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Obama’s Early Use of Teleprompter Revealed!

Well, okay, it may not be a teleprompter, just a guy holding up a large piece of paper.

Anyway, thought you’d like to see this early, very serious, Obama.

A little stiff, like he was just injected with truth telling serum or something. Also, he seems to have moved into someone’s basement and not yet unpacked his boxes.

He did much better after the two-teleprompter side-to-side thing got going.

H/T to The Daily Caller.

23 Responses to Obama’s Early Use of Teleprompter Revealed!

  1. Does anyone else find it interesting that this is available now, four years after he started running for president? What else haven’t we seen?!

  2. It wasn’t that bad. Obviously he had not finished his acting classes, but it was more a PSA than anything else. I agree with CAR, where has stuff like this been for the past four years? Perhaps the Pandora’s Box that is Obama’s past will finally start to creak open, and we’ll get a peek at what really is inside.

    • Yeah he wasn’t exactly homely but he still had the whistling “s”. Many studious young people put their studies ahead of romance, but there is no evidence he is the intellect he pretends to be. Really odd that there are NO friends/girlfriends from his past, with the exception of the shady guy in Hawaii. How in the world did such a man of mystery attain the highest office in the land?

  3. Is it just me or does he look especially “toothy” in this video? Not sure exactly what it is, but his lower jaw and teeth seem really different than today. Kinda odd…

    I wonder if he’d sit on for a “White History Month” PSA if (heaven forbid!) there ever is one? I have no problems with any race, but celebrating one race’s achievements is just wrong. It would be kinda cool to see him do an “American History Month” video. Not likely.

  4. SO???
    If you could find this clip of Obama…
    Why is NO ONE!!! allowed to see Barack Hussein Obama’s “College/Law School records”…?

    • And what about people who went to school with him? Never hear anything from anyone.

      I never could figure out why no one did any digging on his past while he was running or even now! And why no one who knew him in his past has come forward even if just to say, “He and I were classmates in Algebra class in high school.”

      Just don’t get it.