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Michelle Obama Booed at NASCAR Event

They really have no idea at the White House – the intensity of the unhappiness among some groups with this president.

I think people saw Mrs. Obama’s appearance for what it was – an attempt to ingratiate herself and her husband with an critical voter demographic. And she’s using her initiative to help soldiers families – which was part of her rebranding as first lady – to do it, adding to the disgust.

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  1. It’s not like there were a few boos amongst the clapping, nobody was clapping either. I’m glad, it’s what she deserves. These NASCAR people have been proud of this country all their lives, not just now.

    1. This is the first time I’ve been proud that my country is actually seeing this costly “rodent” problem in our WH. So proud that she was booed for trying to be someone shes’ NOT… ( Katie Corric should go ask her what
      the NASCAR letters stand for)… Boy! that would be great entertainment!

  2. I’m sorry the kids had to go through this experience. I suspect they were used as living human shields to prevent booing at Michelle Antoinette.

    The WH has wildly overestimated the popularity of MoochMORE and her military family hobby. They jumped the shark by putting her in front of a NASCAR audience and essentially daring them to show their unhappiness with MO&BO.

    Perhaps our little cheerleader will subside into spending some time in the WH instead of hopping all around the nation taking a little time to impose herself on some kids or some soldiers’ famlies and then darting off to a campaign fundraiser.

    Note that MoochMORE suddenly is not wearing her signature jewelry worth thousands of dollars and is even wearing her outfits more than once. She can’t stand the glamour of the WH, apparently, and nips off to Target and other stores that we peasants frequent. I’m sure this all charms the Obots, but I wonder if it has any effect upon the rest of us except to produce disgust.

    1. I had missed the bi-racial family part of the show — I thought this was one of those “races on display” gatherings designed to illustrate diversity. They must think we are crudely simple thinkers to need such picture book signals — and, of course, a bi-racial family solves the problem of MoochMORE obviously preferring the company of “her people” while needing whitey’s votes.

      I could not be more disgusted.

    1. HuffPo piece claims that MrsO and MrsBiden were boo-ed at the World Series, too. I did not know that.
      The boo-ing might explain why the POTUS broke with the tradition of calling the winning team with congats.

  3. Added to Michelle’s hypocrisy is that lately Obama’s speeches seem to have more sleep-inducing tryptophan than a Thanksgiving Day turkey. Doesn’t this prove the old adage that “birds of a feather flock together?”

      1. Loved your synopsis, but couldn’t watch video due to having just eaten and didn’t wish to purge my meal due to the the excrement spewing from the Puppet who is Oblamo(sic).

  4. You’re right Keith–the present occupants of the WH have no idea of how unpopular they are with those “the president” called bitter clingers and those are the people who this audience was composed of. These also are the people the Obots call teabaggers. The bitter clingers and teabaggers aren’t going to forget being insulted and talked down to. Nor are they going to forget the everyday erosion of their standard of living, the disappearance of jobs and the hardships Barry’s policies have brought them. Imposing MO on them did nothing to rectify this.

  5. I watched it live and am guessing they anticipated such a response by having the wounded vet and his family there to “shield” Mooch and Doc (no one would dare boo them with a wounded vet and family standing there!) Also, just prior to them giving the command to start the race, the PA announcer asked all veterans in the crowd to stand up — an obvious attempt to deflect attention elsewhere. In the end, it didn’t matter…the NASCAR fans made their feelings known.

  6. Now we can call her Boochelle (I borrowed that). No, wait. I don’t want my kitty Boo associated in any way. Is Doc Biden wearing a remake Moo’s black widow dress from Denver? Malia and Sasha dressed in red and black. The family’s favorite colors.

    1. Yeah, what’s with that replica of the black widow spider dress? Who would wear that for such an event? Meanwhile, everyone else in blue? Dr. Jill was set up.

  7. I agree Keith, they don’t understand the strong feelings in middle class America.
    In fact, my congressman, ( republican) Bill Shuster doesn’t understand the rage some of us are feeling regarding Washington’s elitist attitude toward us. I personally talked to Shuster a few years ago and he wasn’t grasping the teaparty’s influence. Of course, he soon found out in the 2010 elections.

