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AP: Gingrich Paid $1.5 Million by Freddie Mac

At least.

Wow, that’s enough to, say, pay off a $500,000 credit from Tiffany’s.

Gingrich suggested during the debate the other day that he was paid to tell Freddie that they should stop doing what they were doing. Over a period of several years, it turns out.

That would be like hiring a housekeeper to come by each week and dump a jar of pan grease on the floor.

So I guess it went like this:

Gingrich: Hey, guys, your business model is all wrong!

Freddie Mac: Geez, thanks Newt. Here’s $25,000. Come back next month.

(Next month)

Gingrich: Hey guys, your business model is all wrong!

Freddie Mac: Oh my gosh! Thanks Newt. Here’s $25,000.

According to the Associated Press, his payments were for something more traditional.

Four people close to Freddie Mac say he was hired to strategize with his employer about identifying political friends on Capitol Hill who would help the company through a very difficult legislative environment. All four people spoke on condition of anonymity to be able to discuss the personnel matter freely.

Freddie Mac executives hoped that would speak positively about the company and its business model as he circulated among conservative groups and help to build intellectual support within his party.

I’m moving to Canada now. Does anyone want to come with me?

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  1. Mmmm, Canada. I am laughing because I was so frustrated before this guy Obama, about whom I could learn nothing, got elected, I renewed my passport for a much-needed $75. Joke’s on me–I am too achy-painy now and my mother still needs me, so I am stuck. Newt’s a riot when he says, “They didn’t do what I said.” Like that makes it OK…nice payday, fella. Ought to keep the current missus in bling.

  2. As the crow flies, Gingrich lives less than one-half mile from Freddie Mac headquarters @ Tyson’s Corner. Freddie began paying the cash to Newt in 1999, and Newt purchased the $1,000,000 home in 2000. Freddie gave Newt a good down payment and then made his payments to pay off his McLean home in full. In sum, Freddie paid for Newt’s house, all under the guise of giving Freddie advice.

  3. Since all of the Republican candidates have such obvious and horrific warts, why don’t we just not have primary and presidential elections and award the wondrous and fabulous Little Barry Obama another 4 year shot at turning us into the USSA? It will save us from having to listen to any more campaign drivel from O’Bogus and probably save a little taxpayer dollars as well. Every time someone starts to go up in the polls, the LSMedia starts reporting all kinds of “terrible” things about them. We need to grow up and push through the b.s.

    • I agree!! Little Barry is sooooo faultless and intelligent–we just can’t do any better!! I am sooo happy with him in the WH and it does my heart good to know that we have such a pure and wonderous leader!! Thank you Keith and all the rest of the media for showing us little people that all the Republican field have feet of clay–all except Mittens Romney, that is, and he is sure to lose to our marvelous leader. Let’s cancel these pesky elections and acclaim Barry Leader for Life!!!

      • So we should just not discuss the candidates–coverup in other words—because it might get the president re-elected? Well, I surely hope this site does not engage in this or I am gone.

        • You are doing the same thing you accuse the press of doing when you call names like Mittens–marginalize, etc. Ironical, no? The press is supposed to look into things–remember how we wanted them to? To be fair, though, that includes the old Obama school transcripts and health records, if not place of origin. We must insist on this this time around.

          • I am not saying that people should not be vetted. They should. We ended up with BHO in the White House partly because nobody was willing to look too closely at him, or hold him accountable for the things that did turn up. However, it seems to me that every time a Republican starts to gain in the polls over an obvious milquetoast like Mitt Romney, the media starts going crazy with all the negative – look what was done to Herman Cain. There is never going to be the perfect candidate and Republicans are a fickle bunch. As soon as something negative gets mentioned, they move on to someone else.

        • I feel that people should be vetted–what I am objecting to is what seems to be an an effort to remove all opponents to Mr. Romney in the GOP lineup. There seems to be a feeling in the powers that be in the party that it is “his turn”–immediately other GOP Presidential candidates chosen because it was their “turn” come to mind–Bob Doyle, John McCain. I do not think a rerun of these experiences would be beneficial for the country–I am hearing from people who are contemplating sitting home in the event of a Romney candidacy which would throw the upcoming election to Barry which would be tragic for our country.

          • To me, it makes no sense to decry negs on other Reps and still call Romney names. I don’t get it. I gather you want someone else to prevail, but when you ask people to curb criticism and then you criticize, I just don’t get it.

  4. Knew as soon as he moved up in the polls, the media would zero in on him. Hmmm…wonder why there haven’t been any hit pieces on Romney since he’s supposedly leading in the polls.

    It is no secret that Newt was part of the establishment, but he says he a changed man. Besides, ex-politicians doing “consultant” work in D.C. is nothing scandalous. Ask Tom Daeschle about it. D.C. is where the power and the money is. It isn’t out here in flyover country.

    By the way, just read an article about one of Obama’s minions asking Solyndra to hold off on any lay-offs until after the 2010 mid-term elections. Guess he thought layoffs might hurt him in the polls. Also heard the Nobel prize winning Steven Chu will be testifying before congress tomorrow. C-Span will be televising.

    • Susan, stop defending Washington!

