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Obama To Aussie Students: Our Kids are Behind

There’s an unwritten rule in politics that politicians must not criticize the president when they are overseas. How about adding America’s school kids to the list of untouchables?

Speaking at a high school in Australia, President Obama told a group of Aussie students that their counterparts in his country had “fallen behind” when it comes to math and science, saying he wants to reform the public school system.

Obama also asserted that poor children don’t get “support they need when they’re very young’’ and are “already behind’’ when they enter grammar school, according to a press pool report.

Obama might have thought twice before casting America’s public school kids in a negative light to foreign students. Especially since he can exclude his own children from the system by paying for them to attend private school.

One might feel uncomfortable saying many types of unpleasant things about our country to people overseas. But then, one would have to be an American exceptionalist.

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  1. Release your grades dirtbag. Then we’ll all see what a Big Dummy the American people were scammed into putting in office.I doubt you could pass a driving test…but straight A’s in community organizing…Obamaville in full swing here in NYC…did everyone see all the hyberdermic needles found when sanitation cleaned the park..need I say more

    1. I graduated in 1961 from highschool. I think things were very progressive then.I remember my 8th grade social studies teacher giving me a failing grade because of me writing an essay that communism only worked in subsistence societies. After everyone had means Capitalism was the logical next step.

  2. He is right, but the truth is that the fault lies with his party. The democrats allow the NEA to run the schools. But he has a history of running the US down to foreign audiences. He shouldn’t be doing it overseas. That isn’t the forum for those issues.

  3. To think that we are behind because of too much government interference with the public education system. He can add that the reason students are falling behind is because they are no longer being taught math and science, they are being taught how to be good Democrat’s and to depend on the government for all of their wants and needs….

  4. not surprised, his kids both attend an elite private school costing $30k a year each…..this is what the elitist do, tell us one thing and then do another when their own kids are involved. what hypocrites.

  5. Public Schools have very little impact of how your children will do in life. I think children will do well coming from families that live within thier means, have many children, and are taught from a very early age that the schools they attend are a business, that real success comes from hard but smart work, taking chances, and not financing lifestyles.

  6. American kids for to long now have been kicked in the scinns but to have a worthless President go to a foreign country and do it is dispicable. We as a nation should demand him to appoligize I feel like he should RESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. His explanation of why he thinks American students are behind or lacking certain skills is that they are “poor”, don’t get “support”, and teachers are worried about their “income”. There it is again; the redistribution of wealth and his jobs bill are the answer to all that ails America’s education system. It is another ploy to reach out to the poor who depend on the taxpayer’s largess, and the unions.

    His caustic and negative view of America is unprecedented in a modern President. He has insulted almost every segment of society either out of ignorance or a sinister plan to bring us to violence.
    He is a little, mean man and unworthy to be the POTUS.

  8. Well is not this so The Obama. I have not forgotten how The Obama threw out all those ‘black’ D.C. children from the school he was going to send his own daughters to attend. Did The Obama not think it appropiate that these children should be given a ‘leg up?’ when so many of ‘their friends’ had to go to public schools? Did The Obama think, ‘Those kids can’t be in the same school as his kids’? Or was it The Obama didn’t think giving ‘those kids’ a free choice was going to benefit them? Or was it that The Obama was thinking how hard it was going to be on ‘their friends’ when they came home to see these Sidwell students could read and write. So many questions and so many answers.

    1. God forbid Obama’s children have to rub elbows with ghetto trash (in his opinion) looking for an opportunity to better their lot in life. Obama, like all leftists want to keep the black community poor and ignorant so they can control them in perpetuity.

  9. Why would you NOT want to criticize them at ANY time?! They suck!!! Well, not the kids, they’re just (taught to be) ignorant. But the liberal controlled schools?? Never off limits!

    I know, you’re tired (like the rest of us) of this dolt criticizing America from abroad. Rightfully so. But, we’ll never get anything do about the sorry state of our government schools until they admit it!

  10. Obviously, Pres. Obama is a buffoon. The man is a complete and total embarrassment. I’ll bet he read that off a teleprompter, too. Aside from being wrong to “air dirty laundry” in public, sadly, in many ways, what he said was true. Isn’t it amazing that the greatest minds of the 20th century went to school, often in one room, with little more than a chalkboard. Tell me, how many synapse are created by using a calculator to solve math questions? How many synapse are created by knowing what button to push? How many synapse are created when calculators and ipads are used to solve scientific equations? Our youth’s ability to learn is greatly reduced from previous generations, the result of the dumbing down of America through the advanced use of technology. The greatest calculator in the world, the human brain, is being shut away in a closet to gather dust.

