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Caddell & Schoen: Let Hillary run

I wanted to make sure you were aware of this piece by two Democratic strategists that ran in Monday’s Wall Street Journal.

Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen argue that President Obama should cede the floor to Hillary, allowing her to claim the Democratic nomination.

Caddell and Schoen offer a cogent argument that goes well beyond the “she’s more popular” reasoning you usually encounter.

In fact, they assert that Obama could well win. But they argue that for the good of the country, he should step aside anyway.

The kind of campaign required for the president’s political survival would make it almost impossible for him to govern—not only during the campaign, but throughout a second term. Put simply, it seems that the White House has concluded that if the president cannot run on his record, he will need to wage the most negative campaign in history to stand any chance.

By going down the re-election road and into partisan mode, the president has effectively guaranteed that the remainder of his term will be marred by the resentment and division that have eroded our national identity, common purpose, and most of all, our economic strength.

And they note that a depoliticized Obama is one who could actually work to save the economy now, before the onslaught of negative news and declining confidence sets off a catastrophe that will make the recent recession look like a light stretching exercise.

If President Obama were to withdraw, he would put great pressure on the Republicans to come to the table and negotiate—especially if the president singularly focused in the way we have suggested on the economy, job creation, and debt and deficit reduction. By taking himself out of the campaign, he would change the dynamic from who is more to blame—George W. Bush or Barack Obama?—to a more constructive dialogue about our nation’s future.

He won’t do this, of course. Obama has put his personal policy preferences and political survival ahead of the country’s interest from the start.

But still, it’s interesting reading, and fascinating to see from Democrats. It may be a sign of the lack of intensity Obama is finding among his base.

Perhaps even a plant by the pro-Hillary crowd. Who knows? They’re a savvy bunch too.

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  1. Both Shoen and Cadell are on the rational fringe of the Democrat Party. As a result, they will get no hearing from the irrational center. That is probably a good thing. Hillary, who would widely be perceived as the 3rd term of Bill, would be tough to beat, given all the fantasies about the first Billary term people cling to.

  2. They are the remnants of the tradional Dem party that so many of us were once proud to call our own. The argument they endorse is a good one. Asking the POTUS to look to the well-being of the US before his personal ambitions sounds so, um, patriotic and selfless until the reality of who would then be the standard bearer for the Dems becomes apparent. MrsClinton’s candidacy would cement the election into a Repub romp across the board.

    Reading the political tea leaves is a best guess scenario, but the pleas for Obama to step down are coming from many directions and seem to be coordinated. These actions are the closest thing we have to a vote of confidence some of allies use to make ineffective leaders to resign.

    I’m getting a deja vu of the last days of PrezNixon.

    1. I’m getting a deja vu of the last days of PrezNixon.

      You and me both srdem. The only difference? The press pounded on Nixon and drove him to resign. Obama has scandals swirling around him that are much larger and more deadly than a bungled burglary, yet the press turns a blind eye to them.

  3. I don’t put anything past them. Obama is every “worst” president rolled into one and they are beginning to see what a loser he is for them. I said this months ago, that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hillary “sacrifice” and run for president – anything for the “party.” They’d throw Obama out. They’d eat their own young to stay in power. Don’t underestimate them.

    1. Cheryl, Hillary wont do it .. she won’t run, and she won’t allow herself to be drafted either. If there’s one thing the Clintons are, it’s smart. They know that not only will Obama be a one-termer, NO Democrat who would stand in for him will win this time around. We’re going to have a Republican president, and it’s going to be by a very, very wide margin. She might be a generation older than Obama, she may even be mature and even of temperament than Obama, but she only wears different clothes: She believes what he believes, she wants for the country what he wants. She’s a very liberal, progressive, ‘it takes a village’ wealth distribution Democrat. The country has had enough of that; they see how it’s working thus far, and they only have to look across the ocean to Europe to see where we’re truly headed unless we do what is necessary to pull ourselves from the brink. Next November Obama will lose in a landslide.

  4. Gee, I don’t know…
    Maybe next time, we vet some asshole four years from a State House Legislature, a little tougher when he says he’s presidential material?