  8. She’s hiding behind the kid, and then hands all over him, makes a getaway. She did not expect that kind of response. She’s embarrassed? Hard to imagine. Maybe she thinks we don’t like her KMart clothes. She’s about as smart as a box of rocks.

  9. Did you see the other news-they are going to have a country music fest at the WH with such right wing down home country acts like James taylor.

    Heck if they knock out a few front teeth they will really sweep the country (and I wouldn’t put it past ’em)

    get that pc crowd and the gun clinger crowd in one fell swoop

    you betcha

    1. Yeah, we’re going to have a ho-down at the WH! Yeeehaw! That’s gonna make me vote for The One — he LIKES us country folk.

      They must think we are IDIOTS.

      1. They do think we’re idiots. Look how many idiots voted for him in 2008? The transparency of having Michelle Antoinette at a NASCAR event coupled with a country music shin dig is too much for even the average voter.

    1. absolutely!

         /ɪnˈgreɪʃiˌeɪt/ Show Spelled[in-grey-shee-eyt] Show IPA
      verb (used with object), -at·ed, -at·ing.
      to establish (oneself) in the favor or good graces of others, especially by deliberate effort

    1. Checked out her sycophant site and sure enough she was wearing a blouse by Maison Martin Margiela (whoever that is). Something she has worn before according to her drones.

      1. How good of Her–wearing a costume twice!! I see She left those $40,000 bangles off, too. Gettin’ down with us humble little taxpayers!!

  10. I can’t help but notice her and her husband’s constant pandering of touching others, constantly slapping people on the back. Arrogance on display.

    1. MO hugged the Queen too…she was not amused and obviously decided they have no class…no invite to Will & Kate’s wedding…

      As far as the vets, it’s his fault they are wounded and being sent on death missions to fight stupid wars based on his greed and war mongering. They absolutely make me quite ill!

      It wouldn’t matter what she wore, when you’re ugly, you’re ugly…!

      1. Foolish comments……..utter foolishness. I’m sure you all are amusing yourselves by the incorrect information that you disperse amongst yourselves…..

  11. Each and every one of you that have commented on this article are closed-mined & racist. Yes, I have called you all for who you are, racists. Some of you will admit, others of you will act as if this isn’t what is going on, some will proudly pull the klan mask back onto their faces….oh that’s right, you no longer need them, you’re now referred to as the “tea party.” HA!!!!! Despite your faulty attempts, despite the slew of mindless peasants that are running for “your” cause, PRESIDENT OBAMA will be re-elected to a 2nd term. I pity you all and your mindless…foolish…and yes racist rants.

    1. “Foolishness”, how apt. Ya don’t suppose it has anything to do with the policies? I know, we don’t want to rehash those pesky policies, racism will do. As for 2012, even the crap polls say you’re just another liberal drone dreamer. Try reading the Constitution, Foolishness, all the answers are in there.

      1. The policies you speak of…by chance, are these the same ones that were already in place upon his arrival to the White House???? HMMM…, pardon me, he created all of this when he came….he and his little bi-racial family. Much rather be a dreamer of progress, than a settler of this mess…that again, didn’t just appear within the last 3 1/2 years. Be honest with yourself!

        1. Ah yes, blame it all on George Bush. Truth is though that George Bush was a big government progressive RINO Republican who did his share of leading us onto the road to ruin. Obama just doubled down on George’s failed policies. I thought we were getting “hope and change”. Instead we got the hopelessness of George Bush policies ramped up to flat-out socialism accelerating the ride to ruin. I still don’t see what any of this has to do with skin color. Jimmy Carter was no better.

          1. He certainly did do his fair share….and a share it was. As for skin color, my point exactly, it has absolutely nothing to do with skin color. Maybe you should clue in the other members of this forum. They didn’t get the memo.

