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Obama To Aussie Students: Our Kids are Behind

There’s an unwritten rule in politics that politicians must not criticize the president when they are overseas. How about adding America’s school kids to the list of untouchables?

Speaking at a high school in Australia, President Obama told a group of Aussie students that their counterparts in his country had “fallen behind” when it comes to math and science, saying he wants to reform the public school system.

Obama also asserted that poor children don’t get “support they need when they’re very young’’ and are “already behind’’ when they enter grammar school, according to a press pool report.

Obama might have thought twice before casting America’s public school kids in a negative light to foreign students. Especially since he can exclude his own children from the system by paying for them to attend private school.

One might feel uncomfortable saying many types of unpleasant things about our country to people overseas. But then, one would have to be an American exceptionalist.

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  1. Dr. Charles Krauthammer on how Obama feels about America: “…when you call your own country ‘lazy’ when you are abroad, and you call it unambitious and soft when you’re home, I think what you are showing is not tough love, but ill-concealed contempt.”
    Source for quote:

    And this from an IBD editorial: “Calling America lazy is going too far.”
    “Despite Obama’s endless efforts to shift blame, the fault . . . lies with Obama’s own wrongheaded efforts that have vastly expanded the size and intrusiveness of government, weighed the country down with massive debt and threatened ever higher taxes. Americans don’t need lectures from their president about how soft, selfish or shiftless they’ve become. We need only to relieve the country of his policies.”

    Face it: Obama hates America.
    Save youir country and vote him out!

  2. Let’s not forgot that the Obama administration did away with the vouchers in ssytem in D.C. so some of the very same poor students he talks about could no longer attend the same school his girls attend. He talks a good talk about changing the school system, yet he did away with the very thing (vouchers) that would truly change the system. Once again the Chief of Hypocrisy has belittled our country on foreign soil.

  3. Unfortunately it’s true but I have to agree with you that the President of OUR country needs to watch his mouth overseas. He’s always apologizing for us, always trying to make us look weak and lesser to other countries. Why? is it embarrassment, his way of trying to make us appear more humble or does he flat-out hate America?

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  5. Ok, we are a nation of lazy people who cling to our guns and Bible and have children who are behind( mostly because of Democrat policies) and live in a country that has to be apologized for constantly. Why is this man our president? You would think he would be embarrassed since he thinks so poorly of the country and its people. I suggest he and Biden both step down and move to a country that they like better.

  6. We elected a President who hates his country, & is doing everything he can to mold it into a socialistic fascist third world hell hole…Sad… When will we ever learn….

  7. He want’s to do an overhaul? Lets start with eliminating the Dept of Education. American spending per student is second in the world, yet we have the lowest scores.

  8. Truly vile but not surprising he hates America and it includes children. Next
    he will probably start on the elderly and disabled. Never seen this before and
    GOD willing after 2012 we will never see it again!

  9. He should place the blame where it belongs: Teachers unions and the Dept of Education, who has never once educated a single person since it’s inception under Jimmy Carter.

    BTW, whoever thought America would miss Jimmy Carter?

  10. He speaks the truth – why would we have a problem with that. Problem is that some people, such as yourself, and the media do not want to report the truth.

  11. Why on earth did he want to be President of a country so lacking in his opinion that he goes around the world apologizing for it, bad mouths its public school’s work products, but supports “investing in education”, meanwhile sends his own daughters to private school??? And even HE doesn’t know Hawaii is not part of Asia!!!!!!!!! Maroon….He is a disgrace

  12. I don’t get it. Do you think Obama is wrong? Do you think our the performance is up to or beyond par relative to other developed nations? The statistics speak for themselves. Our children, teens and college students have fallen behind and the proof is plain to see. How is it anything other than realistic to call a duck a duck? It would be one thing to keep the discussion “in the family” if nobody else knew about the dirty laundry but in a case where EVERYONE knows what’s going on. To say anything else would be disingenuous.

    1. I need to fix this before the retards all jump on my typo…

      “Do you think our the…” = “Do you think our…”


      “but in a case…” = “but in this case…”

    2. Bert it doesn’t matter if he’s right or wrong.


      Quit telling the world we’re inferior just because you are.

