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Obama Schedule || Friday, November 18, 2011

President Obama is in Bali, Indonesia, where in the morning he will announce a commercial deal between Boeing and Lion Air.

Later in the morning, Obama will hold bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Singh of India, President Aquino of the Philippines and Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia, according to the White House.

In the afternoon, Obama will participate in a US-ASEAN meeting.

In the evening, the president will hold a bilateral meeting with President Yudhoyono of Indonesia and then will join leaders at the East Asia Summit gala dinner.

4 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, November 18, 2011

    • Beoing CEO James McNerney was the one interviewing Obama in Hawaii when Obama made his remarks about Americans being lazy.
      McNerney nodded his head in agreement. He sucked up to Obama something awful considering the SC Boeing fiasco. It was disgusting but that’s his job I suppose.

  1. Unbelievable. This man has to be the most anti-American person to ever hold the once revered office of president. His union cronies won’t allow Boeing to move to South Carolina but it is fine and dandy if they move to Bali.

    Heard on our local news yesterday that DHS is dropping all deportation cases of illegal aliens who aren’t felons. Might as put a sign up on the border that says come on in and enjoy the hospitality of the American taxpayer. Guess these are the voters he needs to win the election. Is there no rule of law in this society any longer?