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UN Wags Finger at Iran, Says “Bad”

I just wanted to update you on what I think is probably the most critical issue facing the Republic: The Mullahbomb.

I am firmly of the belief that if Social Security indeed is not there for most of us when we retire, it will not be because of the retirement age. It will be because the Iranians have destroyed our country.

There is no allowing Iran to get the bomb. It is an existential threat. I don’t consider myself alarmist. But the idea of these lunatics wielding nuclear weapons is, well, decidedly alarming.

The leading world powers have just agreed to slap Iran on the wrist in the wake of an International Atomic Energy Agency report showing that Iran’s nuclear program continues and is edging close to success.

Obama could not convince the Russians or the Chinese to go along with tougher sanctions. And yet, he clings to the hope that somehow sanctions will work. White House officials declare that the ones that have already been imposed are indeed working. Which is pretty much like waking up in the morning and insisting it’s four o’clock in the afternoon.

I don’t believe President Obama is seriously considering military action. He likes to drive from the back seat. Which means the Israelis will have to do this. Which means it won’t be done nearly as well as if we did it.

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    • @Car in
      I love your understatement. It worked b/c you did not add an exclamation to the end.

      [at least we should go down laughing…]

  1. Don’t underestimate the Israeli’s. They are pretty good at what they do.

    Obama gave an answer to a question just yesterday stating how much China and Russia had helped in sanctions. What a joke!!!

  2. I’ve put this on my FB page with the following comment:
    May I quote Pink Floyd [OK, it was Roger Waters writing this] “Two Suns in the Sunset” contains this lyric “the sun is in the east, even though the day is done”.

  3. If Israel is forced to go it alone on this, I would suspect that parts of Iran will be uninhabitable for generations.

    For Israel it is a real threat, akin to someone pulling a gun on you. If they do, you have every right to defend yourself up and including the use of lethal force. The question then remains: How will Putin respond to the Israelis bombing back to the middle ages Russia’s nuke plants?

  4. Dude, are you kidding? Next to the US, Israel is still totally hardcore, heck, they’d probably do a better job because they don’t have a bunch of lefties holding them back. Long live Israel.

    • Some of yous guys are dreamin’ about Israel – they do have a bunch of lefties, don’t you ever watch their politics?
      And, other than using their nukes, which are off- limits, they just don’t have the firepower that the USA does. Maybe enough ‘accomplish’ this mission, maybe not.

  5. Forget Social Security. Me and my peeps are going to drain that well dry because most of you won’t be around after the Obamacare ‘officials’ decide who is worthy of care and who isn’t.
    (Assuming there’s anyone left after everyone is done dropping the A-bombs)

    • I was going to say be a little more optimistic, but it’s getting hard srdem. This titanic is heading for the iceberg at warp speed, so let’s start a nuclear war to cover up the damage.

  6. Throw a tight naval blockade on gasoline imports to Iran at the Strait of Hormuz and the Iranian economy will be brought to its knees.

    Nah – can’t do that. Have to use “diplomacy.”

    Remember – if the mullhas in Iran get the bomb – we will live on THEIR whims.

    • you’re right. people don’t understand that raw oil is useless unless you have access to refineries, and Iran doesn’t much. but we won’t do anything. remember how helpful Obama was during the “green” revolution when children like Neda were being slaughtered in the streets? he was still holding out his hand to the madman Ahmadinejad.

  7. Boy that will have them shaking in their boots! Are they also grounded? No
    Friday night dates or vacations or new yellow cake. Bummer.
    We are doomed.

  8. re Israel: I think what Keith meant was that the mission would be FAR easier to accomplish with America, not that Israel couldn’t pull it off. right Keith? you weren’t really dissing the IDF, were you?

    we could also help by talking to Arab countries who are also worried about Iran but might not want to deal directly with Israel (eg Saudi Arabia, Qatar). from everything I read those countries are privately terrified of a nuclear Iran.

  9. Mr. Keith, once again you are hammering the nail right on the head. What I have a problem with is understanding why for years now there is a delay in solving this problem as it have to be fixed and quickly for everyone’s sake, including millions of Iranians. Everyone knows what the Iranian government will do if they have the nuke. Didn’t Castro publically blame the Russians for being so hesitant, even weak for not confronting the Americans during the 1962 Cuban missiles crises? There is no question that if it was up to Castro without hesitation or regrets he was ready to fire those missiles at the US, so there shouldn’t be any doubt about expecting less from these empowered fanatic Iranians. The danger is more real now than it was then.

  10. Russia and China as usual hinder the world with destabilizing acts.. The DPRK, Burma, Syria, the old Libya regime, Iran.. Cmon.. Hate to say I been tellin them too Kieth, but they never listen… After Iraq they all put their blinders on to the real problems.