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Live Stream || Republican Thanksgiving Family Forum

Started at 5 pm ET. It seems more like discussion than a debate. Here’s the link to it if you’d like. Feel free to comment here.

25 thoughts on “Live Stream || Republican Thanksgiving Family Forum”

        1. WOW I am sincerely shocked! I agreed with everything Matthews said.

          (is he just trying to be controversial to push his book? I don’t think so-that was some serious dissing)

    1. Thank you, very interesting video. True, Obama can not connect to people. He just reads words someone else wrote for him. He is an actor, a fake. Matthews also said that the Obamas seem to be unhappy. Well, I don´t think that this “family” is genuine either.

      1. It was nice to see the response here. I posted it on another blog and they were so knee jerk anti-Matthews that they didn’t even realize what he was saying.

        The most devasting thing he said was that the Obamas aren’t thrilled to be in the White House and the American people know that and don’t like it. What independent could vote for him if they heard that clip?

        1. I agree. The commenters seem to hate Matthews as much as they dislike MrO.
          Matthews’ opinions were not unlike some of ours when he asks who MrO is and what does he stand for. He knows that the public was miffed when MrsO started telling us that we’re too fat and don’t know how to feed our children.
          We’ll see how MSNBC handles this, and if they change their formats in response to the charge of extreme bias made by ol’Newt.

          OT: a little
          Sending MrsO to NASCAR was an ill-advised PR move. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has the “flu” or a “headache” the day of the race and is unable to attend.

          1. I, too, have said (sorry, you all know this) that the Obamas don’t seem to be cut out for this work. Why does he want to be elected? So he won’t be beaten at anything.

  1. I feel sad when I think about any of these rep candidates-if O gets up and give 1 or 2 rah rah I care speeches any one of them is going down, this is the best the repubs can do?

    I guess so.

    1. I was energized after watching the forum. Any one of those candidates on that stage would be a better president than what we have now. They all realize it is not just the politics that is wrong with America.

      Couldn’t even imagine that hollow shell of a man sitting on the stage with them, discussing his faith and principles.

  2. Obama who? You want news, the Baylor Bears are leading the Oklahoma Sooners by 7 points late in the 4th quarter (5:55 left) 38-31 in Waco Texas. The Bears are 0-20 against the Sooners all-time!

  3. Diff subj–sounds like the SooperDoopers over on the Hill are giving up…so when we are done with Bali High, how does he prevent those big defense and Medicare slashes or whatever is going to happen… That “deal” wa a sham, which we knew at the time, but now it’s a Sham-Wow.

    1. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Even if the automatic draconian cuts are made, they won’t take effect until 2013. These slick politicians know that they can’t obligate future congresses so the cuts will never happen. Just their way of kicking the can down the road until after the elections. We will get another credit downgrade and our money will be worth much less, but the politicians will continue living off the backs of taxpayers, while the rest of America suffers. Nothing will get done in Washington until we “Throw Them All Out” as Peter Schweizer’s book astutely advises us to do.

        1. It is up to each and every one of us conservatives to do our part to make sure it happens. We can’t throw them all out in 2012 but we can make a good start. We need to elect a true conservative as president, win a majority in the senate, and keep the majority in the house. We need true conservative leaders in congress. Boehner and McConnell are part of the establishment and have forgotten what life is like outside the D.C. bubble of graft and corruption.

          1. I have faith that it will happen. In the Senate there are 21 Democrat, 10 Republican, and 2 Independent seats up for election in 2012. That leaves the field wide open for conservatives to take the majority if the American people join together to make it happen. There are a lot people, at least where I live, who see 2012 as the most important and definitive election of our lifetime. If we don’t make it happen, America will be nothing more than another failed society.

          2. Plus although those seats are subject to election, many are “safe.” There is a path to capturing the Senate, but it is arduous. The House may gain more Reps. As for an acceptably conservative president–and I am not sure even I would want that–who would that be? They all seem to be mixed…

          3. You are absolutely right Janice. That is the title of the book, but I should have been more clear. I’d like to throw out as many statists as possible. There are many conservatives in congress who are fighting the good fight. Paul Ryan is a true statesman, and I was disappointed when he chose not to run for president.

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