  11. Well, once again it is the fault of rich, greedy white people who refuse to give sacrificially in order to bring minority children up to speed, regardless of cost. Never mind that those same greedy rich people provide poor children with a free breakfast, a free lunch, an after-school snack, food stamps, subsidized housing, and free medical care. Never mind that many of those same poor children have a plasma TV in the living room, an XBOX in their bedroom, Modern Warfare 3 in the console, and Air Jordans on their feet. Never mind that the real causes of substandard student performance are often single-parent households dependent upon multiple children to bring in AFDC dollars, drug addicted or alcoholic parents, a dropout mom who can’t or won’t assist with homework, and a victim mentality passed along to the child. The truth is ugly, and throwing billions of dollars at our moral and social problems has never worked.

    1. Our neighbor’s church adopted a ‘poor’ family for Thanksgiving. When asked what they needed – food, clothes,supplies, etc. the repsonse was, “No, what they really need is some new WII games. They also have (Nintendo) DSLs”. Especially now in a time when people open their hearts to giving most, it’s important to examine what constitutes ‘poor’ and be very careful who we give to. We have no idea, neither does Obama, what a ‘poor’ person really is. All you have to do is watch Judge Judy for a week to see women on welfare, SSI and food stamps who have 5 kids by 5 different baby daddys, most in prison, to see why those kids are behind before they start. Good point.

  12. This is the height of disloyalty, but whats new about that?. Aside from the fact that this guy pretty much has no use for America or its citizens, he is grossly unqualified to be President of the United States. If I were looking to hire a President for my company his resume would be sent down to the legal dept for an interview as a legal assistant (maybe).

  13. American schools are in the sorry state they are because we do not teach reading, writing and arithmetic. We focus on politically correct nonsense. We don’t teach English, we teach “Language Arts” where incorrect grammar and syntax are not corrected because it is not the subject at hand.

    We do not teach “History”, we teach “Social Studies”. That way, the kids can be inculcated into the liberal, politically correct cesspool of gender, race and justice politics that have given us occupy wall street.

    Yes we are behind. We are behind because we do not educate, we our children, we indoctrinate them into a world of hating America and vilifying everything that made us great.

    Barack Hussein Obama is the poster child of this culture.

    1. Very true, unfortunately. At many schools a child’s use of non-standard English is to be ignored because to do otherwise and correct the child’s mistakes would be insulting his upbringing. You can’t make this garbage up. It is actually a part of some, not all, public school education. And where did the idea come from? Liberal universities who turn out politically correct teachers who don’t know a thing about actually teaching and preparing a young person for the real world.

      1. Speaking of “non standard english”…isnt that what O is doing when he starts droppin’ his g’s when talkin’ to his peeps ? I mean, if it’s ok for POS/POTUS, its ok for the school kids, right?

    2. no, they only teach the equivalency tests that determine the schools eligibility to get more federal/state funds. It doesn’t matter that kids come out of high school as functional illiterates. The left wants them that way. The stupid are easier to control through deception. They just keep telling them what the government is going to do for them and what they are going to give them, then never do. That they will “take from the evil rich” and give it to them (which NEVER happens). The left has been promising the black/poor communities that they will “raise them out of poverty.’ Been saying it for the last 40 years.

      how is that working out?

  14. Mr. Koffler: Before you decided to criticize the President’s comments, did you at least do any research to determine whether his statement is true?!!

    ” If we just look at general science scores the U.S. is again dead last. Math scores aren’t much better with the U.S. ranking 2nd to last and again well below average scores of students abroad.”

    Here, I have done the homework for you. Lazy.

    1. And that is because they don’t teach science in school. I am/was a teacher. I quit because I wasn’t allowed to give real grades. It might flunk the football player. How do you teach Physics when the students refuse to do thier homework and the lowest grade you can give is a 60. Why??? Because you might hurt thier poor feelings. They Need to have their feelings hurt so they realize they actually might have to work in this life. But all the do is complain about how it isn’t fair for them to have to study so hard. Sorry LIFE ISN’T FAIR!! And we don’t hold our children to any level of expectations.

    2. Sir:

      Have you bothered to find out why the scores are what they are?

      I venture to guess that it is because they are not being educated; they are being indoctrinated.

      I have a child in a public school and can tell you from experience that the kids are not being challenged in any way. The system is a total disaster.

      I am of a mind to believe that it is a conspiracy of the one world government to keep them down on the farm so that they will believe anything that they are told. ( I know, my tin foil hat fitted by a mad hatter)

      Listen to the words that the OWS denizens espouse. The term Democracy is used as a catch phrase. “This is what Democracy looks like” If they had been educated and knew what our actual form of government is, they would know that we are not a “Democracy”, we are a “democratic Republic”. There is a big difference.

      So climb off the high horse of political correctness and understand that Obama and his crew are the problem.

