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Obama’s Approval Travels Northward

President Obama’s approval rating has increased six points in the last month, rising from 38 percent the middle of October to 44 percent today, according to Gallup’s daily tracking poll.

I can think of only three of reasons why this might be so.

First of all, Qaddafi was killed, which means if Obama’s numbers go back down, Syria’s Bashar Assad better watch his back.

Secondly, the latest news on the economy and the unemployment rate, while not good, does suggest the United States is not headed into a double dip recession, as some had feared only weeks ago.

And the third reason is . . . um .. . . uh . . .

Sorry. I know, it’s an old joke by now.

Hi, I'm the devil you know. Photo by Keith Koffler

The third reason may be the lackluster performance of some of the leading GOP candidates, and the lack of superb alternatives. Herman Cain has been dogged by allegations of sexual harassment and doesn’t seem to know much about domestic or foreign policy, and sometimes not even his own economic proposal. Rick Perry doesn’t seem to know where he is some of the time. And Mitt Romney was for Obamacare before he was against it.

People are always going to have a hard time abandoning the devil they know. If the alternative is looking a little shaky, it might be bucking up Obama’s support.

Unfortunately for Republicans, these are the dates they brought to the ball. They’ll be leaving with one of them. But the good news for the GOP is the person it goes home with will have learned how not to make mistakes and how to handle adversity.

And how to debate.

Still, Obama’s improved numbers are not great news for him.

It’s true, Bill Clinton was at about the same place 1995 as Obama is now. But Obama doesn’t have a good economy going for him. And he’s not the greatest politician of his generation.

18 thoughts on “Obama’s Approval Travels Northward”

  1. He is boiling down into a peevish scold and fingerpointer–but don’t rule him out as a manipulator–and he has friends in high, rich places–although who they are, we never are to know.

  2. Well, he has the MSM kissing his butt and FAILING to hold him accountable so what do you expect. Not only that, he has his base whipped up with the occupy Obamaville movement. He’s stopped all deportation of illegal aliens, plus he’s bribing the welfare crowd and greenies with more taxpayer money. Add the establishment Republican talking heads like Karl Rove and David Brooks, who are trying to destroy every conservative running because they want Mitt Romney. In the end, it makes for an evil stew. David Brooks even suggested that Republican’s might try to enlist Jeb Bush if Romney doesn’t win the nomination. If the establishment tries something like that, it will be the end of the Republican party. They will go the way of the Whigs.

  3. Having his rating rise to 44% means nothing. There is still that pesky number of 56% who don’t approve of the Prez. The “44%” are those that don’t pay any income tax and the ones that MrO hasn’t insulted yet.

    The economy has not improved, the unemployed are dropping off of the official rolls as their benefits expire, and upending Kadaffi means nothing to the majority of Americans. Things are dire out here in flyover country. If nothing changes in the next year, MrO can reach out to Mayflower to arrange his family’s move back to Chicago.

  4. Polls in my opinion were created to allow uninformed voters to go with the status quo. If you don’t have time to keep up on your current events, as most hard working Americans don’t, then it’s easy to just say, “Hey, everybody else voted for them”.
    This country is going downhill fast. With no brakes too boot!

    1. Good Point.
      That is why America needs a “voter intelligence test”… if you are too lazy/stupid to know basic current events you should NOT be allowed to “vote” (or serve as a “politican”)

  5. Obama is being held on a tight leash. He doesn’t govern but he knows how to campaign.
    All my material I used against him to maked videos is harder to find. There are no more photos of feet on the desk, no more town halls where he would drone on, and the press conferences seem more scripted than ever.

    When I read that Michelle Obama went back to DC and isn’t going to Bali I realized they will do everything to win.Yes, he could win.

    I heard Ann Coulter tonight making the case for Romney. She made a lot of sense. Her goal is to beat Obama. That’s my goal,

  6. “First of all, Qaddafi was killed, which means if Obama’s numbers go back down, Syria’s Bashar Assad better watch his back.”

    True. Obama has now basked in the warm glow of adulation from three situations. Bin Laden, al-Awlaki and , peripherally, Ghadaffi. In other words the taste of blood has brought the sweet gift of political survival.

    Your assessment is correct, if things do not turn around for him, Assad will find himself in grave danger.

  7. Don’t forget that he announced our millitary coming home. I’m sure that accounts for some of the bounce. If he doesn’t follow through that would push him down again.

    The 56% who dislike him are the ones that follow alternative news sources. The 44% are listening to CBSNBCCNNGoodMorningAmerica.

    1. Maybe it’s just me, but slaughtered dictators with their giblets hanging out and mangy encampments reflecting “the frustration we all feel” may not be the greatest images for him. I am hoping the YICK factor will cut in.

  8. “It’s true, Bill Clinton was at about the same place 1995 as Obama is now.”

    And then we nominated Bob Dole.

    Because their media controls the narrative, and because the majority of Americans pay so little attention to the details of national politcs, Democrat presidential candidates can count on starting with between 40 and 45% of the vote. Obama’s personal attributes are good for another 5%. Looking at the Republican candidate pool, this election is going to be very close.

    As bad as Obama’s economic policies have played, Republican ineptness can still save the day for him. Instead of solely focusing on what the numbers are today, there should be some focus on where they should be. We should have been out of this economic doldrums two years ago.

    It is inevitable that unemployment will go down before the election; the American economy is just too dynamic to kept down forever. Obama will be able to take credit for 8% unemployment figures, when they should be 4%.

    Whoever the nominee is, they will be subjected to withering character assassination at the hands of the Democrat press. This will be the hardest fought, most important election in a generation.

  9. There is only one poll that I will believe, and that one takes place next November. Until then I know that any poll I see has it’s own hidden agenda, Whether it is by the way the questions are worded, or by the demographics of those polled.
    I saw many states turn Red last year, and I will see more of them next year,

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