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Politico Article: Obama Sees a Broken Nation

I wanted to let you know about a piece I wrote today for Politico, titled “Obama’s Dark Vision of America.”

The gist of it is that the president perceives the country as essentially flawed, and that it’s his mission to make it better. This thinking permeates his campaign, and it will harm his reelection prospects. From the article:

Americans want to be told the truth. They don’t want their president to pretend that the economy is thriving.

But what they probably won’t abide is a message that there is something fundamentally wrong with the nation that Obama, like some prophet preaching through Gomorrah, was sent to fix.

The last Democratic president to win reelection, Bill Clinton, mimicked Ronald Reagan’s feel-good “Morning in America” theme to coast to a second term.

But Obama is trying out a reelection model that posits a broken country which needs him to “finish the job” he started.

I hope you enjoy it.

29 Responses to Politico Article: Obama Sees a Broken Nation

  1. Great article Keith.
    I recently read “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” by D’Souza and when I was reading your article I thought back to what is Obama’s rage. I think that you parallel with D’Souza with the way Obama see’s America and that he believes he is the only one that can fix what is wrong with America. Yes, he looks at America from the eyes of not only a community organizer but from a anti-colonialist. He hates those things that makes America America. He is indeed trying to fullfill his fathers dream of making America lesser and those third world countrys more. He wants to make America equal with other countries because he looks upon us a clinging to our guns and religion among other things.
    Again, it is a well written article Keith.

  2. Great article Keith. Obama created this broken nation by turning the left against the right, children against their parents, minorities against whites, and the poor against the rich. He has no intention of curing this nation’s ills. His mission is to divide and conquer and he will succeed if he wins re-election.

  3. Since I don’t have to be PC and all that, I’ll give my honest opinion of MrO’s mind set:

    He sees the US through the eyes of a Black man who wrapped himself in a cloak of victimhood for every slight or rejection. He knows his rise in the political arena is based on his skin color, not his accomplishments.
    Raised by a series of avowed America-haters, preached to by a anti-Semite, White hating, church pastor and encouraged by his minions to blame every dissenting voice as racism, he views our country as a hateful, mean place. MrsO’s opinion of the USA is no secret, either.
    Yes, there is corruption in the halls of govenment, from a small village to the hallowed halls of Congress. Yes, there are corporations that lie, cheat and steal a person’s money or health or future. There are bad people, bad laws and phony messiahs, but they are everywhere, in every county, every culture.
    MrO is speaking to “his” people, to select groups that he hopes to cull from the electorate with promises of nirvana. To those he views as his opponents, he villifies, insults and threatens to crush with the weight of the government.
    We are better than he is, we love this country no matter it’s faults. We believe in fairness, in freedom and our greater purpose. We look for the good things and focus on making them better.

    • Don’t forget–the Wright church was a social climbing vehicle into Chicago politics and black Chicago politics. I don’t think the Obamas really participate in a neighborhood–block parties, church people helping members, food banks. I am sick of being told I am lazy, aimless–I have been self-employed for 35 yrs, it SUCKS right now, can’t get work…I know many, many women of a certain ago slowly going under…We try to keep each other encouraged. But these Obama people have no clue about this kind of thing. Yesterday, a bunch of us wrote mems of Congress and went on their FB sites to try to publicize a Phila women dying of cancer who wanted her friend (professional woman, laid off from a lobbying job in 2008, living in her car) get permission to move in with her dying friend in Sec 8 housing. The ‘crats finally gave in at the end of the day. The president was probably on about the 14th hole.

    • I agree. Although I suspect that Mr.Obama does believe that he is the one we have been waiting for, rather than assess honestly the reasons behind his political “success”. And we are better. The country deserves better.

  4. Keith, I read your entire Politico article on Fox Nation.
    You really did nail Obama on his attitude.
    His belief in social justice as defined by Jeremiah right is real and it scares me to death!

  5. I read this article about four hours ago and left a comment, still not posted. Funny there is still only one, more bias perhaps? I must be crazy no?
    I really enjoyed this piece Keith, you nailed him. I hope others are beginning to see the light, in fact I pray for it.