  15. Obama is such a globalist elite that he undoubtedly thinks that America is only his place of residence but the world is his empire. His every political step and speech is to decline the worlds impression of America

  16. That moron and his union enablers in partially response for the state of US public schools! The idiot activists have turned US schools into social engineering sites, teachers are underpaid because of the corrupt unions and millions going to ridiculous social programs that have ZERO to do with education.

    This race baiting clown and his alleged towering intellect never cease to prove the fallacy of that assertion!

  17. From now on whenever an Australian criticizes his or her own country for no good reason, it is going to be known as an “Obama”

    “…hey mate, don’t be such an Obama, aye?”

  18. Obama critizing the public school system? He helped make it the way it is by supporting the unions that keep unqualified teachers in the system. Sort of the pot calling the kettle black eh?

    1. This administration and the president have their collective fingers all over public education. Don’t forget school children singing that golden oldie, ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. Song was in the Top 40 BEFORE he was sworn in back in 2009. But that was the fault, I’m sure, of G.W. Bush.

  19. Isn’t it funny that 0bama is uncomfortable with the concept of American exceptionalism, but has no problem telling people, including overseas, that America is exceptionally imperalistic and militaristic, exceptionally racist and xenophobic, exceptionally greedy and selfish, exceptionally lazy and soft, and exceptionally behind in education? How nice it is to have a president whose message to the world is what makes America exceptional is that it sucks.
    The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

  20. The reason the students are behind is the governement has been instrumental in the raising of poor families in America. Since the 1960’s the governement has become intertwined in the managing of poor peoples daily life.

    Obama is an elitist, part of the unseen 1% who’s real agenda is to grow big government. When he speaks of creating jobs, it’s government jobs not private.

  21. Without realizing it, Obama has just made a case for school vouchers and elimination of intrusion of local scholl business by the Feds and unions.

  22. Unfortunately Obama is correct, our kids are behind the rest of the world when it comes to math and science. Where he is a dolt is that he refuses to acknowledge that the reason for this failure can be found in government programs, and indifferent, indolent parents.

    The solution – get rid of government schools. As for indifferent parents – sadly we can’t legislate against stupidity and laziness.

  23. Weary of this POTUS dissing America. He seems not to approve of his fellow countrymen or be able to provide leadership toward positive improvements. Personally, I love America ! Give the kids good education; that’s what the POTUS is supposed to promote. Apparently — he’s a failure on all counts.

  24. Public Teaches Union take note–you are doing crappy job–you are either lazy or the kids are lazy but probably both. And you feel it necessary to take this treatment.

    Thanks a lot Mr President.

  25. I’ve had it with this president. First he criticizes our busineses for not hiring and being innovative, then says we are lazy, and are now he is criticizing our students. Unbelievable!

  26. “When HAS Obama said much of anything positive about this country”

    Every time Obama tries to sell the public on another stupid idea he has, he’ll talk about how great Americans are how, smart, brave, and strong we are. Basically he says positive things about this country when he needs the peoples support.

  27. The forum to say it was a poor choice, but it SHOULD be aid because it is true and it has been kept silent for too long. It is time to fix the problem and not falsely pretend there is no problem.

  28. told a group of Aussie students that their counterparts in his country had “fallen behind”

    Oh, he just probably wants to breed funnier writers–this is personal. Did you see the pitiful speech in which he tried to send up Australian colloquialisms? Crikey, what a dud.

  29. November 16, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    There is a saying that I always foul up about proceeding from the mere lunacy into a state of sublime lunacy. I’d say we are on the express train about now, and the brakes have failed. Yesterday, I read a post from a man named Lawrence Myers, apparently him and I have covered some of the same geography in life. Never knew him, but apparently, he wrote a book about a teacher that made an impression on him. In reading the summary I was driven to thoughts of teachers, failing schools, including the ones mine attend, and the lowering, if not the destruction of educational standards in The United States. Then I want to drink. Since I’ve done that already I’ll just have to write.

    Mr. Myers book is about a teacher named Edwin Barlow. This fellow did his duty in World War 2 and came home and taught the author AP Calculus. I never took AP Calc, the reason for that is, back then, they gave you a test to see if they would put you in a route to it, someone told me that it did not count for a grade so I did not even attempt to complete it. I just flubbed it. Kind of like you during a speech. One exception. I had no teleprompters to fall back on. So my math track was a tough one, until my old man caught on to the problem, and then put me back where I should have been. And if my calculus teacher at ASU did not look like Saddam Hussein I bet I would have done much better. But that is water so far under the bridge I don’t even know where the bridge is anymore.

