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Man Charged with Trying to Assassinate Obama

The man who was arrested on suspicion of firing shots at the White House has now formally been charged with trying to kill the president.

From the Associated Press:

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, made his first court appearance before a federal magistrate in Pittsburgh on Thursday, one day after he was arrested at a western Pennsylvania hotel. He will be taken back from a federal court in Pittsburgh to face the charges in Washington, D.C.

Authorities said a man clad in black who was obsessed with Obama pulled his car within view of the White House on Friday night and fired shots from an assault rifle, cracking a window of the first family’s living quarters while the president was away.

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  1. In what I saw–not much–he is sort of slow or something. I am sure they will decide he is illegal–or if he is, bury it, I am never sure…Dog and pony show coming. Also he stopped by a OWS dealie or was seen there–so that is being trotted out.

  2. And the occupiers saw fit to ask for a moment of silence for this man.

    Who knows what is going on. I suspect the man has some sort of mental problems. Good thing he was apprehended and no one was hurt.

  3. Looks like they found his car in DC, it’s a long walk from DC to Pittsburgh with every cop in the country watching for you,. We know he’s Hispanic, haven’t heard a peep about his citizenship status. We know he’s done jail time and has a bunch of tattoos–Gang affiliation? Where’d he get the weapon, hope it wasn’t an Eric Holder Special.

    If this guy was a Carolina Redneck, Main Stream Media would be reporting every detail of his life, and screaming for more gun control laws…. They’re not saying much more than you..

  4. This could be way more serious than anyone is letting on. Hey AP, can we get a little more detail on the background of Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez? Remember the basics of journalism who, what, when, where, why and how? Who is the guy? Is he in America legally? Does he have any association to the drug gang Holder sold guns to? Does the serial number on the AK47 found in his car link to Fast and Furious?

    These occupy encampments are breeding grounds for anarchists, criminals, and terrorists. Heard that several unions are providing “infrastructure and amenities” to the D.C. encampment. Can’t believe the rank and file union worker would approve of their dues going to provide aid and comfort to these losers. Sure hope these idiots wise up and go home soon, because this can lead to nothing good.

          • Aw, ya missed me! As for Labor, If others want a better deal, well, why don’t they just join a union? The whole theory is that an atomized worker is bound to be treated shitty because of his uneven negotiating power.

          • Robin-

            Nothing at all is stopping him. But why should a person’s economic rights only obtain when he is the owner of his business? It is one thing for an employer to eat first and eat best, but how does that translate into his right to simply leave the rest of the pack with bones and antlers?

            The idea behind labor conciousness is that the worker is entitled to more than just the crumbs. He deserves his share of the profits as well.

          • Well, one thing that sort of bugs me is when public service employees get to start collecting after 20 yrs–and collect for decades. Somehow this became a reward for a dangerous job–but I bet people would perform this function without this gigantic perk. My brother in law was a state cop and has gotten more than half a million dollars so far…he is 67. He also gets a disbability from the military (that is justified, in my opinion bec people are disabled from then on) and huge SS. Why shouldn’t he wait until 65 to get the state pension? OK–go ahead and stone me.

          • And my mother has worked for the state of New York for 20+ years only to see her own pension dissolve to the size of a Tic-Tac thanks to the brains behind the subprime implosion. She’s 65 and will have to work until she dies now.

            See? It all evens out.

  5. A couple of questions: If this man “allegedly” got off several “shots”, why wasn’t he detected/taken out by the sharp shooters on the roof of the WH? Aren’t they suppose to be the “best of the best”–were they asleep?

    Another question–exactly where did these shots come from, in other words, where was he supposed to be when he shot at the WH–from the pics–the shots seemed to have been directed to the Ellipse side–aren’t most, if not all the roads in and around that area closed to traffic–and even if he used an “assault” rifle as has been reported, again, how did he get off “shots” and no one heard/saw anything?

    And finally, have heard it reported that this was a possible “drive-by” shooting; again, streets are either closed or go only one way in/around the WH–so how does one handle an “assault” rifle while driving around the crazy streets of DC? Just asking?

    • According to the report, the bullets struck the window of the “Oval Blue Room” which is the south-facing, second story room in the center of the building. Based on the average range of AK-47 derivatives I’m going to estimate that he had to have shot from E St. since that is open to traffic and about the correct range. If so, and he fired from his vehicle as reported, it is possible that the trees on the edges of the South Lawn would have made spotting him difficult. Returning fire would have risked killing an innocent pedestrian.

  6. If this Joker is an assassin as charged, (I about fell off my bar stool when I heard this) then he is a dumbassassin,(sic). Yeah I am gonna blow someones brains out by shooting at the house.with bulletproof glass. Gosh I would have at least a small chance in hell of hitting the target.
    You heard it here, this is a overblown attempt to make POSOTUS(sic) look as if he’s a target by some fanatical right winger.

    Mr. President, make my day. Get the hell out of Dodge now! @AttackWatch.