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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, November 16, 2011

President Obama arrives in Canberra, Australia today where he will hold meetings with Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The two leaders will also hold a joint press conference, though the number of questions are likely to be limited. Obama will also address the Australian Parliament.

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  1. This morning I read over here that a bullet had hit one of the bulletproof windows in the White House. The Secret Service found another bullet nearby. The news source was local News 4. Looks like there are some revolutionaries out there.

  2. The BBC is reporting that PM Gillard has agreed to the deployment of 250 US Marines, with an eventual deployment of 2500 to Australia.

    The article states, “The deployment is being seen as a move to counter China’s growing influence.
    But Mr Obama said the US was ‘stepping up its commitment to the entire Asia-Pacific’, not excluding China.”

    Is this a prelude to a conflict over Taiwan? Given the ChiCom’s claim that the island belongs to them, and the constant saber rattling by Beijing regarding the island. Little known fact, Australia, during Vietnam, committed over 60,000 of it military personnel to the conflict, including RAA, RAAF and RAN units.

    I just hope we are not looking at another war front, this one in S/E Asia, to deflect from this administration’s malfeasance. If a Republican had authorized this you can bet the MSM and left would be screaming “war monger” all over the place.

    • Shofar: First, thanks for the informative heads-up and link. But forgive me, the very idea that the MSM would report this is eye rolling. Clearly, no longer their job. Neither are the murders of two hundred Mexicans (whom they pretend to defend) and a U.S. Agent by DOJ Operation Fast/Furious. (crickets) Solyndra? (crickets) Justice Kagan Obamacare RAH RAH e-mails? (you’ll probably have to look that up since NOBODY’s reporting it)

      Meanwhile, Herman Cain took 14 sec. spelling Ghadaffy w/ a “Q” proving he’s functionally illiterate and Dan Lothian asked the Pres., “Who in the Republican field is most like Hitler?”

      Newt may not be my man or yours (yet) but he is ripping the media* a new one. About f’ing time.

      (*full disclosure: I am a working member of the media.)

      • The MSM criteria for newsworthy items are “will it help or hurt MrO’s re-election”. They have gone beyond simple bias to outright promotion of the Prez’s future.

        OT: I always spelled the Libyan strongman’s name as Kadaffi. I guess that makes me a blithering idiot.