    Do you ever ask yourself this question. How is it we spend so much money on education in this country and we get so little for it? I do. Now that I have kids and property taxes and I wonder what I’m paying for when I read that my kids school not too far from where Mr. Barlow taught is not nearly up to snuff as I once believed. So it is up to me and my wife to teach our kids what they need to know, not just in the hard knocks of life, but apparently arithmetic, and reading too. I can’t understand how we let even one day go by without yelling STOP. Then restarting our education system on the granite of what is tried and true and not on some other liberal insanity like “everyday math.” Which was developed in Chicago. Chicago!!?!?! Where dead people vote and a guy who sent another guy a dead fish is the mayor . . . you’ve got to be kidding me.

    I do have hope that we will pick a competent President in 2012. You can say all you want about our potential nominees, but everyone of them has built something, or lead some portion of history into positive change that lead to a better country for our children. The Democratic Party? Not so much. You’ve created a welfare class that can’t even protest without harming one another or private property. That’s not something I would be proud of. In fact if I were Mr. Myers even knowing as little as I do about Mr. Barlow, I’m betting that he is the kind of man that Mr. Barlow would be proud of. That’s the kind of person that I want to be associated with, that’s the kind of person that makes up the Tea Party movement. I’m not saying I’m perfect. But I sure as excrement know the right thing to do and when to do it, and as the lord is my witness I’m certain that you are doing the opposite.


    Joe Doakes

  30. Obama also asserted that poor children don’t get “support they need when they’re very young’’ and are “already behind’’’ when they enter grammar school, according to a press pool report.

    What Obama is really saying is that parents in this country suck at their job.

  31. I just wonder if Mr. O., by bringing to the countries he is visiting overseas his negative views of America (as the nations president), like Americans are lazy, and now, according to this, that Americans are poorly educated too, are the right things to do or that will help America to increase export, technology and knowhow (good and services) or to bring to the US the good and necessary investment as part of the things that historically have made and portrayed America as the greatest nation on the planet. This man really is out to get America down on its knees in any way he can. It is hard to believe that it’s just plain stupidity, no Sir.

  32. Our kids are behind because the Democrat party has spent decades taking over public education and turning it into a socialist indoctrination center.
    I’ve seen the curriculum and it’s complete garbage designed to socialize young impressionable minds and turn them into mediocre, brainwashed zombies who believe they are only capable of getting what is given to them by the government.
    I cannot believe we as a nation have stood idly bye and allowed these monsters to destroy the minds of our children.
    Shame on you Obama and the rest of you in the Democrat party who have purposefully designed the system that has failed our most valuable asset, our kids, for they are our future and thanks to the dems we pretty much don’t have one.

  33. Why don’t the poor pay their fair share?

    September 20, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    Since we are not privy to your grades, we are unable to determine whether or not you actually can do math. But, let’s assume for the sake of this letter you can. Math in a real sense is simple one plus one equals ten. Oh wait, that is liberal math, my apologies, if I keep making mistakes like that I’ll be investing, I mean losing, half a billion borrowed dollars in a solar company soon, would not want to do that. We are a gazillion dollars in debt and deficit, if we add more to it we will be a gazillion plus that much. Wait, I made a mistake, time for the red pen, in your world I have to go bankrupt to create jobs. Makes complete sense to a guy like you and Mr. Biden.

    Last night I decided to continue my at home education regarding the subject of math. I would like to use the big m&m’s, but time are tough so we buy the small ones. So there we are at the kitchen table, and I ask a question. “Why did the m&m company make those m&m’s?” The response “ . . . to make a profit . . .” I’ve got that lesson squared away, check that box for good parenting. Then I said “Well . . . what if you were running the m&m company and you could only make seven m&m’s and the government came and took all seven, would you make more?” The response, I’m very proud to say, was “No.” At this point in the lesson I’m one proud father. So I decide to go for the long ball. “What if the government takes one? Would that be ok?” The response “I think so, that’s not too much, o.k.”

    So why is it I can teach a child about economics, math, and tax policy; but I’m unable to get more citizens to understand how incentives function in the free market and how taxes are structured not to pay for the things we can’t do for ourselves, but to keep a small cadre of liberal democrats and RINO Republicans in power. It frustrates me to no end. Maybe if I run for office I should bring a bowl of m&m’s? If I get elected I will be known as the m&m President! Then I can go to schools all across this blessed land with my bowl and teach children, while giving them copious amounts of m&m’s to eat, math and economics all in one shot. It’s a win win:)

    Mr. Obama the jig is up. All that is left is the paperwork. On November 6, 2012 we issue the last of a two part restraining order to this socialist nightmare and we will be applying the m&m standard to every law and regulation on the books. Just like every business in America does. One exception. The Federal Government, that racket has special protection, not for long . . .



    Joe Doakes

  34. I think his statement reflects his presidency, or lack there of. If our school children are failing, it’s under HIS watch. To provide adequate education, (among other things), is part of HIS fiduciary commitment to this country and it’s people. Why is our president constantly degrading our country and it’s people?

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