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Obama Loses Chris Matthews

And once a Democratic president has lost Chris Matthews . . .

Poor Chris. Sing along to the Righteous Brothers:

“You’ve lost, that tinnnnngling feeling . . . woh oh that tinnnnngling feeling . . . ”

This video has been getting around, but I wanted to make sure you got a chance to see it and comment on it if you like.

Chris makes a great point toward the end, which is that Obama does not cultivate relationships with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

I kind of like that Obama is not a backslapping glad-hander. Unfortunately, one needs to be a little less of a personal isolationist to be an effective president.

Unlike other presidents I’ve covered, with Obama, you don’t regularly see members of Congress trooping to the White House for consultations on this or that, or just to shoot the breeze. They tend to show up when there’s some kind of legislative emergency and Obama feels he has no choice but to dispense some of his valuable time to them.

What he’s very good at, though, is traveling around the country bashing Republicans and questioning their motives. And then wondering aloud why nothing is getting done.

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  1. And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.

    I heard this live and almost couldn’t believe my ears. At one time Matthews was a decent journalist. Maybe, he is realizing the errors of his ways.

    One can only hope.

  2. “What he’s very good at, though, is traveling around the country bashing Republicans and questioning their motives. And then wondering aloud why nothing is getting done.”

    Well what do you know?
    Matthews finally said something with which I can agree!
    He must be drinking truth serum now, instead of the Obama Koolaid.

  3. This may be some kind of concerted effort to get him to pull an LBJ. Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen wrote an article in WSJ today suggesting he should step aside and let Hillary try to save the Democrat party. Too late, the party has already been co-opted by the radical trotskyites.

  4. Actually good interview, it would be interesting to get more depth on what he hears…
    as an aside, I just don’t get how an American president can act so king-like. He should be on the floor every single day answering for his actions, or non-actions

    1. actually, he might have half a brain. Maybe he looks at the Oreilly ratings or something.
      But I think the peeps of this country would be aghast at the party-down night they do at the white house, inviting all their “idol celebrities” or hers, anyway. (She is like one of thos Real Housewives)
      No wonder his first meeting is 9 or 10 am. sorry, I get up at 4:30.

  5. According to Matthews Obama has jutted the Peace Corps. I knew Obama jutted NASA. but did not know about the Peace Corps. Matthews was a PC volunteer.

    1. In the Wayback when I watched that channel, Chris said he voted for Bush once. I heard it. But I seriously doubt he would vote Rep in the privacy of the booth…still, these comments were surprising.

  6. I saw this last night, and was struck by Matthews comment that this administration is “virtual.” Matthews is right, this administration operates by using mass media, social network sites, e-mails and other techno related forums to push their agenda.

    While I think, and agree, that technology is a fantastic medium for getting out a message (just look at this blog’s success) there is nothing that will replace actual human contact. This is something that Obama eschews, and it will cost him in the long run.

    Tip O’Neill, former Speaker of the House during the Reagan administration, famously said that, “All politics is local.” And that is so true even today. Jobs are local. Economic development is local. School success is local. Crime and crime prevention is local. I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point.

    Obama and his minions are globalist, and therefore cannot be bothered with what happens on the local level. They give limited lip service to local jobs et al, but the reality is that they are focused, misguidedly so, on global issues. A strong US economy and a strong US military will act as a guide for the rest of the world. To borrow from Lee Iacocca when he once said, “As GM goes, so goes the nation,” I would change that to, “As the US goes, so goes the world.”

    Obama needs to stop focusing on trips to Bali and spend more time talking to folks, real folks, from Bangor. But, then again he won’t. His focus, and the focus of several of the past administrations has been globalization. That is why we are in mess we are in.

  7. IMO, “tingles” is:
    1. Angry that MrO has never appeared on his program at MSNBC
    2. Pandering to Repubs who would never buy his book if he didn’t trash MrO.
    3. Trying to steal conservative viewers from MrO’Reilly (FOX).

    There have been a million words published by people who try to explain why this man, MrO, is aloof, a loner, or just stays out of the day-to-day politics of DC. His childhood, abandoment issues, his short time as a Muslim, his choice of mentors and his shadowy adult background all make a man who seems to trust only those close to him.
    Nothing in his political background shows him to be a leader or one who would form the political alliances that make Washington work..

    1. You are spot on srdem. Obama is best known for voting “present” in his legislative career, which isn’t illustrative of a strong leader or team member. He is more comfortable in his new role of autocrat.

      1. I hate to think what could have been had MrO been a good politician or an effective leader when the Dems had the super majority in Congress.
        Luckily for us, they pushed through just enough hated legislation to get us all riled up enough to make some electoral changes.

  8. Well guess it’s time for my black armband of grief and mourning but it’s got a
    happy face on it:). Really after the NASCAR debacle these aren’t the brightest
    bunch are they?

  9. One more thing to add. When you put career politicians in charge of organizations that are responsible for the safety and security of this nation, you have a recipe for disaster.

    Leon Panetta is a prime example when he was D/CIA. The AP’s story on how the CIA blew it is scary:

    The fact that Panetta is now SecDef is really scary.

    Hopefully Petraeus will have a better track record and bring the Agency back to its prior formidable self.

    1. I was scratching my head over that CIA article. Since when did the CIA start admitting the presence of their agents? Where is Jim Phelps and the IMF team when you need them…

  10. It must be poor widdle Chrissy’s ratings….is he still on ‘that’ channel? I know I haven’t watched it since half-way thru the campaign.

    Would love to hear about some of the things Mr. Tingles is hearing…is he trying to reel in in some new viewers? I won’t tune in until Matthews comes out and tells everyone point blank that he will not vote for Obama again! He owes the entire country an apology for his utter failure as a journalist! Confession is good for the soul, Chrissy….you have a great chance to redeem yourself!

    1. It may take more than a wink to cure his broken heart. Maybe an invite to the next shindig. Wait a minute…didn’t Chrissy get an invite to the country western hoedown tonight?

  11. Who cares if he tells us what his plans are in a second term. You havn’t figured out yet he is a liar and a fraud. Name things he promissed in his first term he accomplished? He has done the opposite on most and nothing on the remainder. Hey Chriss your birth certificate is a fucking joke. What don’t you quite grasp here? The birth cert. is not the entire problem. HIS FATHER WAS NOT A U.S. CITIZEN! THIS DISQUALIFIES HIM ANYWAY. GEEESE!

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