  6. I thought this was your most insightful comment: “Obama’s vision reflects the worldview of a former community organizer, whose long focus has been on the disadvantaged. But this seems to have spurred him to see injustice around every corner.”

  7. America, and in turn, Americans, are by their very nature and history an optimistic people.

    It is America that has led the way, since its inception, in making this country and the world a better and safer place. It was the United States that stood up against the pirates of the Barbary Coast in 1801. It was the American spirit that expanded westward across this continent, building the marvel that would become the transcontinental railroad. It was a group of Texans and a former representative from Tennessee that stood strong against Santa Anna at the Alamo. It was an American colonel that said, “Lafayette, we are here,” turning the tide of the “Great War.” It was the bravery and resolve of the American soldier that stopped Hitler in his tracks. It was American troops that kept S. Korea from being run over by the North and Red Chinese. It was American men and women that saved Kuwait from becoming a vassal to Saddam, and American troops that finally crushed the madman of Baghdad.

    It was America that put a man on the moon. It was America that “tamed” the atom, both for peaceful and military use. It was American enterprise, entrepreneurship, and energy that brought about the PC, MAC, microwave, frozen food and more.

    Americans want the truth about what is going on, but they don’t want to be told they are failures. Because they are not. Even though there are groups that fall through the cracks of any system, our system, the American system, is best suited to protect the most vulnerable, and weakest.

    Obama and his ilk try to paint a picture of a nation in the throes of death, and only HE, the anointed one can save us. The problem is that only we can save ourselves as a nation.

    As I have written on this blog and in my own blog, I have a degenerative nerve disease. I have had doctors hem and haw about my prognosis. As I have told them countless times, tell me the truth, and let ME decide what course of action is best for ME. Same holds true for most Americans. We are strong, resilient, and deserving of the truth. Then let US the decide the fate of the U.S.

  8. …Barack Hussein Obama ‘hates’ America, because he thinks he is ‘smarter/better’ than America.
    MAYBE? if someone looked into his background and “college records & transcripts” they would have figured that out!

    Barack Hussein Obama is a “Neo-Socialist”/’Democrat’.

  9. We don’t need pompous speeches preaching doom and gloom, especially from the mouth of a hypocrit. He has spent taxpayers’ money on vacation after vacation, for entertaining celebrities, to flit around the country and the world for no good reason, and then accepting no responsibility for the mess we’re in. He has made enemies worldwide and has done nothing for the country. We as a nation are deeper in debt and our troops are sent to fight stupid wars to satisfy a leader’s arrogance and greed. It was foretold in the Bible of just such a person. We cannot survive much longer on empty promises and deception. We can only hope he returns to Chicago in 2012. Thanks for another great article Keith!

  10. Good article Keith. I think BO is just preaching to what he thinks is his choir – those disadvantaged people he thinks he was sent to help. Those he thinks will support hiim forever. He has to believe that America can work otherwise how did he get to his position based on his humble origins? Or maybe he sees his success as srdem65 writes – based on skin color, not accomplishment and is bitter for it. Except when he MO get to have date night and eat lobster.

  11. It’s all part of his plan to fundamentally change this country. Got his walking
    orders from Ayers, Alinsky and Rev Wright and his wife. So now as we close in on the election it kicks into high gear. The OWS bunch who are just like the Tea Party….only if you are doing mind altering drugs. They are bought and
    paid for and part of his Euro plan. Now as the economy tanks it’s because we
    are lazy and stupid. As we all know he works razor like on our problems. That
    is not possible because he never works just trips, golf and campaigning. He does take time out to remind us how wonderful he is lest we forget. We must
    not allow him and his minions to ruin our beautiful country!

  12. Great article! I would also note that to the extent that he finds America substandard and lacking and deficient, he goes to foreign countries and promotes them. A speech he made in Indonesia, extolling that country’s virtues, was particularly revealing. I believe it showed where his heart truly lies — and it’s not with the United States.

  13. yeah but give Obama a break, guys! he is REALLY disappointed in us. we are soft, and lazy, and we’re still clinging to guns and religion. I bet America’s approval rating has gone down several percentage points with both Barack and Michelle.