking names..”, “chip in..”, “win a spot” are words and phrases that make our Prez sound, well, girly and immature.

    Geez, “Americans named..”, who says that? ol’Newt is right when he says the WhiteHouse is populated by people wearing propeller topped beanies.

  8. Is it only me, or does anyone else find it deeply disturbing that the first black/African-American President of this country is selling himself?

    Is this not akin to the slave trade that occurred during the 1800’s when blacks were auctioned off to the highest bidder? Granted, $3 is not that high of a bid, but the very idea that a man in his position would sell himself to anyone is troubling to me. I believe it was Sharpton and Jackson who both said back in ’07 and ’08 that Obama was NOT BLACK enough. Perhaps this is his way of getting more street cred. “See, I was auctioned off just as your great-great-grandparents were!”

    Oh what a sorry state the union is in!

  9. The Obama Follies! Destroy the country er, I mean, fundamentally transform the country, and have some arugla and brown rice. No pizza or french fries. Mooch is watching!!!

    1. Robin – good idea. Reminds me of a true story. Several years ago, during the Clinton administration, a small plane made an emergency crash landing on the White House lawn. Jim Woolsey (CIA director at the time) joked that he was the pilot attempting to get in to see Clinton with whom he had not spoken in months.

    1. Again–who pays transportation or do these “Americans named” pay their own airfare, extra pillow fee, baggage fee, TSA fee etc for this privilege. I highly doubt that for some reason. I know! The Debtmobile could circulate around and pick them up like a scary schoolbus.

    2. Like the Secret Service let a group of protestors get into that audience undetected. Can you imagine if a group of Tea Partiers tried to get access to one of his campaign rallies? This little skit was planned to show young high school students just how “cool” their president is. How pathetic this little narcissist is…

  10. Great. More email in the junk mail folder. Since they will start at $3 it will probably go down to a buck fifty. That’s still too much. I’ll just let it stay in the junk email folder.

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