    3. Obama is not wrong, but the liberal Democrat system that destroyed our good public education system is what’s wrong. I am a very successful product of public education, pre-1970s. Since Democrats have screamed and yelled and thrown tens of billions of dollars at the teachers unions, education has become much worse. Obama is right that our kids are behind, but HIS PEOPLE PUT THEM THERE!

      1. @retepy: I may well be an idiot. Perhaps you can help me better understand. Why am I an idiot? How am I an idiot? Can you backup your assertion or are you only capable of calling people names? What is your opinion? Do you have one? How is your opinion informed?

  13. Ovomit is the most anti-american President in our history. The fact that he despises half of the countries population is evident every week. Have you ever heard a sitting President call his oposition “the enemy” like this Idiot in Chief has? His ideology and cronies have brought this great country to it’s knees. A year more might be to long for us to wait to send him packing.

  14. It is so blatantly obvious that this man despises the greatness of this country and looks to denigrate it at every opportunity.

    If he hates it so much, why doesn’t he just leave and do us all a favor?

  15. Why can’t we elect someone with pride in our country to be our spokeman? Calling our citizens “lazy” and saying our children have “fallen behind” is insulting and untrue.

  16. One more instance of the POTUS seemingly disassociating himself from the country he was elected to lead. Where is his loyalty? Going to another country and making negative remarks about the U.S. shows a terrible lack of class on his part. But I am not surprised.

  17. Every Obama negative comment means the government has things to fix and we can’t stop spending. It’s a mindset that takes everyone straight to Greece.

  18. When Obama is off teleprompter, his true feelings come out. He really does believe America is second class these days. He constantly harps on our failures in helping “the poor” while ignoring the successes of the other 300 million.

    He is not a good Ambassador for America. You just can’t take the “Community Organizer” out of a President that is now a millionaire.

  19. wow i dont see how obama can stand to represent this country he hates everyting about it our foreign policy our economy our citizenry, how miseralbe he must be with his new job

  20. Why would Americans vote for someone who obviously hates everything about America so much that he wants to change everything American? The current occupyier of the White House has critisized EVERYTHING about America and Americans every chance he gets and he really loves to do it when he is in a foreign country. Maybe he should think seriously about just staying in one of the countries he visits, or maybe Air Force One should just leave him and his entourage behind!

  21. The support kids don’t get is really from their idiot parents. The parents were mis-educated in liberal cess pool universities, then provide zero guidance or literacy to their offspring. These offspring then become a SOCIETAL PROBLEM and the Liberals and Democrats can ride to the “rescue” on the taxpayer’s dime. You see where this is going? So long as Democrats “blame” poor education the more money they can throw at the “problem…” Typical liberal lies….

  22. Our kids have so much motivation when no matter how hard they study, they will find the jobs lacking because of energy shortages (causing high prices) caused by OUR OFFICIALS not allowing drilling and pipelines and EPA rules which don’t allow processes which are profitable (I’m NOT talking about the important type like “causes leukemia”, but the ones which “make life easier for 1%, OR the ones which MAY keep people from living to 120 years, you know the ones that have been used for the last 100 years). There just aren’t many jobs for community “organizers”. How rare is a new technical breakthrough which makes life easier for society? Now, how hard is it when it must ALSO follow the 40,000 page (i’m just guessing) EPA laws? AND, for that matter, how many of those innovative ideas of the past which created our sucess could pass the standards of those same EPA standards if the standards had existed back when the inovations were made. THUS……the shrug (as in Atlas).

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  24. The next time American tax payers buy me a ticket to Australia, I’ll be sure to tell the Aussies how behind and out of touch with reality our president is. I’ll also mention no one ever expects him to “catch up”.

  25. This president is an embarrassment and disgrace to this country.
    Maybe we should start to apologize to other countries for the obvious lack of qualifications our “junior” leader of the free world has.

    Other countries cannot take this POS seriously.

    1. I like that idea.
      We should get full page ads apologizing to the world, saying that “for the first time in our adult lives, we are not proud of our President”.
      And that we will fix the problem in November 2012.

  26. “Obama also asserted that poor children don’t get “support they need when they’re very young’’ and are “already behind’’’ when they enter grammar school, according to a press pool report.”

