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Obama: Americans are Actually Hard Working!

Well what do you know?

President Obama in his weekly address practiced a little American exceptionalism, declaring Americans “the hardest-working people on Earth.”

Well, I have to give credit to the White House trying to immediately get a handle on that one. Declaring businesses too “lazy” about promoting themselves overseas – as he did earlier this week – and saying at a recent San Francisco fundraiser that we have “lost our ambition, our imagination” is just not the way to stamp your ticket to reelection.

Some jerk wrote an op-ed piece that went a little viral this week saying Obama had a “dark vision” of the country in general that went beyond frustration with the down economy.

So Obama prefaced the “hardest working people” phrase with this rare bit of healthy jingoism.

We may be going through tough times, but as I’ve said time and time again, the United States still has the world’s most dynamic economy, the finest universities, the most innovative companies . . .

Oh, wait, the jerk who wrote the op-ed piece was me.

I’m sorry, I have no idea if he was responding to me. It’s most likely a coincidence or a response to something else. But I figured out a little while back that what my parents rightly taught me about modesty has to be put aside once in a while, and if you don’t toot your own horn a little, you ain’t going to get heard.

Otherwise, the subtext of Obama’s address, recorded in Bali, is that he’s there in Asia creating jobs, jobs, jobs jobs – a word he used nine times in three minutes. Okay: jobs, jobs jobs, jobs, jobs. That makes nine.

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  1. Watched it just to count “jobsjobsjobs” and yes, there are 9. Don’t mean to quibble ( ok, yes I do ) but dont those lables say “Made in the U.S.A” and not “America” ?

    You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried….

  2. Toot away! We know that the campaign gurus are reading everything, parsing the comments on every opinion piece published, so as to get a handle on what will work to make MrO’s re-election happen.

    Maybe you could fine-tune a piece advising MrsO to conduct herself with the decorum that reflects her age and her high position by not jumping around, flpping her arms like a giant 6yr old child.

    1. Oh, please don’t do that, Keith. It would deprive us of so much entertainment and might give people the wrong idea that she knows how to behave outside a pre-school.

  3. Obama is a disgrace to America.
    Thanks for showing him the error of his ways.
    Of course, his speech today is just to make up for past damaging remarks.

  4. Doubt he reads your articles Keith, but you can bet your bottom dollar his minions do. They are the ones who write the words he reads off TOTUS anyway. He’s probably more concerned about the next big shindig he’ll be attending, or how much money he’s collecting from his cronies.

  5. I watched in full screen and noticed that something is wrong with his right eye again. It’s not as white as the left eye and turns in. I’ve noticed it before. Then it seemed to go away and now it’s back.

    It’s highly noticeable. I’m surprised no one has ever mentioned it. What medical or other issues could be causing this?


    Charles Blow is at it again–how unexceptional we are. The letters got me–blah blah, more fun in Europe, America built on slavery, we need to face up to our mediocrity. Well, I sure don’t need a mysteriously selected president who never starts work until 10 and swans around in a comfy jet badmouthing the country to point out America’s failings–sure, there are some, but most people I know want to make a difference, help others, leave a mark in the sand, apply their talents, and just generally lead a life of meaning.

  7. Mr. Obama will do and say anything to promote himself – ad nauseum. I just read where a dozen or so NBA players are going to be playing in a basketball game at an Obama fundraiser in December. As soon as he arrives back here from Indonesia, he is leaving for New Hampshire to promote his “stimulus plan” to precede a speech by Romney. I realize the man is drowning in money, but if this is what we have to deal with 12 months before the election, I can’t even imagine what it will be like next September and October. No one, and I mean no one, will convince me that a President can do this type of campaigning for so long and be focused on his job. I understand that once the nominee is known – this will be the case for both sides, but this campaigning is out of control. BTW – I am so relieved that he believes we are a dynamic economy, that we have the best universities and innovative businesses…I was beginning to wonder!

    1. Please tell me one time he was actually focused on his job? I don’t event hink he knows what his job is. Biden, too. They do nothing but campaign,and that’s what they’ve been doing for 3 years. He never meets with members of congress, Dems or Repubs. He barely has time for daily briefings and when was the last time he met with his cabinet? It’s a disgrace.

  8. Good work Mr. Koffler as I am 100 percent sure that they at WH are reading WHD, too bad they are not paying attention. Well we know by now that O says something and does the opposite and now he will say whatever is needed to keep his jobsjobsjobs not for Americans, as he really is talking about saving his own job, doesn’t he?

  9. MrO has evidently swerved into an indictment of his own presidency. “tough times?” He has unleashed an economic ” Reign of Terror”
    BTW you are Way funnier than Tina Duprey

  10. You were correct the first time this is just damage control. Waiting for the spin
    to correct our kids not being the smartest. We have a problem largely due to
    unions but not entirely never wise to bad mouth your country it’s people and
    least of all children overseas.

  11. What has been troubling to me all along about this lazy stuff is
    a) he is the laziest President we have had in my lifetime
    b) he loves Europe, and I think with the German exception, no one could work any less than those people, and still have money for vacations galore.

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  13. Right now, let’s get into our minds that this is exactly what The One did in 2008.

    He made a statement and then made its opposite or several that gave him different positions.

    Everyone clung to the statement that mirrored their beliefs and ignored the others.

    Right now there are people saying to themselves with great sincerity, “See? He does (doesn’t) think that Americans are lazy.” And each has their very own clear quote from Obama to prove it.

    Beware — this is the return of an old technique, not a scramble to cover what he first said.

  14. Michelle was booed at NASCAR today who would have thought? Really how
    stupid do you have to be to pull a stunt a 3 year old could see through?

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