    Just a wacky thought.

  5. Obama’s history has to be exposed.
    I really don’t care about Hillary or her ability to run against Barry.
    I think that the overall intelligence of the voting public know that he has destroyed the country’s economy, and the last thing they want is Hillary Clinton and Bill ‘the Oval office blow job’, anywhere near the White House.
    Throughout history crooks and nefarious individuals have been elected to the presidency and congress.
    How they conduct themselves in office is quite another thing.
    We just saw it happen in Spain, a landslide election for the conservative party.
    The libs in Spain took 7 years to destroy their economy, Obama has kneecapped ours in 3, and he isn’t finished.
    This Country is tired of the liberal rhetoric, tired of Nazi Pelosi, and Harry Reid, and Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank, all slobbering losers with their head fully immersed in the public trough.
    All should be investigated to the full extent of the law for the damage they have done to this Country.
    The 2012 election is crucial to the survival of America.
    If we fail we will witness the ‘Shining City on the Hill’ evaporate before our very eyes.

    1. I know I’m speaking to an unhearing person, but please. Enough with the lies. Obama had 2 full years of Democrat Senate and House control. In that time what exactly were the Republicans able to block?

      1. You are absolutely correct Robin.
        Qman reminds me of my inlaws.

        Qman, this country IS OUT OF MONEY !
        If you think that the republicans are doing damage to this country by resisting attempts by the democrats to continue spending and their desire to raise taxes, move to Greece.
        I hear the folks over there are living with the results of the same ideology you are promoting.

  6. this should tell us something. compared to Obama, Hillary Clinton looks non-partisan. now think about that for a minute. scary.

    I think HIllary might do better than Obama in 2012. of course, I also thought she should have been the nominee last time. I suspect many of the millions who agreed with me would be only too eager to vote for her this time to make up for their lapse in judgment in 2008.

    but wait for Obama to step down? don’t hold your breath. egos like that do not voluntarily give up the limelight.

    and if you think Obama’s bad now, just wait till he’s a lame duck: win or lose, he’ll be able to do quite a lot of damage after he’s no longer constrained by the need to get votes–Jewish votes especially.

  7. For weeks now I have habored the feeling that Hilliary is the MOST OPTIMISTIC PERSON in America right now. She is not leaving her post at State because she thinks Mr. O will win. Given that, she’ll run on the Dem ticket for prez of in 2016 for what is she thinks will still be the United States.

      1. I agree Star, she doesn’t want any part of another campaign, but then I could be wrong.
        A 2016 run would be out of the question, she’s in her mid-sixties now.

  8. “If President Obama were to withdraw, he would put great pressure on the Republicans to come to the table and negotiate”

    I have to disagree. He could be at the table now, but he chooses not to be. How would a lame duck have any more influence? And yeah, I get the whole blame thing, but wouldn’t actually trying to negotiate HELP with a reelection campaign? Maybe show something he’s actually done or trying to do?

  9. Hillary Clinton is not interested in running for President. At this time and place, she won’t win. Hillary Clinton might be more mature, more disciplined in terms of her diplomatic skills, but she’s of Obama’s ilk. She is a liberal, progressive. She wants EXACTLY what Obama wants. She sees the country being ‘transformed’ EXACTLY as Obama sees it. He went at it like a bull in a China shop, which I don’t think would have been her style had she been elected last time around, but, again, let’s be clear: She is a liberal, elitist, progressive wearing different clothes. The country is too far gone right now, sees in one full blast where that leads, has only also to look at every country in Europe, and I believe that no Democrat of any stature or tenure will take the mantle at this time. They’re going to let Obama sink or swim .. they’re going to keep an arms distance from him for the next year. The next president is a Republican for many, many reasons, but the biggest 2 are to make sure that Obamacare is repealed, defunded; and (2) that the next Supreme Court picks (and there might very well be 2 during the next presidential term) is NOT left up to Obama.

  10. She missed her chance… I expected her to break from the administration over something like Afghanistan, or even Iraq/Iran – but I guess she’s all used up.

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