    This is true and it’s why we need to stop sending accidental mommies years of checks every time they spread their legs and have a baby.

    You come on the welfare roles with one child — no additional support for child two, three, four, etc. Some women will follow their self-interest and not have more. The offspring of the others can be gathered into newly opened orphanages where they willl have a chance of learning something useful and constructive.

    No, kids don’t need to be with their parents. Rubbing genitals doesn’t make a mother or father. Kids need to be with good adults — tons of these welfare kids are ORPHANS WITH TWO LIVING PARENTS.

  27. So what if he said it out loud. It’s no secret that the American kids are falling behind. The truth is painful. I wish I had $30K extra per year to send my daughter to private school, but as it is, it’s a struggle to afford college. It’s pretty clear that the U.S. puts education low on the priorities, making higher, better education unachievable for most. I’m sure there will be a bunch of cry babies posting on the board about how he shouldn’t criticize, but facts are facts. Denying it won’t make it change.

    1. karen; the point is not that he said it out loud, the point really is much simpler than that.You see, that lack of education and high standards you decry is the creation of touchy-feely socialists who despise you when you show to be above the rest. That kind of thinking “equalizes”(which to them, makes things “fair”) but at the same time it destroys the desire to advance and better yourself through challenge,hard work,effort and yes, there I say it, profit.That is the mentality of a few(elitists) who think they know what is best for everybody else.

  28. Please let this be a lesson to all those who believe that this sorry excuse for president we have,along with his alignment with the teacher’s union leadership is what we just can’t get enough of. Ri……ght! He is indicting his own supporters as failures while trying to prop up a system that has been a great disservice to the nation and its future for many years.Here’s for one finger pointed at us and three back at him and his minions.Worse yet, he does not think saying it is wrong at all.After all,we have not thrown enough money into that pit yet,have we? Socialism fails every time is tried, all you have to do is simply…..look around.Not much more complicated than that.

  29. “Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a t**d by the clean end.” Why is the media constantly covering for this guy? HE IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER DISTASTER!

  30. Gee, what a shock. I hope you liberals like your hope and change. If you think the left got a “shellacking” the last 2 election cycles, just wait till next November.

  31. It might actually help if he WAS American. We don’t know if he is, and there are ample reasons to believe he might not be.

    He’s been using some birth certificate his whole life, but all he can come up with from Hawaii is what forensics experts (some of whom voted for Obama) have documented to be two forgeries, as HI Governor Neil Abercrombie (Obama’s friend) indirectly admitted when he told Mike Evans that HI doesn’t have a birth certificate and when he told a Honolulu Star-Advertiser columnist (who then reported it) that what they have for Obama in Hawaii is not likely to convince skeptics that he was born there.

    The HI Department of Health has also indirectly admitted that both the short-form and long-form birth certificates that Obama has posted are forgeries, by officially claiming (in both FOIA requests and in a lawsuit, even after both the alleged COLB and alleged long-form BC had been publicly posted)) that they can’t release his genuine birth certificate because Obama still has a “privacy interest” – which would not be the case if Obama had already published his genuine birth certificate.

    When asked directly whether the HDOH has a legal responsibility to report to law enforcement what they know to be a forgery, HDOH Communications Director replied that they cannot disclose ANY information from a birth certificate (implying not even to law enforcement). Unfortunately for the HDOH, failure to report a known felony is misprision of that felony – a felony itself. When asked how, then, the HDOH Director had been legally able to make a public announcement claiming that they have a “birth record” which claims Obama was born in Hawaii, both the HDOH and the HI Attorney General’s offices refused to address the question OR a request for records showing the authorization to make that statement.

    There is way, way more than can be said in a single post, including the fact that every government agency which claims to have records for Obama has been caught forging, altering, and/or hiding records in order to cover for Obama. The Social Security Administration verifies that the social security number Obama used on his last tax return was never issued to him – and yet does nothing about it. The Selective Service Administration actually forged a draft registration for Obama, as revealed by the automatic date-stamp showing ’08 rather than ’80 as they tried to pass it off as. The Passport Office has ignored security protocols specifically to enable Obama’s passport to be accessed 3 times – and a source close to the investigation has said that the breaches were to “fix” the record. The inspector general who investigated the breach doesn’t even claim to have investigated whether the record has been altered. And the HDOH has been caught either lying about their records for a deceased infant born on Aug 4, 1961 – or else changing her record so that her name no longer appeared on that record. In addition the HDOH has illegally hidden their Administrative Rules and is currently breaking both disclosure laws AND vital records laws and rules. The birth index they cite as their source for claiming that Obama has a birth certificate has been proven to contain names for birth certificates that are legally nonvalid. And unless the HDOH has been altering birth certificate file numbers, the numbers they use are given randomly rather than serially, even though stamped with a serial number-stamp.

