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Obama Takes Bowing a Step Further

Well, Benetton, which make overpriced clothing and reportedly isn’t doing that great in the down economy, has produced photos of world leaders kissing each other as part of its new I’M NOT GOING TO BE IGNORED advertising campaign.

Well, that’s not the official name of the campaign.

The being WHITE HOUSE Dossier, I provide you the photos of Obama, here seen kissing Hu Jintao and Hugo Chavez.

White House no like.

“The White House has a long-standing policy disapproving of the use of the president’s name and likeness for commercial purposes,” deputy press secretary Eric Schultz said in a statement. Schultz, according to Politico, declined to say if the White House would take action.

Like, what kind of action? Revoking the First Amendment?

You know, I believe they might be Photoshopped anyway.

Joking, joking.

I guess a lot of people will be outraged but, awwww, I think it’s kind of sweet. I’m pretty sure I saw Hu making eyes at Obama last time he was here anyway.

Okay, I’m headed for trouble. I did NOT see Hu making eyes at Obama last time he was here.

Anyway, here are the photos.


Life imitates advertising:

18 thoughts on “Obama Takes Bowing a Step Further”

  1. “…a long-standing policy disapproving of the use of (his) name and likeness for commercial purposes.” ??? That’s rich. Especially for someone who’s been nothing but a commercial brand from day one.

  2. Interesting. How will The One react? He certainly can’t stand behind the dignity of the Office of the President, something that he and MoochMORE with her cavorting have never held important.

    He can’t object to kissing men — homophobia.

    I suppose he’ll ignore it, which would be smart. How funny that this unprecedented and smarter in every way and blames everything on past Presidents finds refuge behind a “long-standing policy” that must have been put in place by his predecessors.

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  4. B…bb…bbbb..But he is a caricature of a commercial for himself!

    A bit like Kim Kardashian. Famous for being er…. uh…

    I lost my train of thought.

    Oh yeah, both examples famous for Fncking Something(one) /(up).

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