    2. Your hero’s failure at leading this country has nothing to do with color, race, or whatever you cry about. If he is re-elected, which I doubt seriously, it will be because of idiots like you who vote simply because he is at least 1/2 black..better than all white in your opinion. Your plantation mindset and intelligence level so obvious in your misspelled words and limited vocabulary set a poor example for your supporters. I am not impressed with your rants and psycho babble. We have given your idol 3 1/2 years to do something positive, not start wars, send troops away to be damaged forever in one way or the other, waste money, and bore us with endless teleprompted speeches. Please go back to school and educate yourself on the current status of this country!

      1. “Your plantation mindset”….utter bafoonery….. Put your rope down! Psycho babble?….that would be from the scores of you that wish to continue the status quo. Don’t dare have anyone that has the potential of seeing the good in everyone. How dare he! As for the troops, that was your old fearless leader, of which I’m sure you voted for. Please dismiss yourself from your daily clan meeting. The world, despite those of you who spout your daily babble, has indeed evolved!

      1. You have no idea the suffering this individual at 1600 penn Ave has unleashed on the US population/economy. And your ONLY defense is to claim Racisim?

        1. Oh I’d beg to differ……there were and still are a huge uprising of Republicans with there boots and heels on the throats on the American people. As for my defense merely being due to racism…not even. I’m commenting on the many racially motivated statements and under-tones throughout this post. This entire conversation was racially driven before I commented. Again, the “blind-eye”…… Don’t fault the demise of this country on this one individual…..OUR PRESIDENT…..fault those whom he’s supposed to be and has attempted to work with. Instead of being a part of the solution, motives and intentions are simply to be the problem.

      2. “Barry?”…”Obots?”….”Village idiot?”….what a sense of humor. Oh how you wounded my spirit. NOT! Occupy Camp….again…incorrect. But so on course with the many incorrect statements you’ve spouted throughout this post. Hey, with all of your catch-phrases, maybe you should run as well……’d be amongst a great group of idiots…a village of them…

  12. I would LOVE to see the documentation of the “BBQs and Baseball games” Moo just said she attended with mil/vets/families in her speech about the vets bill.

  13. Good! What did they expect from a bunch of folks with guns and bibles how
    many times to we hear Obama use those words with a smirk on his face?
    And to make it most disturbing using children and Veterans as a shield.
    Anyone who would do this is beyond contempt and Michelle is a very angry
    woman. She can’t get away with the lifestyle she thinks we owe her. Well
    Michelle if anyone is stupid in this it’s you and whoever thought this was a good idea.

  14. What is really annoying is they keep calling her “Dr.” Jill Biden.

    She has an Ed.D. in “Educational Leadership” and published her dissertation under the name Jill Jacobs-Biden. So shouldn’t they call her “Dr. Jill Jacobs-Biden?”

    By using the term “Dr.” the White House is attempting to mislead the public into thinking she is an MD or PhD and give credibility to this whole “military families” intitiative which is just an election year PR stunt. In 2013 we’ll never hear about it again.

    1. And really, we haven’t seen “Dr.” Biden for the last 3 years. I guess they decided they needed someone else to help shore up their election.

  15. Just to be fair, I am a little tired of always hearing DOCTOR Jill Biden. FOR Clarity She has a degree in EDJUKATION, not clinical or any other kind of medicine. True, she taught and treated emotional disturbed adolescents in hospital, but big deal. Treat Strep in a young child, deliver the bad news its cancer, and sew up a laceration and then you can use “Doctor.”

    1. To those in education, the DOCTORATE is the ultimate. Never understood why, particularly for those who got a doctorate from one of those on-line, (i.e, expensive, pay for the credential) “universities.”

      I know people outside of education who have doctorates in other fields, such as engineering, and you’d never know they had the degree because they don’t find it necessary to use DR.

      Go figure.

  16. HA! HA!
    Could not have happened to a bigger Stuck-Up, Out-Of-Touch, Clueless ‘so-called’ FLOTUS
    SHAME on Michelle Obama for insulting Real AMERICA (re: Nascar) with her phony “campagin 2012” apperance

  17. Rush discussed the booing on his program today and one caller had an interesting take. What kind of man sends his wife to a place where he knows she’s not welcome? Where was he? Hiding out in the closet? What a coward to intentionally expose his his wife to jeers just so he can garner sympathy from his drone supporters and the sycophant press.

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