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The Kids are Not Alright!

They were his army. He was their general. They manned the phones. They knocked on doors.

And now, they can’t get jobs.

From today’s New York Times:

Across this state — and in others where young voters were the fuel of the Obama organization, voting for him two to one over John McCain — the enthusiastic engine of the 2008 campaign has run up against the reality of a deadened job market for college students.

Interviews here and across the country suggest that most of his college supporters of 2008 are still inclined to vote for him. But the Obama ground army of 2008 is hardly ready to jump back into the trenches, potentially depriving Mr. Obama of what had been an important force in his victory.

14 Responses to The Kids are Not Alright!

  1. LMAO! = most Obama ‘college supporters’ are “Liberal-liberal Studies Majors” = no chance at a Real Job/Career

    How did Obama get a “job” in politics in Chicago when NO ONE has ever seen Obama’s “college records”? who did Obama ‘support’ as a “college student”, what Politicans ‘inspired’ Obama?


  2. Well if they are still going to vote for him after graduating from college and discovering what it is like in the real world, they are a lost cause. What do you want to bet most are still living at home, mooching off their parents who never taught them personal responsibility.

    • They are a lost cause. There are few in this world who can withstand 12-16 (and in many cases more) years of strict, left-wing indoctrination.

  3. So many of our young people, college students, grads, have been brain-washed by professors and progressives.
    Hope you are correct that they will not pound the pavement for him.
    There will be enough voter fraud though to make up the difference.
    I do not trust Democrats to conduct an honest election.

    • Ever heard of George Soros’ Secretary of States Project? Since the SOS is responsible for counting the votes, the leftists have been on a mission to get fellow travelers elected to the office. Stalin taught them well…

      “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

  4. I must have done something right, because my 21-year-old college senior daughter is an amazing and smart kid. when I asked her if she’d be voting for Obama again, she snorted with laughter.

    for my kid and some of her friends, Obama’s dreadful record on Israel is why they’re not planning to support him.

  5. Foot soldiers in the Obama army. Do they not realize that in the olden days the foot soldier was concerned cannon fodder and dispensable? That’s what these kids are, cannon fodder for the Obama machine. Same with union members, minorities, illegals, and anyone else that can’t write a fat check to the “O”12 campaign.

    They will be nothing more than post-Obama zombies feeding off the brains of others (you can take that however you want).