      Teasing you.

      I sure understand suspicion of the press, especially after their big smooch for Obama. But one thing to remember from a reporter’s perspective – with limited time and resources, what’s the use of vetting someone who is at three percent in the polls? Boy, I’ll tell you, your editor sure ain’t looking for your big Santorum story. Once someone moves up in the polls, they become more likely to become president, and there is more incentive to write about them.

      • I’m way beyond suspicious of the press. I believe the majority (not you) are colluding with this administration. I’m just curious why Romney isn’t worth vetting. My guess is Obama’s propaganda machine is holding their ammo against Romney because they think he’s going to win the nomination.

        • My view is that most are sympathetic to this administration and that if affects their reporting, but not actively colluding with them.

          I think there have been stories on Romney but more spread out because he’s been the frontrunner so long. Also, there was reporting on him done already in 2008. Because others are newly in the presidential spotlight, it seems like there’s more on them. But I wouldn’t rule out that there’s more motivation to go after more conservative candidates because there would be more aversion to them, though I don’t think this is the main factor. And there’s no grand conspiracy.

          I realize I’m not going to convince many people who believe there is a conspiracy, but that’s my view, and I know these people.

          • I don’t believe it is a conspiracy. it’s merely the instinct. Just like with McCain, Romeny is going to be constantly presented as the the best choice by the MSM, until he is the candidate. Then they’ll unleash the demons.

            Once McCain was chosen, he suddenly became too old, etc. Before? he was the moderate liberals could like.

          • Never thought there was collusion until “Journolist” was exposed. After reading the messages that Daily Caller revealed, I have no doubt in my mind that members of the press worked together to create story lines favorable to Obama. If that makes me a conspiracy theorist so be it.

          • They were colluding, and it was terrible. It was mostly the ones who are particularly lefty, who are openly left wing and not regular reporters, who were colluding. Either way, it was miserable and a sad day for journalism. And I understand how it could make you deeply suspicious.

  5. Gingrich is a bright guy, but he was never going to be the nominee. He just has too much baggage. Talk all you want about Romney being a flipper – what politician doesn’t. He’s still a far better option in my opinion than the current President. He’s mature, seasoned, experienced in the business world and I believe he would surround himself with very astute business and foreign policy individuals. If the Senate can be changed (albeit nominally) and the house stays about where it is – I know he is our best option. It wouldn’t matter who the Republicans put up – they are going to be dragged through the dirt – It is time to push through a great deal of the B.S., but the fact is a hard line conservative is not – I repeat – is not going to be elected and I consider myself very conservative fiscally. I don’t believe social issues are going to be the primary focus in this election.

    • Were you around during the 2010 mid-terms? Do you really think the Republicans could have had such a resounding success without the conservatives, libertarians, independents, and disaffected Democrats joining together? The establishment is fooling themselves to think they are going to take charge and install a moderate. Not this time. If we don’t nominate a true conservative in 2012, America will not survive.

  6. Well sure, Keith, come on up! Just be apprised that you will have no constitution to protect you, no guarantees of Free Speech, but a cradle to grave nanny state to watch over you. (No smoking in cars or smoking outdoors within 500 meters of a building entrance; when it ‘s 40 degrees below zero you will not allow your car to idle longer than 2 minutes in the morning to warm it up, nor will you allow the car to idle in cold weather when picking up school children; and, of course, you will never ever cause discomfort or distress or dismay to any favoured minority, through insults, laughter or jokes, lest you be accused of a human rights violation.)

    • Thanks for telling it like it is J.S.

      Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free. Ronald Reagan

  7. Canada, is that part of Asia? Then no I won’t go there.
    Best line of the slur :
    “All four people spoke on condition of anonymity to be able to discuss the personnel matter freely.”
    How Convenient for the other side,

  8. I have friends in Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa–I’ll book the tickets to Calgary ASAP. (It sucks in the Winter, but it’s the closest thing to red state America in Canada.)

  9. I can not wait for Newt to debate Obama.The media will not get away with their soft ball Obama questions while playing gotcha with Newt.Gingrich will mop the floor with Barack.Let the games begin.

    • We’ll be lucky if Barry agrees to one debate…and even then it will have to be in a format to his liking. And of course the MSM won’t criticize him one bit for “dodging” the Republican nominee.


  10. So, why is no one vetting Obama?

    He got a free pass on the last election — is it possible that no reporter in this nation is capable of or willing to find out about this guy?

  11. Jamie Gorelick took home 26 million from fannie. A mllion dollars for Gingrich? He’s a piker.

    I’m so glad we have this nice circular firing squad going among the republican candidates. That will insure we either get Romney – who won’t solve any of our problems, or Obama.

    • They do it every time, Car in. One thing about the Democrats is they are fighters and they circle the wagon when one of their own is under attack. Not the Republicans…they whine about the rules not being followed and then start eating their own. I’ve been a Republican my whole adult life, and I’m done with them after this election.

  12. “All four people spoke on condition of anonymity”

    Sorry, until these anonymous cowards come forward, I don’t believe them. Another smear campaign tactic by the Obama administration. Trying to take out the conservatives one-by-one.