    (Documentation regarding these things can be seen at I have been dealing with these people for a long time; there’s a lot there. I do answer questions so if you don’t understand something just ask.)

    In short, the birth certificate mess resembles all the other messes the Obama Administration is in – characterized by government lawlessness and cover-up. Just like Fast & Furious. Just like Solyndra. Just like Light Squared. Just like the illegal firing of multiple inspectors general including Gerald Walpin, when they have found crooked deals with Obama donors/friends. Just like the illegal deal to give what belonged to secured Chrysler investors to the unions instead. Just like AG Holder’s attempt to change the FOIA rules so that government agencies can outright lie in response to requests for records…

    Everything this administration has done is steeped in lawlessness, with a lot of government bureaucrats, law enforcement, courts, and media aiding and abetting the crimes and cover-up. When AG Eric Holder refuses to prosecute crimes that are committed by “his people”, he is showing his true colors – and reflecting everything this administration is about, and actually what Holder’s job description actually is: to obstruct justice for “his/Obama’s” people so this administration can rape and pillage this country without so much as a hiccup in response from law enforcement.

    Look no farther than Fast & Furious to see how deadly this administration is, and how easily the AZ Attorney General, US Attorney, and FBI lied and covered up that deadly Obama Administration mission to arm Mexican drug cartels – NOT track guns to them as the Bush Administration had done, because tracking devices were never installed in the guns Holder sold, as they had been in the Bush Administration. The only way the Holder guns would be tracked is by serial number AFTER the guns were found at crime scenes. Which is exactly when Holder wanted them to be found, or he would have put tracking devices in those guns and followed them to the cartels as Bush had done.

    Conspiracy? You tell me. Law-breaking, cover-ups, people dead as a result, courts saying nothing is anybody’s business… Either this is conspiracy in free America, or it is business as usual in a third-world banana republic. The only difference is whether we are willing to accept this lawlessness as the new norm. Obama wanted to “fundamentally change” this country, and if we are willing to accept this lawlessness by his administration, then he has succeeded – beyond his wildest dreams – in turning a once-great, once-free, once-prosperous country into a banana republic. With the consent of all those of-age voting adults who were too afraid to say a peep while he raped us all in the showers and the system (filled with his own appointees) rewarded him rather than prosecuting him.

  32. The true reality is his kind of liberal leaches have destroyed our schools. No child left behind is replaced with screw the kids and take care of NEA union flakes.

  33. I feel that we live in a time now where we can change things. We need to set up a computer system that tells howmuch everyone owes in education taxes and they can give that money to a private/nonprofit educational system. this will cause compatition and make better schools

  34. He spoke the truth. Sometimes truth hurts. We are wasting the potential of our young people by subjecting them to sub-standard educations. It won’t change if we sugar coat it. Only by facing the ugly truth can we do something to change it.

  35. And yet, he won’t allow school vouchers and let the underperforming children to escape these failing public schools.


    Because he’s a piece of garbage.

  36. Union scum!!! Dept of education!!! Govt!!! Race pimps and Democrats keeping the people stupid and uneducated so they will be dependent on them for generations.. don’t act like you give a f*ck Barry…

  37. Hey bozo, our public schools are run by your union cronies! Reform that. And the Memphis school system now offers breakfast, lunch and dinner for school kids, which is just a ploy to get the SEIU in there. Don’t forget to watch what the other hand is doing!

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  39. Tell me something that WILL surprise me. He is the most SHAMELESS American leader that has ever held office in the United States of America next to Benedict Arnold. We need a new George Washington to deal with this Benedict Arnold. Obama will be viewed by history as a traitor and criminal.

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