As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Makes Last Ditch Effort to Save Deficit Talks

Yeah, well, not.

Nothing on Obama’s schedule this morning suggesting that he is serious about salvaging the broken deficit committee, as you can see below. Midway through Obama’s Hawaii and Indonesia trip last week, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney noted that Obama wasn’t even making calls to Capitol Hill.

Because, Carney acknowledged, a successful panel that managed to move legislation through Congress would totally interfere with Obama’s reelection strategy, which is to run against a do-nothing Congress just like Harry did and get himself photographed holding up an erroneous “Romney Defeats Obama” headline in the Chicago Tribune.

Okay, Carney didn’t acknowledge that last part, but he might have well have.

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30 Responses to Obama Makes Last Ditch Effort to Save Deficit Talks

  1. If Obama really was serious about getting the deficit spending under control, he should have embraced the Simpson~Bowles Commission plan last December.

    What we have here is a failure of leadership. Obama is not a leader.
    He’s a political hack.

  2. He’s very, very smooth. He can say “I’ve tried and done everything I could. It’s all Congress’s fault.”

    And some are so dumb as to believe him.

  3. Not just him–sorry to say–did you see that creepy Grover Norquist twinkling away like a road company Dexter on 60 Minutes–all the Reps on the committee have signed his no tax pledge…they bow to this twit. Levying revenues is a Congressional function, but they agree in advance to never perform it. All six Reps on the committee signed. What is UP with this? Is this the weird behind the scenes BS want when they say throw the bums out–to get new bums? Hmpf! Someone should shrink this guy down to the size of a bathtub!

    • It isn’t just Grover Norquist. The Republican leadership promised not to raise taxes in the “Pledge to America” they rolled out before the 2010 mid-terms.

      • They need a pledge that says, “I promise to work hard, consult with my colleagues, think, plan, keep my pants zipped, and do my best” — not one that cringes before some unelected nutcase.

  4. If Obama really cared about this country he would insist those bozos go in a room and stay there until they come up with a plan. Close tax loopholes on corporations and start incrementing a higher retirement age, done, you have revenue and savings right there. It is astounding to think these idiots will allow this great country’s credit rating to be downgraded again because of politics. Stop blaming each other and go to work, these politicians are just as bad as the OWS people.

    • Moe you are not real bright are you? How about instead of maintaining our credit rating we just have no more DEBT or need to BORROW MONEY as we PAY DOWN THE DEBT WE ALREADY HAVE? Its a novel concept i know but give it some thought ok ?

  5. Whenever a poll is published that shows the approval of “congress” at single digits and MrO’s approval at @40% the implication is that Americans really, really hate “congress”. These kinds of polls don’t reflect the voters opinions on each individual congress-person; i.e., if you go to district “1” and ask the constituents what they think of their congress-person, the approval rating is @60%.

    Running against “congress” isn’t a campaign theme, it’s an acknowlegement that the Obama presidency is a failure.

  6. “Obama Makes Last Ditch Effort to Save Deficit Talks” Yes, funny choice of words. I remember Obama saying “we have to dig ourselves out of this hole.” Who digs themselves out of a hole?

  7. Obama = NO LEADERSHIP

    and his many sycophants say He, Obama The Messiah!!!, is the greatest US President ever…
    (May-The-Gods help us in 2012, or this once proud Nation is ‘Fracked’…So Say We All :-(

  8. For being so smart I’m not sure Obama has thought through the Republican response to his planned “Do Nothing Congress” accusations. My response would be “Well the last time you had a COOPERATIVE CONGRESS you passed National Healthcare which no one wants! Perhaps with you in office Nothing is the best we all can do till you are GONE Mr. President!!!”

    That would shut him up for at least 10 seconds…

  9. The Super Committee is nothing but smoke and mirrors. The Democrats aren’t going to vote to cause financial pain to any of their chosen classes until after the election. Much safer for their re-election efforts if they let those phantom cuts go into effect.

    It drives me up a wall when I hear about the do nothing congress. It doesn’t help when Obama controls the doddering Harry Reid who controls the Senate. That is one half of congress. The Republicans only control the House and under the weak leadership of John Boehner they have yet to go on the offense and fight for their principles. They cave time and time again. No wonder congress is less popular than the taxman, because they are the taxman.

  10. I watched the series THE TUDORS on HBO about King Henry VIII.
    What I really got out of it was, the king, his advisors , and the COURT, all lived in lucury and bliss, and the peasants ate dirt. It made me think of our gov’t, where the king and his court (congress) are oblivious, even contemptious of the masses.

  11. He thinks he’s soooo clever! He showed those Do-Nothing R’s, by golly!

    I don’t know how the press corp(se) can keep from uttering obscenities when he sticks his nose up in the air, turns on his heel, and struts out of the briefing room without ever acknowledging them – much less answering a quiestion! ! What a first class A-hole!

    • …sounds like the messiah Obama & today’s weak-willed “press” are perfect for each other :-\

      We, the readers of WhiteHouseDossier, can think of HUNDREDS! of better, more insightful, hard hitting and relevant questions to ask Obama than the pathetic, suck-up “WH Press Corps” (no offense to you Mr. Koffler)

    • All that garbage he was spewing about the payroll tax cut expiring and our taxes going up because of the “do nothing congress”? Hold on to your hat because the Obamacare taxes already scheduled to be imposed in 2012 and beyond will blow you away.